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The Man Trap by Lee Brazil
Breathless Press
Contemporary M/M
Available June 1st, 2012

Alexi is the reason, other than an unrequited crush on Brad Pitt, that Simon can say with certainty that he is bisexual.  He let Alexi go once;  it's a mistake he's determined not to repeat. 

Excerpt: Alexi and Simon's first "date"

... "Shouldn't I get to have a say in this decision you've made not to explore what's been between us since high school?" His voice was level and calm in the darkness, but I could tell by the tension in his grip my answer was important.
"I just can't, not with a kid involved." The excuse sounded lamer and lamer every time I said it, especially out loud.
"Let me be the judge of what's appropriate for my child, Simon. Turn here. I have a place in mind where we can go and talk."
We drove in silence for a while. I followed Alexi's directions and steered into a parking lot. We had arrived at our destination. Bemused, I turned to face him. "A winery? At this hour of the day?"
His joyous smile chased away some of the depression that had been my constant companion for the past month. A dreamy expression deepened the gray of his eyes. "Yes! This is something I've always wanted to do, and..." The determined look on his face made me brace myself for his next words. "You can't run away if we're up there."
Up there? What the fuck did he mean?
Never underestimate the power of a pretty smile. Forty-five minutes later, I clung to Alexi's hand, visions of death floating through my head. We sipped hot cocoa as a magnificent, terrifying, beautifully colored balloon inflated above the basket that would carry us and a few other passengers in an hour-long sunrise tour of the Temecula wine country.
I am not afraid of heights. I fly regularly, look out the windows of high-rise buildings, and I've even stood at the top of the Washington Monument as it swayed under my feet while I gazed out across D.C. A hot air balloon, though, was something else. A fragile bit of nothing between me and a freefall through the frigid morning air to earth. No engine, no seatbelt, no protective barrier to prevent disaster.
I forced myself to release Alexi and pretended interest in the inflating operation. The focus helped me gulp down the rising nausea. A few other couples stood about waiting as well and in short order we were on board and rising gracefully into the early morning gloom. As though by unspoken agreement, we all headed to separate corners, ensuring each couple the utmost privacy. The gentle breeze ruffled our hair, and I shoved aside my doubts about a relationship with Alexi, determined to enjoy the moment. The sheer ethereal beauty of the rising sun over the orchards and vineyards below swept fear away and I tugged Alexi back against my chest, resting my chin on the top of his head as together we absorbed the moment. Silky black curls tickled my nose and cheeks as locks of hair clung to the bristle of five o'clock shadow. The scent of his citrusy aftershave or shampoo, whatever it was, teased my nostrils. I inhaled deeply, pretending to myself that the fresh air was what sent ripples of pleasure through my body.
I waved away the glass of champagne and orange juice, the traditional breakfast of balloonists, according to the pilot, but Alexi accepted it willingly. I held him in my arms as we floated leisurely above the rolling hills with their lush vineyards dappled with ranch buildings and country estates, all colored by the brilliant glow of reds and oranges from the rising sun. Drifting here and there, time had no meaning, and as we dipped close to the top branches of a gnarled citrus grove, the pilot harvested a few sun-kissed fruits.
Sipping his champagne, Alexi turned in my arms and gazed up into my eyes. His touch skimmed along the bristle of my jaw, and I tensed a bit, and then relaxed under the soothing touch. He twined his fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck and tugged lightly to bring my lips down to his. In this dream-like setting, I gave no consideration to the pilot, the other passengers or the flimsiness of the basket we stood in. I settled back against the edge and pressed our lips together. His were cool, wet and sweet from the icy champagne. As my lips parted over his, a few drops of the bubbly champagne passed from his mouth to mine, followed by tiny darting forays of tongue. I cannot deny Alexi's kiss aroused me, the evidence of my interest ground firmly against him, and a hard cock rubbing against my thigh left no doubt about how affected Alexi was. This kiss transcended the physical; Alexi in my arms felt right in ways no one else ever had. In this atmosphere, rejecting the possibilities the future held felt foolish beyond compare.
In the glow of the early morning, with the peace of the dawning day before us, anything seemed possible. Alexi withdrew his mouth slowly from mine, pausing to breathe across my lips, words I could barely decipher over the noise of my heart. "I have more than a hundred different kisses I've saved to share with you, Simon. That was one."
Feebly, my brain made a last attempt to force logic on my heart, "Gregory..."
Warm moist lips trailed from my chin across my jawline, and I winced, seriously regretting the failure to shave.
"Six months, you said."
Six months? What the hell was he talking about? Mellowed by the experience, wits dulled by the passion between us, I couldn't fathom his meaning. "What?"
"You said you never had a relationship that lasted more than six months. Give me six months. In six months, if we're still dating, we'll add Gregory to the equation. Until then..." He tapped a finger against my mouth to keep it shut, I suppose so he could keep talking, but apparently he overestimated my ability to function while he touched me, because I immediately stopped listening. That warm touch, the gentle pressure, enticed. I couldn't resist. I had to taste. I licked and curled my tongue around the digit, then sucked his finger gently into my mouth. His eyes widened and he stopped talking abruptly, before jerking away suddenly.
I agreed. I would have agreed to anything at all to experience those hundred kisses. As our mouths came together again, I decided that instead of firing Jeannie, I would give her a raise.

