Crawl in Bed With Angel Martinez

Crawling Into Bed With
Angel Martinez
And a Good Book

*crawls across the bed and reclines on the pillows* Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?

Cotton. I’m a simple girl and I like to be able to make a mess…er, be able to wash the linens easily…um, it’s just more comfortable?

*chuckles* I see.  Wait...are you blushing? That's cute. What are you wearing?

*cough* Well, if you saw me in something slinky, you’d probably faint. And not in a good way. So tonight, I’m wearing the cotton jammie bottoms with the moons on them and the matching little tank top. Yes, they’re powder blue. With yellow moons. :p *glares around* Anybody got a problem with that? I can’t wear black all the time.

*laughs* Of course not. You look...stellar.  What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?

*plunks the tray across Lee’s lap* Nachos! I love nachos. Good, strong chips that hold up under pressure, ;) sharp jack cheese, homemade guacamole, a chunky, hot salsa, refritos, chili with mole sauce! *plunks two more bowls onto the tray with lots of extra napkins* Don’t forget the jalape├▒os and the sour cream!

Er...Angel?  I can't ... balance all this?

*runs back out and returns with an armful of bottles* And with nachos you have to have beer! You get to choose…lessee… *snuggles back in and bumps hips with Lee* We have a Belgian triple, some nice smoky stout, and Victory Hop Devil.
What? No tequila? Weren't you expecting me? *sigh* I'll try the stout, please. *leans over, jiggling laden tray* If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

Er…a mess? Odds and ends…hair scrunchies…paperbacks…oh, look, a roll of Lifesavers! Um…chocolate body paint – hey who put that in there?

Oh no! Grab that! *bowl of chili slides to the left* Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?

Covers off. Then on. Then off. Then on. Women of a certain age, you see. Forget that whole damn Sleep Number thing. They need to invent a bed that responds to body temperature *grumble*

That sounds like a genius plan.  And a perfect segue to my next question. Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

Of course you can, dear! (No ulterior motives about using Lee as an ice pack. Nope. None at all.)

Oooh.  You are toasty. *settles tray, sips beer* What are we reading?

Oh, this? Just a lil’ something I whipped up :D Vassily the Beautiful is a blended genre kind of meal – Science Fiction, M/M Romance, Tilted-axis Fairytale – but I’ll let the story speak for itself.

Vassily the Beautiful
M/M SF from Angel Martinez


Vassily has brains and beauty but an accident has left him with neural damage. With his mother missing and his cruel, amoral stepfather demanding he go see the criminal mastermind Baba Yaga, Vassily needs a hero. He might not have a choice but to become his own.


A faint glow of light appeared above him, growing brighter as he climbed, so he reasoned he must be near the top. As he craned his head back, his right foot slipped. His stomach plummeted to his feet as he banged hard against the ladder and clung there, his frightened gasps manifesting as white plumes in the dark.

Don’t turn into rubber now, legs, please, please don’t.

Shaking, panting, he found purchase again with his right foot and convinced his left hand to move, then his right. He shivered with more than cold, exhaustion and fear making each rung harder than the last. Forcing his body onward, he climbed. He had no choice and he was damned if he’d give up now.

The glow from the rooftop became bright enough for him to make out the building stones in front of him. Almost there…

He stopped as the whine of an airbike split the snow-blanketed silence. Risking a glance up, he nearly lost his footing again in shock. A flame-red airbike angled in toward the building and disappeared over the roof edge. The whine of its engine powering down made it obvious that the rider, it had to be the same one who had nearly hit him that morning, was landing on the roof.

All right, he seemed like a reasonable person. At least there would be someone on the roof when he got there to plead his case.

The surprise was considerably less when his second airbike encounter roared into sight overhead, the gold bike and rider muted to glowing tones in the soft roof lights. Baba Yaga’s security, they had to be, though the sun-yellow rider’s flamboyance seemed at odds with such serious employment.

Vassily sighed in relief when his head crested the roof ledge, a blurred view of figures moving about on solid rooftop threatening to turn his shaking legs to jelly. He was just about to hoist himself up when the third airbike knifed through the night sky, by the sound of it heading directly for him.

He cried out, legs kicking, when a rough hand seized the back of his shirt and yanked him from the ladder. Instead of falling, though, he hung suspended, dread creeping over him like morning frost as he realized he dangled from the grip of the black-clad rider who had passed him earlier.

The man maneuvered his vehicle over the roof, and in a voice like sandpaper dragged over broken glass, declared, “We have a spy.”

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Cheating Heroes With Jean Joachim

Before we can discuss cheating, let’s define the term.  In romance novels, a cheater is someone who violates the rules of a relationship. The hero and heroine or two heroes can be lovers who have made a pact, simply strayed into monogamy or actually gotten married. But if there is a spoken or even unspoken bond that the couple will remain sexually faithful and the hero sleeps with someone else, he is cheating.

Escape from life
Why can’t a hero cheat? Plenty of men do in real life? Why don’t romance publishers want to publish books with cheating heroes? One reason readers flock to romance is to escape from real life. Some romance books are more realistic than others. I write contemporary romance and strive to make them as realistic as possible within the boundaries readers are looking for: faithful heroes and happy endings. That rules out cheating men.

