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by Lee Brazil
May 4 from Breathless Press


Drake Fallon's impulsive decision to stop and help a stranger change a tire leads to intriguing possibilities. What he doesn’t know is that there are two J. Cahils.
After miserable years looking for love in other places, Jesse and Jay Cahil have accepted that for them, illicit passion is the only one. They've built a life, a home together.
A chance encounter on a rainy night brings something Jesse never expected- an attraction for another man. Still, he's committed to the love he has for his twin, Jay, and he pushes Drake Fallon away.
Drake is intrigued by the vulnerable man he met in the downpour. Though Jesse claims to be involved, Drake is certain the relationship can't be fulfilling or Jesse wouldn't have returned his kiss with such passion.
Jay Cahil is devastated when his lover whispers another man's name in his dreams. When Drake calls, how can Jay resist meeting the man who's crept into his twin's dreams?


Pulling into the drive, he turned to face Jesse, who had one hand on the door handle and an uncertain look on his face. Cautiously, sensing that Jesse wasn't immune to him, Drake gave in to his earlier temptation. He reached out and ran his hand down the side of that gorgeous face. When Jesse leaned into his touch, Drake's pulse sped up and he curled his finger around the back of Jesse's neck, threading his fingers into the still-damp blond locks. Tilting Jesse's head up, he leaned down, staring deep into the blue eyes, looking for any sign that his kiss was unwelcome. Jesse's eyes widened, and he expelled a sweet rush of air that hotly caressed Drake's lips. Drake sighed and brought their mouths together. Pausing, he again gave the skittish Jesse a chance to pull away. When no objection came, he tilted his head and caressed the full lower lip with his own, adoring the soft warmth, reveling in the delicate intimacy.
With a breathy whimper, Jesse's mouth opened slightly and Drake took full advantage. He swept his tongue inside, tracing hungrily over smooth velvety surfaces, teasing and massaging Jesse's timid tongue with his own. The sweet flavor and delicious heat, the residual taste of raspberry and dark chocolate intoxicated him, and he wanted more. He moaned loudly and pulled Jesse closer, pressing his mouth open wider, coaxing a response from the trembling man in his arms.
A sudden flash of bright light from a passing car startled him and Jesse shoved him away, breathing heavily. "Oh my God," he whispered, huge eyes locking on Drake's face. "I can't."
"Jesse? I'm sorry I got carried away. It's just...you're so damn sexy. I know I overstepped. Look. It's late. Can I see you again?"
"No. Not I can't sleep with you. I want to. But I can't. There's someone else."
Drake jerked back as if slapped. "Someone else? And you couldn't call him to help you, I suppose?"
"You assume it's a him?"
Drake snorted in response. He damn well knew the someone else was a him. No straight man wore three-inch heels in the rain, no matter how fucking short he was. Not to mention, he'd likely have been punched square in the jaw at the first touch if Jesse weren't gay.
"I know it's a him. Just like I know you can't be all that in love with him if you can kiss me like that."


Crawling in Bed WIth Jorja Lovett

Crawling Into Bed With
Jorja Lovett
And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
I'm definitely a silk sheets kinda girl. There's something about the cool feel of silk on my skin that does it for me ;)

What are you wearing?
It may be cliché but I do love to wear my sexy red lingerie in bed. I'll throw my fleecy jammies on over the top if you want J

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Well, I'm never too far from a box of chocolates. Would you like a Belgian truffle?

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
In that one, there's a notebook and pen and a load of sexy underwear. It's the bottom drawer that's X-rated!

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
I'm too claustrophobic to do the burrito thing all night so I usually end up kicking the covers off for some breathing space.

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
I like it the other way around with my bed partner lol

What are we reading?

            My debut novella, Pyramid of Passion.
               It's about museum worker, Rosie Carter, who starts a night   shift by finding her secret crush, security guard Nick, screwing a redhead in the office. Running from her attraction to him, she distracts herself with the newly acquired Ancient Egyptian exhibit. The Gold of Valor catches her eye--a pendant bestowed on Pharaoh's soldier, Edifu. Its mystical powers transport her into the bedroom of the man himself who thinks she's a gift from the gods and worships her with his mouth, his tongue...

