Tantalizing Tuesday #1A


He waved at the stone. I ignored his redirection and stepped up close, bending to nuzzle his ear through the waves of dark hair that fell past his shoulders. His breath caught before he shoved me away.

I turned from his sexy slouch to the object in front of me. "You can't be serious."

"Indeed I am, Arthur."

"You want me to pull that sword from that stone."


I faced him squarely. "Merlin, I've wanted you for a long damn time. I'd do just about anything for the chance to fuck you. But this..."

He twisted his fingers in his flowing beard. "Too much? What if I told you, if you pull that sword out of the stone, you get not just me, but Camelot as well?"

His certainty made me uneasy. "Camelot is a myth." Was he stoned? Drunk? Insane? I had, after all just picked him up from a bar.

"Does that matter when destinies are in the making?" His brows knit in a thoughtful frown.

"Destiny? It's 2012, not 1220. You're not a magician, I'm not a king. Step out of your rpg."

"Then there's nothing to lose by pulling that sword from the stone."


  1. That was a tease and a half! Excellently written!

  2. I want to see what happens when he pulls the sword out. Merlin is a magical creature, after all... ;)

  3. That was awesome! I was snickering to myself, but loving every word. What a unique spin on "The Sword In The Stone"! More, please!

  4. yep...this is just a tease of something you should write more about...hehe

  5. I love that it's 2012 in this tease. So intriguing, you've got my attention.

  6. Oh you know I loved it...the love of rpg's. You just get lost..

  7. This 200 was great! The history and the reference to Camelot, Merlin and the bar made the scene work for something else I'd like to read.

  8. What a wicked twist. Bravo, Lee. Loved the classic image too. I was surprised it wasn't a historical piece, but you meshed the past with the present beautifully. Creative genius!

  9. A witty, irreverent and subversive take on Arthurian legend. Once again a splendidly crafted piece of story-telling tease.


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