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Release day is fast approaching-
And while Havan and I are sipping tequila
with limes *giggles*  *smiles indulgently* Is there another way to do it, Havan?  *Smirk*  Don’t answer that here! *snaps mouth shut* And dodging innuendos hmmmm I love it when those things start swinging around *eyes go down*  *guide’s Havan’s head back up*  They’re out there, Doll, not down there. *shrugs* says you . . .   We've decided it was so much fun hearing everyone's stories about the dares they fulfilled, that we'd like to extend the theme. *head pops up* what are you extending Lee?  *eye roll* Do I have to get out the whips and chains to keep you on track?  Oh I’m sorry . . . is that supposed to be a deterrent?

So- in honor of Terry's story- Telling the Truth
*taps Lee on the shoulder* and the twins . . . let’s not forget Dex and Trick *eyes glaze over*, Now, I’m not likely to forget those two!  I have a special fondness for twins, you know.  And I appreciate your fondness immensely . . . Anyway, we'd like to hear some truths from the readers. 

*starts bouncing up and down* oh can I go first . . . please can I can I can I?  I promise not to tell about the time we toilet papered the neighbors walls . . . honest!  Uhhuh- see how well that worked out?  You have any more truth’s you aren’t going to share?  Hmmmm . . . a truth about moi?  Clean or dirty?  hee hee

Okay . . . I have an unhealthy addiction to Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate line . . . soaps, sprays, lotions . . . I got them all and according to my youngest kiddo am not allowed to use anything else cause then I don’t smell like her mommy  *eyes Lee* . . . your turn . . . bare it baby

Here's mine- I hate going to the dentist. I make my SO hold my hand and sit with me until the trauma is over. Yeah, I've seen five year olds behave more bravely. *huggles on Lee* . . . I’ll hold you anytime sweets . . .

If you want to play- leave your "truth" and contact info in a comment
for two entries into the contest!  Yes, okay- two entries if you share. 


just say hi... and you'll be entered to win a copy of Telling the Truth.

Hey . . . if they answer while in their birthday suit can they get entry credit teach?  Who’s going to know what they’re wearing, Havan?  *bites lower lip* couldn’t they send pics or something?

Winner will be selected by random draw on June 22nd. 
*bouncing and giggling again* this is gonna be sooooooo good!

What's all the fuss about?
Telling the Truth

Excerpt 2

Shit. This wasn’t going well. Did you really expect it to?  Why? You didn’t enjoy hanging out in clubs as a straight man, why did you think you would find the smoke, noise, and crowd more appealing now that you’re gay? Good point that. He didn’t like this scene, straight or gay. Nodding, decision made, he dropped a bill on the bar next to his untouched drink and headed for the door. No meat markets, gay or straight.

He had nearly achieved his objective when a hand from nowhere yanked him onto the dance floor and he found himself playing pole to a wildly gyrating dancer in a miniscule pair of black leather shorts. The dancer rubbed his obviously aroused cock all over whatever parts of Terry he managed to reach and draped his arms around his neck. Stunned, Terry waited for his body to respond. Nope. Nothing. Sighing, he raised his hands, looked at the other man’s nearly naked body and grimaced. He’d had this problem when his first prom date wore a backless strapless dress, too. No safe place to put his hands.

Finally, he settled for pushing the tips of his fingers against the man’s shoulders, trying to get some distance between them. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

He backed away from the disappointed guy and then turned to make another break for the door. He assiduously ignored the straying hands that patted at his ass and groped his body, maintaining a steady pace toward the door.

At last he stood in the clean, sweet air outside the club, sucking in deep breaths. With fresh air came a return of sanity. What the hell did he think he was doing anyway? He wasn’t some kid out looking to get laid. He was a grown man who’d had a moment of epiphany. His personality hadn’t changed. He’d just fallen in lust. Ok, maybe after six months he could consider the possibility that it might be more, but he certainly hadn’t become promiscuous just because he’d admitted he was gay. He wanted two men, and only those particular two men would do. Looking for substitutes in bars was the stupidest idea he’d ever come up with. No, he could blame that idea on Mischa, the little shit.

Calm settled over him. Yeah, Mischa. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and pressed the rapid dial button programmed with Mischa’s cell. He’d met his twins any number of times at Mischa’s house in the past six months. If he stuck close to Mischa he was certain to encounter his obsession again. Next time he met up with the twins, he’d be ready. No more wussing out.  Next time, he’d ask them.

“He was here.”

Dex turned to stare into Trick’s blue eyes. He smiled; such a beautiful face his brother had. “I saw him, too.” Dex replied, pulling his brother back down onto the chair next to his own at the tiny table along the furthest wall of the club. “He stood at the bar for a while.”

Trick leaned forward across the tiny table to whisper in his ear in order to be heard over the loud music. “I told you he was gay.”

“He was straight at that party six months ago. I saw him arrive with that slutty actress, Marissa “Look I Have Boobs” Matinson.” Dex shivered as Trick’s warm breath caressed his ear. He swept a swift glance around the crowded club, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to them.

“We arrived at that party with Bella, does that make us straight?” Trick flicked Dex’s earlobe with his tongue, sending more shivers through his frame. “We should have gone over to him, said hello.”

“Quit teasing,” Dex demanded, twisting to press a kiss to the tormenting lips. “I want him, too. And I will concede that his presence here does give a strong indication that he might be gay. But,” he cautioned as he saw the fire light in Trick’s eyes, “being gay doesn’t mean he’s going to be into being with both of us.” Oh shit, he hated seeing that devastated look in those beloved blue eyes. Lifting a hand, he pushed straight black locks behind Trick’s ear and kissed him again, a little harder this time, trying to distract him from the possibility that their crush might not want them. Terry Blake always seemed vaguely startled to find himself with Dex and Trick.  Every time they met he’d introduce himself as though he’d forgotten who they were, make some vague comment about the weather, stare around desperately, and make some shallow excuse to leave them.  Sometimes, Dex thought he saw the slightest hint of heat, an ember of desire, but always it disappeared.