She discovers the joy of sex and a new found confidence with her hunky warrior and she's caught between her fantasy life and dull reality. When Nick starts to show his true feelings towards her, Rosie has to decide what it is she really wants.

"Hmm. Your strange attire would indeed appear ineffective armor for the Goddess of War. If you are not the Goddess herself and she has not sent you, then perhaps Qadesh? Such a gift from the Goddess of sexual pleasure would surely increase a mortal's prowess on the battlefield tenfold." He drew a thick fingertip from the hollow of her throat to the zipper on her smock. Rosie had gone from Goddess to sex toy in one fell swoop.
That channel of need Nick's earlier performance opened up now swelled within her at another's touch. Adrenaline buzzed through her eradicating rational thought and she clung to facts where she could find them. "You're a soldier?" she asked.
"Yes. In King Rameses' Army." He rasped the zipper up and down in wonder, exposing and covering her goose-pimpled skin until she wanted to rip the damn thing off herself.
When she set aside the pleasures of her flesh for a moment, the importance of his words filtered into her brain. His obsession with the simple metal fastener of her top coupled with the exotic dreamscape forced her to ask the question, "What is your name?"
"Edifu." With one final tug, he unzipped her uniform and pushed it from her shoulders.

Okay! If, somehow this whacky set-up could possibly be real, was she really ready to leap into bed with the first Ancient Egyptian soldier to try it on with her?

Large hands cupped her breasts through the white cotton of her bra. When he bent to kiss her full on the mouth, she gave herself over to the moment. If, on the other hand, this was all fantasy, why deny herself a starring role?

"By the Gods, you are a true beauty." His husky voice on her lips commanded a rush of liquid desire to flood south.
How long since a man paid me a compliment? Kissed me with such reverence? Too long. She returned the passionate kiss with interest; let her hands explore the broad expanse of warrior chest available to her.

The humidity of the night combined with the radiating heat between their responsive bodies, soon became too much to bear. Besides, she couldn't wait until Eddie here figured out the complexities of the modern bra clasp. Under his lust-filled watch, Rosie divested from the remainder of her clothes.

He took a step closer and she shivered in his shadow. Masterful male fingers palmed her uncovered breasts, his sun-kissed skin in relief against her porcelain complexion, and stroked a thumb across her nipple. It stood to attention and he rewarded it by sealing his mouth around the pink tip. Gasps of delight seeped from her when he suckled and his tongue joined in the courtship.

Powerful arms lifted her and carried her over to the bed to lay her on the virginal white linen sheets. Totally at his mercy, she was enjoying every sinful second. For however brief a spell, she would revel in her womanhood and experience this man with pure abandon.

She reached for his granite-hard cock. He caught her searching hand and pinned it to the bed above her head. With a sensual smile he started a slow descent along her body, marking a path with a trail of wet kisses. Starting with her mouth, he moved down the center of her body, diverting only to pay homage to one unattended breast. Goddess or not, soldier boy seemed intent on worshipping her.

Pyramid of Passion is available now through Breathless Press http://www.breathlesspress.com/pyramid-passion


