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My publisher has declared this week to be ALL about Lee Brazil. No idea what that means for me, but for you it means that you can get the ENTIRE Truth or dare series for less than $6. 

That's right. 

Justyn has marked all of the Truth or Dare titles down to

 99 cents each! 

Skip on over to the Breathless Press web site and get yours today! 

 (sale good Jan 10, 2014 to Jan 16 2014 only)


What Not to Say #5

The Old Soda Shop 
An M/M Romance by Lee Brazil 

Former college roommates Matt and Sam have a history.
Will a chance encounter in the street lead to a second chance at love?

Years ago, art student Matt Gilray's world turned on its axis when his lover Sam rejected him at their favorite hangout. He'd spent the years since learning to be a businessman and an artist, letting go, forgetting a love affair that had brought him more pain than joy in the end.

A last minute realization that his college fuck buddy had turned into a lover wasn’t enough to stop business student Sam Balantyne from chasing his dreams. When the dreams runs out, Sam returns home and buys the derelict soda shop where they used to hang out. He wasn't looking for a second chance; he just wanted to enjoy a memory.

In the process of “freeing himself to pursue his dreams”, 
had Sam tarnished them beyond recovery?


A Rake in London on Sale at Amazon! Count Down Deal starts soon!

On Sale at Amazon! 

This is a new program Amazon is offering, and I thought I'd give it a shot. 

from 8 am January 9th to 8am January 12, This collection of three erotic regency shorts (from my regency serial) will be on sale for $0.99 cents. 

From 8 am January 12 to 8 am January 15 the price will go back up to $1.99 

After 8 am January 15, the price returns to the regular $2.99. 

So, if you like hot regencies, don't mind the absence of a HEA - though I imagine that down the line there will be one for Gavin and Marcus- 

Now is the time to try it out! 

If you love a sweet, short story that will make you cry and also swoon, artists, mathematicians, business men, young lovers that go their separate ways ...Cat at MM Good Book Reviews 


When Science Screws You Over: New Release: His Dream Lover Gets Great Reviews...

New Release! 

Have you picked up your copy yet? 

"His Dream Lover by Lee Brazil is one of the more original stories 
I have read in quite a while."

His Dream Lover

Through the gates of the sun lies the land of dreams, and beyond that...the realm of the lost.
In a private hospital room, motionless and still beneath a sheet, lies Joseph Caldwell. His surgery has passed, to all intents and purposes, successfully. The doctors offer no explanation for why he hasn't awakened from the medically induced coma. The stream of visitors trickles down to nothing, and still he lies in endless sleep. Nearly everyone has given up any hope for his recovery.
Anaesthesiologist Oliver Gideon is racked with guilt and confusion. Could he have somehow done something wrong? His superiors assure him he is not at fault, the science he reviews tells him his dosages were correct, but the longer Caldwell sleeps the more Oliver is haunted by the loneliness of the figure in the bed.  He spends every possible moment with the patient, reading, talking, trying to fill the little room with sound, to stir a response that science isn't sure is possible.
Morpheus, King of Dreams has welcomed Joseph to his realm. Some dreams, he explains, are true, and some are false. There's only one way tell. Joseph loves the dream world Morpheus has woven for him, for in it, he's found something he never found in reality—a soul mate. For the first time, his life is perfect.
In the end, he has to choose. He cannot stay in the Realm of Morpheus forever. It's either back to the land of the sun, and potential loneliness or on to the realm of the lost.

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the 50s Mixed Tape anthology by Totally Bound.

Available now for only 99 cents at 


More Reasons to Love Edmond Manning - As Though Beefy Mac Weren't Enough

I have always loved New Year’s resolutions. There is such grace and widespread power in creating yourself anew at the beginning of each year, like freshly-fallen snow drifting down to cover last year’s mistakes, failed hopes, impossible assignments. With great joy, I will create resolutions to explore who I am as a writer in 2014.

I will write more words in 2014 than I did in 2013, knowing that more words means more possibility of breathing life into beautiful sentences. This also means more clunker, awful sentences. I will accept the drafts that are not golden and not instantly impressive. I will love those bastard drafts as a necessary part of creating something miraculous. I will read more books. Not just how-to-write-gooder books but more fiction. I want to see how others tell their beautiful stories and learn what I can sitting at their feet, ears wide open. I will read reviews from people who don’t like my writing and accept their words, even if I disagree. I will let their words be true for them even if they are not true for me.

I will practice humility when someone tells me I am an awesome writer. I will practice self-confidence when someone tells me I suck. I will exercise more. I’m not sure how this makes me a better writer, but let’s just pretend that it does.

I will fail at these resolutions, some of them, I’m sure. I accept that. I resolve to love my aspirations to be a greater writer even if they don’t always come true. In 2015, the snow will fall again, cover my triumphs and failings from 2014 and I will create myself anew, one snowflake at a time.