Makes the hero look untrustworthy
Another reason cheating leaves a bad taste in the mouth of a romance reader is that it’s a break of basic trust between the hero, his lover and the reader. A relationship doesn’t work if trust is broken. Once the lover discovers a cheating partner, it’s practically impossible to regain the same level of trust. And if that trust is violated in the bedroom, where else is the lover being dishonest? Suspicion created by cheating taints all aspects of the hero’s life in the mind of his lover and the reader. 

Faithful heroes become supermen
            Romance readers are the first to admit they love the men in their lives. But those men are flawed, as are all human beings. In romance novels we read about the perfect hero. One aspect that makes him perfect is being sexually faithful to the heroine or significant other. I like to write imperfect heroes, slightly flawed men, but my men are never so flawed they can’t stay faithful to the heroine.

Tarnishes the Lover
Whether the object of desire for our hero is a man or woman, if the hero is cheating it makes his lover look less than wonderful. If he’s off making love to someone else, we tend to think less of his main squeeze. We wonder what’s wrong with him or her. If the SO is painted as irresistible, how come the hero is screwing around? Why does he need someone else if he or she is so great? So his unfaithful behavior taints his lover as well.

The Strength of Love
            Hopefully everyone reading our books has experienced true love at some time in their lives. True love is a powerful emotion. It can move mountains, start wars and heal the sick. If our hero and his lover have true love, it should be so strong, so captivating that he is overwhelmed with enormous desire for his lover. This won’t ring true if he is off bed-bouncing with someone else. Their love loses power, credibility if the hero is messing around with someone else. We don’t believe he truly loves the principal man or woman in his life. We think he’s a phony, a liar and we cease to believe the love story.

What do you think? Can a hero be a cheater without losing you, the reader? 

Jean Joachim is an author, married, a mother of two boys and owner of a rescued pug named Homer. She lives in New York City. She writes contemporary romance and has ten books published with two more scheduled to be release within the coming months. Jean has one book in the Amazon top 100 listing. She also has seven non-fiction books published. Her bestselling activity books are frequently in the top 25 on Amazon. Jean has been writing non-fiction for over twenty years and fiction for three. Her review column, "Movie Choices for Kids" has been syndicated in weekly and parenting newspapers and on websites for the past twelve years.

Find out more about her books on her website: http://www.jeanjoachimbooks.com

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Tantalizing Tuesday # 6 - Sylvie

Welcome to a new Tantalizing Tuesday! 
Here's a flash of a different sort for you....


Her eyes sparkle with humorous challenge; her lips spread in a teasing smile. Everyone stares at her, but my eyes fall to the tickets she tossed on the table.
People look at us, not knowing if she's serious. I can't force the words she wants through my tight throat. My palms dampen, icy sweat drips down my spine. The girls from our office laugh. They think it's a joke. Part of me does too. Sylvia is way beyond me. She's pretty, smart...courageous.
The light in her eyes dims, but her smile's wider, and I see her confidence in me is shaken. Unable to speak, I lean over the table and kiss her.
The little harpy inside who's been telling me Sylvie's just messing with me, rests control of my soul and I jerk away. My lashes drift shut and I swallow hard.
The laughter dies. The "Haha I was just fooling" never comes.
I pry reluctant lids open and meet her gaze again.
The sparkle's back. The girls are making plans for shopping...because it looks like Sylvie and I are eloping.
Minutes after I should have spoken, the words I choked on last night burst forth. "Yes. I love you."

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LeeLee's View: Cheating in Romance

Cheating in romance books from a reader's perspective. This subject came up, Lee Brazil talked about and had me thinking and at first I thought any cheating is bad but then I thought you can't lump all cheating, let me explain just like a lie, all lies are different. We do it all the time if we don't think someone looks great we lie to not hurt their feelings, the little lies we tell our children etc. We all can't stand up and say all lying is bad because we all do it. Okay back to the cheating in romance books. Right now I read only m/m so I'm talking from that view. I've read a book where one MC is confused and doesn't know if he's gay and at the same time he has a girlfriend and he meets the other MC he's attracted to them and they do something, of course he cheated on his girlfriend but I have to say and this will sound bad but I didn't really feel bad for her, okay in my defense she's usually made out to be a b*tch, hehe I've also read where the MC is once again confused he gets with the other MC but then gets scared believing he's not gay and he does something with a female or even another guy just to make sure, not crazy about this one, but I can understand even though I don't like it. The one that really gets me though is the big misunderstanding/fight, run out and have sex with a guy to show him. This one bugs me the most. Still cheating in romance can be tricky, it can even depend on the person who did it and how they did it. It's just not black and white and I have to say that it wouldn't necessarily stop me from reading a book . I do know for some people that if there is any type of cheating at all they won't read the book and I have to say sometimes it really fits the story and works as funny as that sounds. I have to say Lee Brazil you made me really think about this one. This is only my opinion for romance and not real life, lol

Be Yourself

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955