Into The Wild- Excerpt
“Did you know Smithy’s packing heat?” David jerked his head in the direction of her love interest, presumably in an attempt to divert her attention from his flirting.
            Laurie’s eyes were bright as Smith opened his jacket to accommodate her, indulging in a leisurely perusal of his built bod.
Only when she had wandered over the muscular landscape of his thighs, did she get the joke. Slung low from his hip was a black holster complete with replica pistol.
“Apparently I can’t be trusted with the real thing.” Amusement danced in those chocolate irises, whether at her noticeable fascination with the heat between his legs or the pretend gun, she wasn’t certain.
“These guys are trained, professional in what they do. They can’t have every Tom, Dick or Harry running about shooting all and sundry.” Laurie respected Buster’s rules and expected Smith to do so.
“And which am I?” He let the coat fall closed, and she realized she was still staring at his nether regions. It was as well they hadn’t put him in a pair of leather chaps or she would never have torn her eyes away.
“Tom?” He stepped closer.                                            
“Harry?” Another step.
“Or Dick?”                                                                  
She licked her scarlet lips, the shadow of his Stetson falling over her cleavage. Yep, he knew what she had been staring at.
“Places, everyone!” Camille rapped the bar to garner attention.
“Where do we go?” Smith’s arm curled around her cinched waist.
“The fight scene usually starts over a card game, so we need to blend into the background. There’s a perfect view from the balcony if you want to see what’s going on.”
Laurie tried to focus on playing her part and not the possessive hold of the handsome gunslinger at her side.            Taking up position at the top of the staircase, they had a clear view of proceedings. Visitors crowded around to watch the drama unfolding between Wes and Buster, the dapper conman and the gnarly cowhand. Smith leaned over the balcony rail as the gamblers set up the card school below.
“How much?” he said without turning around.
“Excuse me?” She had a feeling she knew where he was going with this, but he didn’t sound as though he was joking.
“How much for an hour in there?” He indicated the bedrooms with a nod of his head.
“Oh no, us saloon girls are here for company only. We talk, we dance, we get you to buy drinks, but we don’t do that, sir.” If he was letting loose and getting into character then she was happy to play her part.
“No? The men of the old west respect that?”
“They do unless they want to enrage the barkeep.” She could imagine Wes’s reaction to her being propositioned on his premises.
“I think I’ll take my chances.” Laurie let out a squeal when he lifted her off her feet. Throwing her over his shoulder, legs and petticoats flying, he bundled her into the room.
“Sir, I think the establishment down the road would be more suitable to your needs,” she said, half-heartedly fending off the advances of the dashing stranger.
“I’ve got everything I need right here, darlin’.” His mouth ravaged hers, and the hard, passionate kisses were every bit as much of a turn on as the soft, lingering ones she had gotten used to. Hoisting her by the rump, he pulled her close until his hardness pressed into her belly. His lips and tongue pursued heedlessly, leaving her stunned by the sudden turnaround in the chase.
            Minimum effort was required to free her from the restrictive corset. A quick tug poured her breasts into his greedy hands, and his insatiable tongue relocated to attend her rosy tips. “You’re beautiful.”
She wasn’t sure what the catalyst had been to change his mind, but she wasn’t about to question his sudden horniness. Her skin was on fire with every lick; it cooled with the breath of his reverent words. The contrasting sensations had her spinning, the earth moving beneath her.
Lifting her onto the dresser, he pushed the cracked porcelain jug and basin to one side. He pulled her to the edge and wrenched her thighs apart. A deft hand snaked along her silk-clad leg and paused at the frilly red garter.
“What’s this?” He stepped back for a closer inspection, and whistled. “I think we’ll leave that there for the time being.”
“Why, is it turning you on?”                      
He grabbed her hand and rubbed it along his crotch, the rigid expanse answering her question. “What do you think?” 
Had Smith finally decided to give in to wild abandon? She certainly hoped so.
            As if reading her mind, he ripped her panties off in one, swift movement. She reached for him and stroked his hard bulge begging for release. This time he made no attempt to stop her.
            His silver belt buckle wasn’t so co-operative, and she struggled to open it. “Do you really need to wear this darn thing? It doesn’t make it easy for a girl to get in there, you know.”
With practiced movements, he released the catch and whipped it out of his waistband. “Better?”
The green light had her popping the buttons of his fly open, his firm length nudging her. The slight contact through the cotton of his boxer briefs caused him to gasp. Desperate to see all of him, she pulled him free, his long, thick cock springing proudly from a mass of black curls. Slick in preparation, she anticipated its courtship.
The distant sound of shouting and tables being overturned briefly stalled her. Smith’s cock jerked, impatient for tending. In compliance, she encircled him with her hand, grasping firmly. He planted his hands on the dresser and braced himself.
With the building friction along his shaft, he moaned and thrust. She cupped his sac, massaging until his tip glistened with the promise of what was to come.

