Tantalizing Tuesday : Flash Fiction 2S: The Cave

Tantalizing Tuesday
Flash Fiction 
The Cave

The village Elders warned of a creature that lurked in the forest depths. Elric was a skilled hunter, a warrior who defended his people. When game was scarce what choice did he have but to go further into the wood?
He'd followed a deer trail to this place. Grey water sparkled in the winter sunlight  A man, not a beast, sat on his haunches in the mouth of a cave, eyes as grey as the spring locked squarely on Elric.
"You have come."
He couldn't look away from those glittering eyes, his heart raced and his stomach knotted. "For me?" Elric dropped into a defensive crouch, hand landing on the haft of his bone tipped spear.
"You are the one. It was foretold."  The man retreated into the cave, motioning Elric to follow.
On the threshold he froze.  In the midst of the horror that furnished the cave, the old man sat, staring.
"What?" Elric's grip on his weapon tightened ready to defend himself, but it seemed the man's gaze held him immobile.
The man glanced around as though just noticing the grisly remains that littered his domain. "They were not you." He shrugged, "It was foretold. Fulfill the prophecy."

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  1. Great teaser, full of atmosphere. I'd love to know how Eric will fulfil the prophecy. And who is the mysterious man?

  2. Ima with Naomi. I so enjoy erotic teasers, but I revel in creative off the rail teasers like this one, Lee. I loved it and am hooked to learn the answers to the cliffhanger you skillfully crafted here! More! More! More!:) xo

  3. I'm assuming he would take the place of the old man in the cave. Just wondering what the prophecy is. Very good descriptions. Love the photo too.

  4. Very intriguing post! I want more. I need answers. What was the prophecy? What were the remains lying on the floor of the cave? What a suspenseful teaser!

  5. This is the beginning of something great Lee...*evil smile* oh yeah...I'm gonna bug you about this one...hehe

  6. This was great, Lee. I bet it took a lot of restraint to avoid describing the "horrors" in detail. It paid off big time. It added to the mystery and the atmosphere. Great tease!

  7. Very intriguing...enjoyed it very much! Thanks!

  8. Well...I bet Elric's happy that he's 'the one' and won't be eaten like the rest of them! I'm so curious about the prophesy. It could be lots of things... Hope he can still protect his village. They seem to need him. Wonder where this story is going... :)

  9. Erotic and intriguing, I'd love to read more... Please!

  10. Reminds me of Beowulf and other such Anglo-Saxon classics, but with your own twist. Love a bit of mysticism and fantasy...


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