Tantalizing Tuesday 3A

Saying Not Right Now

"Is that all you want? A sexual response?" Wayne's lips twisted.

"You know better than that. I want everything...but sex is a starting place." Noel traced a gentle finger over that grimace. He'd never thought this would be easy.

"I already gave you everything...you threw it back in my face like a load of dirty laundry."

He chuckled despite the desperation of his situation.  Reading Wayne's books had given Noel the courage to attempt a reconciliation. "I wasn't the same man back then."

"I’m not the same man now. You want sex? Fine. Nothing else is on offer."

Disgusted, Noel pushed Wayne away. Ignoring the ache that clawed its way through his belly to wrap around his heart, he swallowed against the sudden painful constriction of his throat. "You know? I take that back. I'm not settling for sex."

Satisfaction soothed the pain of self denial when he noted the vulnerable softening of Wayne's brown eyes, the bob of his Adam's apple.

"You're saying no?"

"I’m saying not right now," he corrected, rubbing his thumb over Wayne's lower lip.

"Then we have nothing to talk about." Wayne's heavily lashed eyelids flickered.

"Don't we? Have coffee with me and prove it."

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  1. Love it. I think they have things to talk about. Talk is good and leads to other things. Great tease :)

  2. Great tease! Excellent writing with believable characters and situations. Really enjoyed this one.

  3. You are so mean and evil and and aaarrrggghhhh!!!


  4. So arousing. It was like cats in heat circle one another cautiously. So searingly sensuous. I loved the undercurrent and pull from them both of the passion. Brilliant:) xo

  5. Fine description. You really capture the power-play and boil of emotions between the characters. Impressive work, Lee.

  6. I knew as soon as I clicked on your link that I would be entertained, and let me tell you, you didn’t disappoint. This was a beautifully written post. I wanted it to keep going, go through the ups and downs of their emotions with them. ^_^


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