Tantalizing Tuesday 2A - Am I in Your Book?

Am I in Your Book?

"I don't love you." Wayne let his hands slide to his sides, conscious that crossing his arms would seem defensive. Why the hell had Noel shown up now?
Noel laughed, tapped the e-reader against his thigh. "I just read your books. You can't lie to me."
"That's called fiction." No one but Noel would know that it had a basis in reality. Who'd have thought Mr. Nothing-Written-After-1800-Is-Worth-Reading would even own an e-reader, let alone bother to download and read romance novels?
Striding forward, Noel crowded Wayne back aginst the wall. "Some people might think so, but I recognize a few things...Well, you can control the guys in your stories, Wayne, but you can't control me."
"Just leave." His heart raced and he hoped to fuck Noel couldn't hear it, because it was practically drowning out every other sound in the room.
"No. You may say you don't love me any more, but, you still want me. This doesn't lie." Noel pressed forward, their hips rubbing together. Wayne trembled with frustrated desire.
"I didn't say you weren't sexy. I said..."
"You don't love me. I'll settle. For now." Noel's lips closed over his and Wayne swallowed his curses as passion overflowed.

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  1. wow that was rally good.. would make a good book.

  2. I had the same thought as Cathy :P

  3. I want the rest of this story! Fabulous Tease!!

  4. I agree with those before me. I vote for a book!

    Fantastic Teaser.

  5. I think Wayne protests too much! But can Noel make him fall in love again? I like Noel's 'I'll settle. For now.' Sounds like he has a plan... :)

  6. Fantastic post. I want to see more of these guys!

  7. Awesome teaser this one, now i want to read more.

  8. Want more...continue please...hehe

  9. Fabulous teaser. I want the whole book on my kindle

  10. Very nicely constructed with dialogue that rings true. Like the best teasers, a whole lot of story conveyed in very few words. Well done.

  11. This is better the second time around - and I still want more...what a great plot bunny! <3


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