And The Prompt Is: Vol. 1

In all the excitement over the Keeping House release, I don't want to forget to tell everyone that The Story Orgy has published our first anthology this week!  And the Prompt Is vol. 1 is as I write this, number 23 on the Gay and Lesbian Romance top 100 at Amazon!  That makes me very happy, because proceeds from the sale of the book for the next 90 days go to The Trevor Project, a group near and dear to my heart.  If you haven't picked up a copy yet, you can find it here.

The first of the reviews are coming back in, and this is what one critic had to say about the genesis of this book:

The five authors here met through Facebook and there is another member, a non-writer who provides an image to the group The group is known as Story Orgy and they each write a story using three images or prompts and they post them on Monday mornings. It all seems very similar to a writing course I once taught and we did basically the same thing. They tried something new recently and invited their readers to submit prompt items to them and this is the result of that experience. They then decided to put the stories into this collection and put it on sale with proceeds going to the Trevor Project during the first ninety days. The results are amazing and I think when you read the stories you will agree with me.  (Read more at http://reviewsbyamoslassen.com/?p=5890)

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