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Good morning all! *sips coffee* As promised, today I have an interview with the author of Spanish Bay, Hans M. Hirschi. Hans is a very clever and heartwarming writer whose books are available via Amazon. He's got a new release coming out today, and you can find a link to that at the end of the interview. Please enjoy! 

Crawling Into Bed With Hans M Hirschi
And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Cotton, high thread count. I hope that’s okay with you? I’m not a big fan of silk. Besides, I seriously doubt IKEA, where we got our stuff from, even carries silk. To find bedding for our humongous cover isn’t easy…

What are you wearing?
Nothing, are you blind? ;) I stopped wearing clothes to bed fifteen years ago after a separation. I don't know what I thought back then, but I was hoping it would make me more appealing on the open market. Shows you just how my mind works, eh? What do you say? Am I still hot or am I? ;)

Blind? No. But... Anyway. What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
No eating in bed. My mother would throw a fit… I don’t think I’ve ever eaten in my own bed. Hotels, yeah, but not at home. A bit of a foreign concept. My bed serves two purposes, sleep and temporary storage for things before going into closet or luggage. So okay, three, I almost forgot sex… But as a dining table? No, I was properly raised. Besides, didn’t your mom tell you not to eat too late in the evening? 
You’ll just have to snack on what’s at hand! ;)

Your mother is here? *looks around frantically* Oops. No, my mother didn't allow food in the bedrooms of our house. Eating in bed is a habit I developed... uh later in life. If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
If you find a nightstand drawer in our bedroom, I’ll have to call the cleaning lady. I haven’t had one in ten years… Instead, whatever needs storing next to the bed is in neat little shelves to the side of the head board, with easy access to all nightly necessities, from lube to condoms and massage oils. LOL My bling-bling is on the lower shelves. Any more questions. I trust you’re not a burglar?

Burglar? Me? No. I can't vouch for all the readers out there, but I think your valuables are pretty safe. Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
Why these two option questions? I feel like I’m such an outcast. I do neither. My husband and I share a big cover, bringing us closer if needed or wanted, so there’s no “borritoing" or you’d suffer immediate consequences in the form of kicking from the other side of the bed. No, I lie quiet like a mouse, just simply covered in my cover, one arm under the pillow and the other covering my ear (I wake up easily to noises)

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
You can try… I do this to my hubby every now and then. Want to see the bruises? The most likely outcome of your attempt is frozen feet. I am usually the one freezing in bed so I’m a very poor choice in bed warming companion…

Good think I brought wool socks. What are we reading?
We are reading my latest novel called Spanish Bay, probably me reading to you, as I know the story a bit. It’s a heartwarming (and body heating) story of two young men, Neil and Chris who fall in love and then master life together. One, Neil, is confined to a wheel chair and when they have to take on a disabled child (Chris’s brother), it gets complicated. But through love, perseverance and the help of friends and family they manage… It’s a story suitable for Young Adults and hopefully provides them with a positive outlook on what life can be like.
Here’s a short excerpt:
The second they were off the driveway, his dad started. You gave us quite a scare last night, son. But at least you picked a good one. Im proud of you, Neil. Just be sure to be safe when you two, you know…”
Seeing his dad blush was a new experience for Neil, and if he hadnt been so astonished by his dads reaction, hed have found it quite funny.
I’ve got something for you in the glove compartment. Go on, have a look.
Cautiously, Neil dropped the door and peered through the gap. A box of condoms and a tube of lube slid into view. Dad!he exclaimed, a little too loudly, his face quickly turning even more crimson than his dads had been a minute ago.
“Don’t ‘dadme, son. We want you to be safe, and if Chris and you ever decide to getyou know…intimate… Well, anyway, youll need those. Just know that we love you, and were proud of you.
Neil looked out the window and said nothing.
Excerpt From: Hans M Hirschi. “Spanish Bay.
www.hirschi.se if you wish to find me…

http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00E0DP0EE or buy any of my books.

New Release: Ross Deere- Handy Man 

Ross Deere – Handy Man is the story of a young man who stumbled into the escorting business by
accident. Ten years later, about to date someone for real for the first time, he looks back at some of the clients he’s met over the years, decisions he’s made, and parallels to his current life.
Meet lawyers, professors, students, aspiring Hollywood actors, and many others who, at one point or another, have found themselves in need of Ross’s services.
Ross Deere – Handy Man is an erotic novel, funny and free of drama – a steamy read with plenty of fast-paced action that will leave you sweaty and satisfied! Join Ross on his many adventures in and out of bed, literally.
Ross Deere – Handy Man will be available from Beaten Track Publishing January 28, 2016.
Keywords: Erotica, Gay, Romance, Life, Relationship, Ross Deere, Handy Man, Dating,
For more information visit: http://www.hirschi.se/the-books/ross-deere/

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