Into the Wild is available through Evernight Publishing

Welcome Anna Mayle


Sprite. Spright. Spirited and lively.
Though the word has been used to describe many different creatures, the most frequent modern definition is a playful and energetic faerie, usually only a few inches tall though some are the size of a small child. They come in a variety of shapes. Many times they resemble colorful nature, flowers, small plants or insects. Often they have bright, jewel colored wings.
Legend also says they love milk, sugar and bread and despise garlic and salt.
The general belief is that they tend to live in swarms in forests or ponds and watch out for the trees and plants. Jack Frost is also considered a sprite, though, so it may be more accurate to say they watch over nature.
Often their mischief leads to trouble for humans even if they don’t mean it to.

One question I’ve come across is “Do they differ from faeries?” Personally I believe they are Faeries, just a certain type of Faerie (In the same way that someone from France is as human as someone from America, Africa, you get the picture). They do exist more closely with nature than some, like dryads they have a more solid connection to our world through their connection to things natural, their magic revolves around and enhances our eco-system. Because of that they are more likely to come in contact with us than many Faeries are. Lucky for us they only bite when provoked.

Changelings, however…
This is my book!

Nearly a year since the nightmare at the cabin. Life for Daniel and Leinad hasn't gotten easier, but at least there is something to say for familiarity. They fight, they threaten, but they love each other and in the end, that should be enough.
It isn't.
When the shadows start stealing closer, and the past begins catching up to them, how long will the two lovers have before the Fae in Daniel emerges, and before Leinad has to face his own demons once again? Until the harsh light of reality engulfs the fragile world they've built for themselves?
How long will it be until daybreak?
"Daniel." The soft, trilling voice sent shocks of agony straight to his temples.
A thick band of tension tightened around his head. He closed his strange new eyes and begged silently for it to stop.
"Daniel," Leinad whispered again. The words were barely there, breathy. The soft, downy inside of his lover’s wings folded around him from behind, and he sighed as Leinad lowered both of them carefully to the bed. "Do not fight it. Don’t try to understand it. Whatever it is you see, it is not something humans are meant to process. You do not think like a Fae. Trying to grasp their worlds and ways will hurt you."
"My head is killing me," Daniel mumbled.
Leinad nodded against his shoulder and rested his face in the curve of Daniel’s neck. "I know."
"Reading my mind now?"
Leinad chuckled. "You squint when you get headaches."
Daniel tried to smile, but it felt brittle and impossible upon his lips. "I can’t… I’m terrified, Leinad."
A soft mouth moved against Daniel’s neck, softer feathers caressed his chest, belly, thighs. "I am here."
Long, tapered fingers slid slowly around his sides, teased their way to brush over Daniel’s chest and pulled him back harder against his partner. Daniel could feel Leinad’s interest pressed insistently against his tailbone. One talon tipped finger flicked the delicate nub of a nipple. Daniel gasped, Leinad moaned and nipped at the tender skin of Daniel’s neck.
"What are you doing?" Daniel asked stupidly. When did my mind and mouth lose their connection?
"I’m making you forget," Leinad said calmly, and rolled his hips into Daniel’s ass. "I’ll make you forget your own name."
"I already have." Daniel choked.
Leinad’s motions stilled. "Damn you Daniel. The other Fae weren’t nearly as difficult to interest."
"I don’t remember being Fae."
The wings opened and Daniel yelped in surprise. Leinad grabbed, twisted, and straddled him all in quick succession until Daniel stared up at Leinad from his back. The cruel curve of his beak, wide golden eyes, round and knowing in a pale white face, filled his vision. Feathers flowed over his head and shoulders like hair. The hands holding him down were talon tipped and deadly.
Daniel’s cock danced at the proximity of the dangerous creature. It thickened, lengthened, the blood rushed into it in an attempt to make it hard enough to tear through the linen slacks the creature wore. Again, one taloned hand flexed, a deadly claw teased his nipple. Daniel squirmed and moaned. He needed pressure, friction, flesh. He needed Leinad, in all his terrifying glory.