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  1. My perfect first date - if the weather permitted - would be a picnic in the country, or at a local park, where we could talk and talk, and just get to know each other without other people around. That way you can check compatible food tastes and compatible interests at the same time lol I'd be willing to cook, too.

    If the date went well, maybe we'd watch the sun rise together. :)



  2. Perfect first date...hiking in the woods with a back pack of goodies for when we take a break!

  3. My perfect first date would be movies, walk, & dinner. That sounds really good :o)

    Deborah H.

  4. My perfect first date would be cooking him dinner (dessert included....^_^). Then after dinner we would snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. And to top off the night he would give me a chaste kiss before he went home leaving me to dream of the next perfect date....^_^.


    1. I already subscribe to your newsletter. Not sure if I needed to mention that part or not....lol.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Okay, so here goes... at the risk of being laughed at... My perfect first date, would be to go somewhere quiet with my date... the atmosphere could be a secluded spot on the beach or simply in a backyard, beneath the stars.... where we could sit and really speak, to get to know each other... We would spend that time, trying to connect with only each other... No need for entertainment, or fancy meals... Just some simple fare and the radio playing softly in the background. We would speak of things that really matter, and find a spark... We would chatter on into the evening, but at some point lapse, into a sweet silence, and we would look at each other at the same time, and say.."I'd really like to see you again"


  7. Perfect 1st date hmmmm.....I think I have to agree with Shadowbound. I want somewhere we can go and talk. Either someone's house, in case its a REALLy good 1st date or to the beach. Just sit and talk and get to know each other without everything else in the way. Find out if there is a friendship that could develop 1st


  8. Perfect first date? Honey, after all this time what would be 'perfect' would be to actually HAVE a date! That would be a first fer sure. Sigh.

    olorien56 at gmail.com

  9. Perfect first date? Probably a casual lunch or dinner and hanging out at the beach. Something relaxed/laid-back. :)


  10. I love going out for breakfast! We'd meet at this awesome coffee shop I know of on the coast. Scones and homemade jam and amazing coffee. Afterwards, a little window shopping downtown, then find a bench with a fabulous view of the ocean and talk for hours. If we get hungry again, there's a bistro right around the corner. diannewrites2(at)hotmail(dot)com

  11. My perfect first date would be brunch at one of my favorite local cafe's, biscuits with homemade strawberry butter, and then a hike up one of the local mountains (the upside of living near a National Park).

  12. hrm hrm
    sushi or italian dinner followed by a milk tea run and then parking at the beach or in Anaheim so we can watch the ocean or the fireworks that go off every night at Disneyland :) ummmm very CA specific but there it is
    zaou.zt(at)gmail.com - also subscribed ^O^

  13. It would be to go to the beach, look at the shops and have a mice seafood dinner with a lot of conversation.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  14. I actually *had* the perfect first date, with my now-husband! We were living in the DC area, and he took me to Old Town Alexandria, where we just kind of wandered aimlessly for most of the day, talking and poking in and out of whatever shops caught our eyes. Then we went to dinner somewhere gorgeous (I don't even remember where, just that the food was *amazing*) & afterward we wandered around some more...

