Summer's Hottest Hero Contest at ARe

Break out the tequila! 

 Drinks are in order!  

Celebrating is the order of the day!   

Not squeeing- Just... er... chair dancing? 

Just got email from ARe : 

Keeping House is a Finalist in the Summer's Hottest Hero Contest! 

Now let's see if Mischa can make his way through 5 rounds of votes to be this summer's hottest hero!

Want to know more about Mischa?

You can check Keeping House out at ARe


Pardon me if I bore you over the next little while with voting links and pleas for support... 

And thank you so much, for making this happen, all you wonderful readers! 

1 comment:

  1. This is not going to be boring in any way shape or form! This is awesome! Congrats Mischa - you deserve this!


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