Edmond is the author of The Lost and Found series, which includes King Perry, King Mai, and in 2014, The Butterfly King. He also released a book of non-fiction in 2013, a collection of fabulous mistakes titled I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That. He is available as a professional party guest for those soirees serving Cheetos.
Edmond Manning


5 Hearts ... one of the best seductions ever written. Adrian has waited ten years for the man he loves to get a clue. Since that obviously isn't happening, Adrian takes matters into his own hands. The lovin' is hot and I can't remember the last time I smiled so much, while reading a book. Highly recommend.

Portia at MM Good Book Reviews

Available at All Romance  and  Amazon as well as other fine eBook vendors. 


Taking Charge of the New Year With Laura Harner

As an independent author-publisher, I have to consider my career much like any small business owner. Which means as we enter a new year, I need to look at what has—and has not—been successful in the past.

What didn't work so well in 2013:

·         Sprinting on Facebook – 45 minute sprints in the big groups proved to be too much of a distraction, and felt more like a competition than supportive collaboration. I am a steady worker, but not necessarily speedy, and reporting my measly 300 words in the face of reports of 1000 from other authors left me feeling inadequate and discouraged.
·         Unlimited open chat on Facebook –should be self-explanatory. I have to treat writing with the same respect I would treat any job. That means while I’m at “work” I need to work, and not socialize.
·         Facebook Author page ads — toward the end of the year, FB shifted their  “professional” pages to monetizing ventures. They are a business, and have every right to earn money from their investment. The ads, while inexpensive, have not generated any measurable outcome for me. They are particularly restrictive because they cannot contain adult content.
·         KDP Select – While the promotion was wildly successful at giving away copies of my books, I think in the long run, exclusivity hurts an author’s success.

What did work?
·         Sprinting on Facebook. Yes, I know what I said up there ^ but I found a very small group of writers with whom I can sprint without feeling self conscious about my slower rate of word production. We typically work in 15-minute bursts and by tacit agreement, tell each other ‘good job’ at the end of each sprint. It’s affirming and just enough peer pressure to be effective. Interestingly, the word count was very nearly identical, whether I sprinted for 45 or for 15 minutes.
·         Working on a variety of genres. This one is a mixed blessing. It’s hard to become an established name in any genre, let alone three or four. Still, I think my writing remains fresher by switching things up.
·         Setting deadlines with my editor. It gives me a focus. I like having the mini deadlines that come with setting up a project in Scrivener, too.
·         Hiring professionals to do some of the work. Of course, that comes with making enough money to pay for said help. Let’s just say that’s a work in progress.

So what will I do in 2014?
·         Plan better. I have three calendar-type applications that work together: ToodleDo, 2Do, and BusyCal. I am working my way through planning the year, making sure my “must” writes stay in the front of my schedule before I chase any new shinies. After plugging in all the planned release dates, I can look to see where there is wiggle room before I commit to anything new.
·         Smart Marketing and Promo. I have never been very good at promo and definitely never enjoyed it. And unless you have a significant backlist, there isn't much benefit to blog tours. I believe a writer’s time is better spent writing and releasing more books at the beginning of a career. I always saw a boost in my backlist with every new release. Now I have thirty-plus books on my backlist, so the time feels right to work on increasing my name recognition in particular genres. What do I mean by Smart Marketing? For example, when you have a new release in a series, try making the first book free, use paid advertising and blogs to spread the word about the free book. That’s how you get the word out to new readers. Your faithful fans will buy the final book, but endless promo of the finale to people who have never read the first book feels like a wasted effort. Market Smarter, because it’s a stinky job.
·         Establish new goals. I’m a big believer in giving myself a reasonably challenging target. I really wanted to get to 100k books sold at Amazon before the end of the 2013. I hit that target in mid-October. Now I need to consider another challenge—one that my promotion and writing plans will support. Is it to be a USA Today Best Seller? Have a book hit #1 on Amazon Kindle? Double this year’s sales? Make six-figures? I haven’t decided yet, but you can be sure once I decide, my attention will focus on achieving that goal.

Those are a few of the changes I’m implementing in the coming year. How about you? What’s your best productivity tip and how will you leverage that tip into a more successful 2014?

Laura Harner is a multi-published author of MM, MF, and ménage erotic romance—suspense included, no extra charge. Her next release is Firestorm, book one in the Pulp Friction 2014 Collection. Laura became a full-time writer in 2012, and now she spends her time writing, watching her Arizona Diamondbacks, and working on her very own version of the Willow Springs Ranch in northwestern Arizona. Her books can be found at all major online retailers

 Available at All Romance  AmazonBreathless Press and other fine ebook vendors! 

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To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955