Sighing, Trick pushed him away, and then grasped his hand. “I know. But I didn’t like seeing him here. I didn’t like Calvin flirting with him, I didn’t like that little creep dancing with him, and I didn’t like seeing all those guys grabbing his ass. He’s ours, I know it.”

God bless Trick. He was always so certain things would turn out the way he wanted them to. No matter how many times life reared back and slapped them in the face, he always seemed to hold hope in his heart. Dex pulled Trick into a comforting embrace, and whispered into his ear, “I didn’t like seeing that either, doll. But I did like that he didn’t seem to care about those other guys.”

“What do you mean?” Trick gazed into Dex’s eyes, seeking reassurance.

“I mean the hottest guys in this room gave him the eye, and he didn’t even notice. I don’t know why Mischa’s brother came here tonight, but I do know he left alone and he didn’t have to.”

Fuck. Mischa’s brother. There was a timely reminder. After years of rejection and snide remarks from family, friends, and complete strangers, Trick and Dex had finally found friends who accepted them for who they were. Mischa, Donovan and Bella didn’t look at them as though they were perverts because they loved one another. They didn’t insist on looking the other way when he and Trick showed their affection for one another, and they didn’t demand prurient details about how deep that affection went.

He looked over at Trick again. He wanted above all things to see his brother happy. Six months ago when they caught the gorgeous accountant watching them at a barbeque at Mischa’s house, they’d both felt an instant surge of desire. Terry’s expression showed fascination, not disapproval or disgust. The potential loss of Mischa’s friendship made the price of taking Terry to their bed too high.

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  1. Truth - okay, the truth is that I cannot sleep in a totally dark room because I have too much imagination, and even having light in the room is no guarantee that I won't end up running out of my room in horror, because I've "heard" someone there, who is obviously out to get me. Paranoid much?

    Thanks for the entries - you can reach me at shelley_runyon@yahoo.com

    ♥ Julie

  2. *snickers* Havan had one too many I think Lee. *grins*

    Truth huh..well one time I swore there was a vampire trying to get into our bedroom. I woke my DH up screaming they were coming to suck our blood and he had to stop them. Needless to say it was just a freaking shadow of a tree but I still get teased by DH on that.

    What a great story in Telling The Truth. I Wish you many sales and wonderful reviews Lee.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. A truth, eh? If I give you more than one, does that increase my entries? Cause you know...I'm all about the ::ahem:: bottom line. Anyhow...let's see...something that's not nauseatingly boring...um...Oh. I wear gloves when I eat. Seriously. Can't stand to touch food. If I can't wear gloves, like if we're out or something, I'll only order something I can eat with a fork and knife. Although, it should be noted that I can eat anything with a fork and a knife. Ribs. Chicken wings. You name it. But if we order food at the clinic, I'll snap on a pair of gloves to the utter amusement of everyone around. Otherwise... um... I never go barefoot anywhere. Ever. Gross. Oh, and um...hmm... ::gets distracted:: sorry...hubby just came into my office and stuck his naked butt in the door and wiggled it. Seriously. What were we talking about? Oh. Right. Anyhow - twincest! YAY!

  5. The excerpts are awesome and I want to really read this book. I love when the twins love each other! Terry is such a lusting I mean lucky man!

  6. What happened to my post? Don't you love computers?

    I don't watch horror movies, they scare me and I am a very impressionable young lady.

    *and I'm not posting a nekkid pic of myself*

    You can find me here:

    Oh yeah, going love this story of twincest.

  7. Hum, truth... I hate bats! there is one that comes to my kitchen window every night! I named it Sophie.... Whenever my kids hear me yell, they say "Sophie's here"!
    Brrrr just to think about it *shivers*
    Apart from that, I love twins too *big grin*

  8. Truth, truth... I'm a bit of a hoarder, I call it 'collecting' but I apparently 'collect' a lot of stuff *snerk*


  9. Let's see, a Truth that doesn't sound complete insane or too boring...*thinks* Ah okay well, let's go with the slightly boring. Loud noises, I HATE any loud noises. Seriously, if I am at the movies, at home or anywhere if there is any loud noises I cover my ears like a 2 year old. You might even see me curl up somewhere if I can't get away from the noise. I don't even like having my cell phone on anything other than vibrate unless noise in a room is louder than a ringtone would be. Other people hate talking on my cell phone because I have the volume set so low.


  10. Truth - all my life I had this fear that if someone game me a surprise party & i did'nt show up nobody would notice ( sort of like i'm invisible don't know why but I've always felt like i was invisible )hutchslady26@aol.com

  11. Truth - after 20 years of driving I still don't really get which way to turn the wheel to maneuver the car when backing up. Needless to say I don't do much parallel parking. lol!

  12. Truth- I get turned on by the scent of freshly cut cucumber!

  13. Truth - I love to pick my teeth with a toothpick and I would love that said toothpick everywhere. >__<


  14. wow - I'll have whatever Haven was having!

    Too tired this morning to think of an interesting truth about myself. I hate spelling mistakes - huge pet peeve. I might be small but I'm very feisty! ok - those are lame but there ya go... In a half an hour I'll think of something better!

    wishing you the best for release day!

  15. I wear progressive lens glasses but I take them off to do everything close up like reading, typing etc. For some strange reason I can't stand to wear them when I'm eating. It's weird but true. Every time I sit down to eat, the glasses come off.


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