    1. (And, of course, I forgot my email... tracykitn AT yahoo DOT com)

  15. My perfect first date would have to include great food and some sort of tour of a winery. I love the atmosphere and sampling. Plus there is plenty of chances for conversation which is a must on a first date ;)


  16. My idea for a perfect first date would be a quiet picnic near a lake (preferably with a waterfall), talking and getting to know each other better, maybe going for a dip in the lake.
    The book sounds really good. And Amara made a beautiful necklace too!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Oh, I signed up for the newsletter too!
      manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
      (it is a j after the _)

  17. happygrape2@gmail.com
    My idea of a perfect date would be to go bowling

  18. My perfect first date would be to take a hike up into the mountains and find a nice meadow for a picnic.


    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  19. the perfect first date : someplace nice and quiet..where we could have a wonderful picnic and then hike to a lake or beach and spend the rest of the time walking and enjoying the sunset.

  20. My perfect date...just enjoying the company I'm with. It could be a movie...dinner...walking in the park...going to the lake...anything really - as long as there is good company and conversation I'm easy. :)

    Love the excerpt and the necklace is beautiful Lee! That is a perfect pair right there. <3 *hugs*

    1. LOL. Sweetness!!! You did rush him. and without me! :p

  21. My perfect first date would involved beer (oh, yes, I know you're shocked.) Seriously, I love a nice, cozy pub atmosphere - so a pub with a really good beer selection (if the words Bud or Coors pass the server's lips, we're outta there) followed by a walk through old New Castle, including the river and the Colonial cemetery.


  22. I think something that involved a bit of thought - not just the movies, the pub - something that involved making an effort - a walk to a local beauty spot with picnic, day at the beach doing watersports, going to a fun fair, driving to an exclusive country inn for lunch or dinner.
    My favouritewould be a riverside walk to an inn for lunch, followed by a lazy after noon on a punt/rowing boat drifting back down the river.

  23. My perfect first date. Well actually had it about 20 years ago with the hubby lol we went to eat on the beach it was not fancy but just being together eating sandwich on the beach holding hands watching the sunset was perfect. Found out we did not have to talk all the time to be comfortable with each other. Was just a peaceful beautiful moment.


  24. My perfect first date would be a home cooked meal that we could enjoy for a few hours with lots of talking an getting to know each other. Hopefully with a view of the sunset!

  25. My perect first date was just that. Perfect. nothing silly nothing strange, a drink in a bar with the man I knew was 'the one'
    30 years later he still is.

  26. My perfect first date would be to start early, take a trip to the mountains or beach with a picnic to just talk and enjoy spending time to get to know each other. Anything else would depend on how much we connected.
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  27. Oh, boy. My first impulse would be to say a great concert or a hockey game (only if the Sharks won it, of course), but those wouldn't give me much chance to talk to him. It would be fun to walk around town, browsing in bookstores and record shops, maybe hitting a gallery or two and stopping for coffee or ice cream along the way.


  28. My perfect first date? That would be terribly English, I think. I'd love to go to the seaside, spend time on the rides and laugh myself silly on the roller coaster.
    Then I'd calm down enough to have some freshly-caught fish and chips, washed down with some real ale :)
    Then, to try to shift some of those stubborn calories, I'd love a nice walk along the beach in the twilight, watching the sun set. And finally, if the man was truly feeling right, I'd aim to get lost for awhile among the sand dunes for some nice long kisses.
    Well, I can dream.

    corieltauviqueen at yahoo dot co dot uk

  29. Hmmm. Perfect 1st date. A bouquet of tulips and daffodils, a picnic at the ocean, then just time spent together learning about each other.



  30. Ooh, looks fabulous! I love Amara's jewelry!

    My perfect first date would be a meal in a great cozy restaurant, and maybe a walk outside in gardens or on the beach. Time to relax and get to know each other.

