Pete's anger wasn't his fault or his problem #flashfiction #500words #mmromance

Good morning friends! Welcome to Friday... *sips* It was a long time coming I tell you! Despite some computer issues this week, I've finally conquered the technology necessary to bring you a flash today :) Havan is flashing with me... so click over to her post if you get the chance as well!

Flash Fiction May #2 Hanging Shells (500 Words)

Hanging Memories

“What are you doing?”

Gavin shrugged, setting aside the first shell. His hand hovered over a sandy brown one with swirls of pink and orange that reminded him of the sunset on the beach. He could almost taste the fruity rum drinks and feel the sting of salt on his lips just looking at it.

“Gav?” Del took Gavin’s hand. Gavin resisted, but then turned his own hand to clasp Del’s. “Talk to me.”

“I’m stringing memories.” Gavin ducked his head. He eyed the drill.  If he snatched his hand away, could he drown out the conversation he didn’t want to have?

“Oh, Gav.” Del squeezed his fingers then released his hand. “We’re going back next year. I made the reservation.”

“I know.”

“Then why?” Del reached up and set the lines of shells into motion. They tinkled and clinked, drawing Gav’s eye.

Seventeen strands, strung neatly on thin black twine. One for every year they’d been together.  “Because I love you.” He smiled fondly at the shells, then transferred his gaze to Del. “One for the day we met… When Pete got drunk and we got in that fight at the bar--”

“That asshole. He had no business treating you like that.” Del scowled fiercely, as though it had been yesterday instead of decades ago.

Gavin nodded, because he did know, after seventeen years of being treated like a prince, that Pete had been abusive. At the time, he’d thought his volatile lover exciting. Young and stupid, he hadn’t realized that it wasn’t just drinking that made Pete mean, or that Pete’s anger wasn’t his fault or his problem. “Another shell for the day you proposed to me on that same beach a year later… Who knew there’d ever be a day that we could make our vows for real?”

He peeked at Del. His lover had fallen into a quiet state, eying the shells with new appreciation it seemed. A faint smile played with the edges of his mouth, and as always, that smile stirred Gavin in a myriad of ways. 

“What’s the third one for?” Del finally asked.

“For coming to find me… when I ran away back in 1999, and for taking me home every year since.”

For just a second a flash of hurt shone in Del’s face, then a sunny smile erased it. “I want you to be happy, Gavin. It’s what I’ve always wanted. I’ll let you get on with your task.”

Taken aback by that flash of pain, Gavin put a hand on Del’s shoulder as his lover turned to leave. “Del? What is it?”

“It’s just… I thought this was home, and going to the beach was vacation.” He shrugged. “Stupid. I know.”

Blinking back the sting of tears Del’s pained statement spurred, Gavin squeezed. “This is home. You’re my home. And you’re what makes returning to the beach going home for me. All those memories… I like to revisit the scene of the most wonderful moments of my life.”


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Office Romance... NSFW #mmromance #erotic #arrogantmen