"You feel it too, don’t you." It was a statement, not a question. "The consuming pull, the want, your body craves mine as if you were made for me, of me. No matter what happens, you belong to me, my creature. So lie back and give yourself up to me. Fear me, need me, only focus upon me." Leinad punctuated his command by rolling his hips and opening his fly to free his rapidly hardening need from the confinement of his pants.
Daniel trembled, a familiar yet strange moistness seeped from his puckered entrance as his body prepared itself. His anus opened and closed again and again, begged to be filled, to be brutalized, to be taken, owned, claimed. It knew its master just as his dancing cock did, just as Daniel himself did. Leinad glowed gloriously and Daniel wanted nothing more than to be the vessel to his need. He arched his hips up, and closed his eyes at even the slight friction that earned him. Without the strange visual world to distract him, the sensations were doubled and then some, and he keened at their strength.
"There, now you are ready for me, aren’t you."
"Yes," he whimpered. "Oh yes, please."
"Please?" Leinad cooed. "You want me to please you, do you not?" He took Daniel’s hand and brought it to his huge, thick cock. The veins stood in stark relief against the magnificent shaft and the mushroom head leaked a thick, clear liquid that coated its length and pooled between them, made them slide smoothly against one another. "You want me to tear you open and live inside you, move in and out until you aren’t sure which you want more, the pleasure or the pain."
"Yes!" Daniel begged and writhed for more, for the action those words promised. "Please fuck me."
"I’ll fuck you into forgetting. Then I’ll go deeper. I’ll penetrate straight to your soul and saturate it with my seed. Body. Mind. Soul, all mine. You hear me? You’re mine!"
"Yes, sir." Daniel trembled. Leinad stood and stripped quickly. Daniel didn’t even have time to feel guilt over the multitude of bandages revealed before Leinad was back. He tore Daniel’s pants from his body, scooped Daniel’s legs up to rest on his shoulders and surged forward until Daniel was bent nearly in half, begging in shallow, panting breaths, his opening wide and wanting. "Please Leinad. Please don’t be cruel to me, not now."
"Never," the creature promised and thrust with one hard jab, burying himself deeply into Daniel’s core.
Daniel cried out in perfect, blissful agony. "More!"
Leinad thrust again, and lights danced in the blackness behind Daniel’s eyelids.
"Mine. Say it," Leinad ordered.
"Yours, I am yours. I am yours!" he sang brokenly while Leinad plowed into him again and again. Daniel might as well have been praying, for the worship he could hear in his own voice. The thickness inside of him was unrelenting, claiming, unyielding. He had no time to relax, to calm or think, barely time to breathe.
The speed behind those deep thrusts increased, and he was bent so far that his knees met his ears while Leinad blanketed him with his weight and rode him hard, wet and wonderful. A scream built inside of him, but he had no breath to give voice to it. Leinad pounded into him so hard that he slammed into the bed. It still wasn’t enough. Daniel reached down to grasp his own cock, but the force inside of him shook. Leinad’s cock rattled like a snake against his prostrate and before his fingers even closed around himself he was coming, twisted and covered and owned. It wasn’t romantic, but it was love, thick and hot inside of him. It bent him, twisted his soul to its bidding. "I love you," he breathed.
Leinad came and pulled out at the same time. His semen coated Daniel’s legs and crotch as he retreated to the far side of the room and stared at him with those wide, inhuman eyes.
"Damn you, Daniel." He choked. "You weren’t supposed to say it."

http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/360.html just click on the cover to the right of the screen.
Thank you ^_^

Crawl in Bed With Michelle Montgomery

Crawling Into Bed With Michele L. Montgomery

And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?

I don’t know that it’s possible to be slinky and sly with cotton sheets and I love slinky and sly. Silk all the way with silk pillow cases. Makes it easier to slide on over, pillow and all.

What are you wearing?

-blushing- A very cute…strike that…sexy hot pink nighty and one of the spaghetti straps keeps falling down.

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?