    1. Woops, I think my email shows in my profile, but just in case:

      joyfullyjay at gmail dot com

  31. I would just love to spend time talking together. Maybe have an evening picnic on the beach while watching the sunset. Then, maybe just sit around a bonfire talking and cuddling. Or if they're really up for it, maybe take a ghost tour/investigation somewhere. Never really know somebody until you see how they act when scared...LOL.

    loiuse021 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. A State Fair :) it would be casual and there would be plenty to talk about. We could walk, sit, eat, and if it goes well have a romantic ride to the top of the Ferris wheel at night ;) sstogner1 at gmail dot com

    1. I am such a dork...the website wouldn't load my comment so I kept trying, then all of a sudden they all show up! *headdesk*

  35. That excerpt was so romantic it left me breathless.

    My perfect first date would be dinner and dancing followed by ice cream and a long walk. I'm a pretty laid back person so simple things make me happy.

    May I say I love LOVE that necklace! Hoping so hard that I win both the ebook and the pendant...

    gtaylor423 at gmail(dot)com

  36. forgot to mention I signed up for your newsletter...

  37. A perfect first date for me would be a nice meal and then a walk round an art gallery. nice and simple :)


  38. The perfect first date is the first date I had with my hubby. We went to the mall, ate in the food court, got an airbrushed tag for his car, and he ended up on his knees--trying to find me earrings. I can only were the special nickel free kind and he wanted to buy me something. It was the first time someone put me first other than my Gram. =)

    mamaboo7907 at gmail dot com

  39. At my age, a perfect first date would be dinner and a long talk (I'm 69). I remember my first and only balloon ride. I had told my kids that was what I wanted for either Christmas or my birthday. Of course Christmas time nor January is a good time for a balloon ride.

    They gave me a coupon and I took my ride in April when I was 62. Today I couldn't get into the basket, but it was wonderful.

  40. My perfect first day would be to go to late lunch or dinner (or as I like to say Linner) at an unusual eatery. Something different to keep the conversation topics fresh and spend time getting to know if I want to invest in date #2 LOL Thank you for the lovely giveaway opportunity and fun!

  41. To go to Santa Barbara In So. Cal. Walk along the boardwalk and look at all the great arts and craft done by the locals. Then a great dinner at one of their great restaurants over looking the ocean.

  42. My dream date is with BOB.
    No worries about meals, movies, dancing, sunset, drinks, money. But that's me in the real world.
    In my fantasy I'm meeting at the zoo. Walking and enjoying each other's company taking pics and sharing my love of animals and the outdoors. Dinner would be the spur of the moment place that we both see and immediently agree on. Afterwords sitting at the beach watching the sunset. Whatever happens after that would depend on how our time at the zoo had been

  43. My perfect first date would be a nice quiet dinner and a walk, ideally on the beach, but since I don't live near the beach (lol), a nice park would be great. A fun visit to a bookstore would be a nice bonus, since that is my favorite place!

    Michelle V
    romanceinreview AT gmail DOT come

  44. I enjoyed the excerpt. A perfect first date would be a sightseeing tour followed by a nice meal.


  45. I'm not a foodie or into sports or hiking or picnics. So i think my perfect first date would have to be mooching round old shops. Looking at antiques and bric a brac, books and maybe for giggles a fancy dress shop to try on assorted costumes for a laugh. Then to finish the perfect day we'd stop for a drink and a bite to eat in a nice cosy pub. Hopefully if the date went really really well we'd finish it over breakfast lol!

  46. Wow, the perfect first date? This is hard since I haven't dated in years so I guess I will tell you about the perfect first date with my husband.

    I met my husband online in a MUD (text based role playing game) back before we had all the pretty graphics for online MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games. We knew each other online for about six months before we had our first date. He told me we were going to lunch and an early movie but that wasn't what happened! He picked me up and surprised me by taking me to a LAN party (for all you non-gamer geeks, this is a party where everyone brought their PC and networked them together so we could all play the same game at the same time... remember this was back in 1993!) I had never been to a LAN party before but I knew several of the people there by their gamer names. He brought 2 PC's so we didn't have to share and we spent 12 hours sitting next to each other gaming. It was the best date ever!

    I know this probably sounds strange... but if you are a gamer you will understand. But for those of you who don't, keep in mind this was before we had the internet as we know it today. There were no chat programs to allow us to VoIP so everything had to be typed into games and we all were on dial up. Being able to actually talk while playing was an awesome treat!

    So, that was my perfect date...

  47. My perfect first date would be something physical and interactive, like a scavenger hunt. Or maybe rock climbing, just get dirty and have a fun time.

    Sara G


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