Loving Jacob

An M/M Contemporary Romance

Loving Jacob
Chapter One 
Chapter One

Five Years Earlier
Malcolm stood in the hallway, gritting his teeth and reminded himself that an office fling with a man who had to be at least ten years his junior was out of the question. He and Penny had long since relinquished any pretense of monogamy in their marriage and reached an amicable agreement to conduct their affairs discreetly out of respect for their son and their friendship. Fucking purple-eyed twinks in the elevator at work? Not discreet.
He kept his gaze focused on the gleaming silver metal of the doors as the elevator made its excruciatingly slow way up to the third floor. His glance flicked to the reflection beside his. The younger man stood casually, shoulders propped against the wall, licking pink lips. His purple gaze in the hazy reflection was focused…fuck…on Malcolm's obvious erection beneath his dark dress pants. Discretion. Discretion, he snarled at his libido. There will be no casual hookups with people from the office, he warned his eager cock. He shifted to the side slightly, hoping to hide the evidence of his arousal from the other man. Damn it. That kid had the sexiest eyes he'd ever seen. He wanted like hell to see them glaze over as he fucked the tight ass hinted at by the khaki pants he wore. He didn't go much for the intimacy of face-to-face encounters, but for the sight of those eyes and that mouth in the throes of orgasm, he'd make an exception. His tendency toward quick casual encounters disguised his preference for male partners and kept word of his homosexuality from getting back to his parents, his partners in the firm, and out to the public.
A law office, like any other place of business, was a microcosm of the world at large. Malcolm knew from being on the receiving end of gossip from his secretary, Marge, that every action and interaction between employees was fodder for the gossip mill. Being the subject of water cooler gossip lacked appeal and offended his sense of dignity, as did the knowledge that he apparently couldn't control his urges around the tech guy.
He threw in the towel and gave up the fight against his attraction to the young man from the technology department when he caught that sultry purple gaze on his cock for what must have been the hundredth time as the slight young man brushed against him in an intentional teasing slide while he tried to exit the elevator on the second floor.
Impulsively, Malcolm grabbed Jacob's hand and pulled him back inside the otherwise-empty space. He kept that small, soft hand locked in his own as he allowed the heavy metal doors to slam shut and the elevator to rise to his own floor. There he slapped his palm against the button that prevented the doors from opening. He'd had all the titillation he could stand. Malcolm swept the young man into his embrace. He tilted Jacob's head upward with one hand and dropped his mouth passionately, almost brutally, to kiss the other man. His other hand tangled in the black curls that had taunted his senses over the past weeks. He forced the soft pink lips apart, then swept his tongue inside. Instantly he was absorbed in the heated, slick haven of Jacob's mouth. The honeyed sweetness drew him further in and his tongue eagerly sought the textures and flavors that had been hidden there. Fuck. He could drown in the wet heat he found behind those soft lips. It was addictive. Jacob didn't even try to escape the kiss; he seemed to be doing his best to encourage it. He brushed his tongue against Malcolm's, sweeping it gently along the roof of his mouth, seeking and finding the sweetest spots. Both men were panting heavily when their lips parted.
Malcolm pulled back and spoke harshly. "Is that what you're after, little boy? You want a quick fuck in the elevator to start the week off right?"
Jacob gasped and tried to pull away, but Malcolm wouldn't let him. "No! Well, yeah, but that's not all I want." The young man seemed a bit dazed and shook his head as though to clear it. His shaking hand rose to push through the tangled black curls that Malcolm could picture so easily coiling around his cock while Jacob knelt on the dull gray carpet sucking him, as he had every intention would happen very shortly.
"Well, that's all I'm offering. Take it or leave it." Malcolm drew his hand down the length of his cock, which had pulsed to aching life during that elevator trip. Jacob wore light spicy citrus cologne that seemed to linger in Malcolm's nostrils long after any encounter between them had ended, and being in the elevator with the sexy younger man had a predictable effect on his dick.
"Look, I'm very busy. I have a few minutes for you now, but…" He let his arousal-roughened voice trail off, waiting to see if Jacob took the bait. Jacob's purple eyes locked on his hand gliding up and down, pressing against his throbbing cock behind the zipper of the black dress pants he wore. That gaze was an added caress that fired his blood even hotter, and he swore softly. "Fuck. You want it. I can see it in your eyes, feel it in you every time you come near me."
Jacob licked his lips, but remained silent. Malcolm flipped open the button of his pants and began lowering the zipper carefully. The metallic clink of the zipper filled the spaces between their panted breaths. He spoke harshly. "I have a meeting with a client in ten minutes. I need to take care of this. You can watch, or you can help; take your pick."
He pushed aside the black cotton of the briefs he wore and drew his thick cock out of his pants, watching that silky pink tongue slick over Jacob's lips again. He wanted to feel that tongue tracing his shaft and flickering over its sensitive crown. Slowly he trailed his hand up from his heavy swollen balls to the precum-slickened head and squeezed gently, his eyes still locked on Jacob's face. The younger man breathed heavily, eyes hot, molten purple liquid. Malcolm stroked himself more quickly, silently urging Jacob to his knees, willing him to take his dick into his mouth.
He groaned in approval when Jacob dropped to his knees in seeming obedience to the unspoken command. Malcolm pulled his hand away from his cock and wound his fingers through the wild black curls that had teased his senses since he'd first noticed the boy. He used his handful of silky hair to guide the pink mouth where he wanted it, rubbing the soft, moist lips against his tip before pressing, gently seeking entrance.
"You have done this before, right?" He couldn't help asking as the youthful innocence and enthralled look of wonder in the purple eyes gazing up at him gave him pause. A blow job from a novice might not be the best idea. He could wait to feel those sweet lips closing around his cock if he would have the privilege of teaching this gorgeous innocent how to suck a man.
Jacob's tongue flicking in a velvety caress, first across his lips, then Malcolm's swollen crown, vanquished any intention of preserving that innocence. "No teeth…" was all he managed to choke out before a blazing hot mouth engulfed his hardness with enthusiasm. Rough swirling strokes of Jacob's tongue along his crown and under the rim convinced him that giving in to his urges made sense. He groaned his pleasure as the silken heat of that agile tongue burned wet trails from the rim of his cock up over the throbbing head and down again to the base. He jerked, hands pulling and clenching tight in the silky black curls he used to guide Jacob in a rhythm that set his balls to buzzing and a hot warmth spreading out from the base of his spine, rocketing up through his aching length to find release in a series of convulsive spurts of cum that Jacob sucked up and swallowed without pause.
Enough experience guided those lips and that tongue to erase any doubts Malcolm may have had about starting something with Jacob. However innocent Jacob may be, he was clearly old enough and knew enough to satisfy a lover in this way. Malcolm felt absolutely certain that this was just the start of something.
As the aftershocks of pleasure rippled through his body, Malcolm pulled Jacob to his feet and brought him in for another kiss. Fastening his trousers, he set the other man aside and pressed the button to open the doors of the elevator. He strode forward, leaving Jacob gasping for breath as he collapsed back against the wall of the elevator. He looked over his shoulder and bit back a groan at the sexy sight of those dazed purple eyes, the wildly tussled black curls, and the passionate flush on the delicate cheekbones.
"Meet me here at six." He tossed the directive over his shoulder and hurried past the empty reception desk to pause at the office suite marked with his name. That shiny brass plate signaled his only rebellion to date from parental control. His father, the neurosurgeon, had wanted him to go into medicine and join his practice. In an unprecedented act of rebellion that had earned him a few frosty glares, Malcolm had elected to attend law school. Difficult as his parents had found it to accept, the sight of blood made him physically ill. A career in medicine was not an option. Being a lawyer was a lot easier than announcing his homosexuality would have been, and his family had accepted it before he’d graduated. Law was an entirely respectable career with prospects for public service and prosperity, after all. His brother became the neurosurgeon in his place with alacrity. In every other aspect, his life followed the blueprint the Jenners had laid out at birth for their eldest son: excel at school and in sports, attend prestigious universities, get married and have children, and above all, do nothing to embarrass your parents.

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Be Yourself

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955