I’m happy you asked! I just bought a chocolate fondue fountain so we’ll be having fresh fruit and other “dippables” that we can dip into the melted creamy chocolate.

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

-more blushing- Well, since you asked I went and looked and there’s a copy of Playgirl in there, alongside some uh..toys and ha pair of hot pink cuffs. Also a few batteries…hm…I think we need to replace those.

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?

LOL! A burrito in winter and an open book in the summer.

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

Just as long as those cold feet are clean I don’t mind at all. Just be sure to clip the nails! Kay? Thx.

What are we reading?


Escaping the past isn’t easy, especially when the scars left behind are a constant reminder that trust and love can hurt.

Michael McKnight knows what it means to be on the run from memories. Years ago, after fleeing an abusive relationship, he was brutally stabbed and left for dead. His only savior had been a compassionate stranger he’d only gotten a glimpse of before slipping into the blackness that claimed him.

For Michael, recovery was an arduous and hard fought return to some semblance of normalcy. He rebuilds his life, spending his waking hours buried in work and fighting to forget the past. And his life seems to be going well until he finds out that his cousin Wayne is being held captive in a mental asylum for being gay. So he buys a plane ticket and flies out to rescue his cousin.

But the weather is against Michael, keeping him grounded and talking to a man who claims that he’d once saved his life and is willing to help him rescue his cousin. Can this man be for real or is something more sinister in the works?

Lethally Obsessed Blog: Lethal Obsession Blog  here is where you’ll be able to mix and mingle with the characters from my Lethal Obsession series.
You can get in touch with me on any of those sites and email is: lethallyobsessed@yahoo.com

Thank you very much for having me and uh, about those cold feet? Are you gonna warm mine too?

*blushes*  Oh certainly! 


Tantalizing Tuesday #1: No Way Out

Another Flash Fiction Group- this one less structured- instead of ten takes on one picture, everyone chooses their own picture and then writes 250 words. 

This is my first pic

No Way Out 
Clang. Whirrr. Clang.

Yul took stock of his prison. The small windowless room had no other exit than the one so dramatically locked behind him. It resembled a remodeled bank vault. A thin air mattress with white sheets lodged against one wall.

Bare walls, bare floor. Nothing he could use to escape. He was here until he complied with their wishes.

Yul stretched across the mattress, relaxing as he lit a cigarette. Would setting the mattress and sheets on fire gain him anything? There was no alternative. He picked up the knife, tested the blade with his thumb. It was sharp, he kept it that way.

Cigarettes and his pocket knife wouldn't get him out of this alive. He could cut up the sheets, then what? Strangle himself?

He didn't want to die.

He'd have to "donate" the blood they wanted and hope like hell the foul things kept their word and released him before they realized that he was no more a fucking virgin than he was president. "Pint of virgin blood freely given." He muttered drawing the blade along the fine lines of his palm and up his forearm. Slice open a vein and measure out a pint.

Snorting, he dragged the blade down and tapped the button of his fly, traced the waistband of his jeans. Idiot asked the wrong question.

"Have you ever fucked a woman?"

"No, never." It was the one damn thing he'd never done. He'd fucked plenty of men, been fucked by more. 


Truth or Dare Give Away #3

Truth or Dare Give Away 

To recap: You match six pieces of dialogue to the person who said it. 

Email me the correct answers at lee(dot)brazil@ymail.com. 

Havan and I will conduct a random draw from among those who correctly match ALL six bits of dialogue to the correct character.

The winner will receive a signed paperback copy of Truth or Dare. 

(International players accepted, must leave contact email to win, must respond to notification of winning within seven days of April 29 or prize will be forfeit.)

That's it!   Ready for the final round of questions? 

1. "I don't want to see you hurt, either, but this is one risk I'm going to take. I want more for us than we've been settling for. I think we have a chance to have it all."

2. "I can defend myself. I just prefer to use logic and reason as a first resort and violence as a last resort."

Shh...now, you can leave me a comment if you want, 
to let me know you're playing, but..don't give the answers! 

Check back on 

April 29 for the winner! 

Be Yourself

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955