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Great news! Some time back my publisher, Breathless Press, published a Flash Fiction anthology called Hot Shots. Since then, they've gone out of business and the rights to all these stories have returned to the authors. While I'm busy working on getting my novellas back on the market, I thought I'd share these super short, super hot, pieces with you. Hot shots had 5 stories... this is one of my favorites.

The Captain's Cabin
©Lee Brazil
Genre: historical fiction, m/m/m
Hot Flash/ Word Count: 1,000 
Mick opened the portholes to let some air into the hot and muggy captain's cabin. The rest of the crew was ashore in the mangy harbor town drinking and fucking, so it was safe enough no matter how rowdy things got when Robbie and the Captain returned. The fresh sea air tempted him to linger, but he had a deadline to meet.
His lovers had rowed ashore with the crew to negotiate a shipment of rum for their next port call at Charleston in the colonies. He'd wanted to go too, to find his land legs, but Devlin had taken one look at the state of his cabin and assured Mick that if he wanted to sit he'd attend to his chores. The threat of a whipping hadn't caused Mick's frenzied cleaning though. No. It was Robbie's thoughtfully tacked on suggestion that perhaps Mick would be better punished by being made to watch the evening's activities from the captain's straight-back chair instead of occupying his accustomed position between the two men.
He'd rushed to get the place ship shape before they returned. The whitewashed cabin was neat as a pin, whatever the fuck that meant. It was something he'd picked up from Robbie.  His lordship, the first mate. Mick shivered. Robbie was...if he'd had to choose between the Captain with his broad shoulders and piercing blue eyes, and Robbie's slender elegance, he'd have been hard pressed to decide. His captain could be rough, abrupt and harsh, but Robbie's punishments were always the more devastating.
Sweat dripped into his eyes as Mick surveyed his efforts. From the gleaming polished floorboards to the neatly hanging clothes, everything was secure. No fault could be found. He'd avoided dire threats of being forced to watch and not participate in his lover's activities.
Mick stripped down swiftly to his trousers, hanging his shirt on a peg.  Shrugging, he pushed off the trousers and hung them as well. Just in case he'd missed something, he'd give Devlin and Robbie something else to think about.
Voices drifted through the porthole on the breeze. The captain's deep baritone followed Robbie's husky chuckle. Hastily he climbed onto the bed, pretending to sleep. The voices grew louder and footfalls echoed in the empty passageway. He forced himself to relax, but couldn't do anything about the way his cock thickened heavily against his thigh. The key clinked in the lock and the door hit the bulkhead.
“Now there’s a pretty sight.  What do we do now?” Robbie's amusement was clear in his voice.
Mick struggled to keep the grin from stretching his lips and giving away his wakeful state.
“I’m sure I can think of something!”  Wicked intent echoed in Devlin's husky declaration.
A rough hand gripped his thigh, and a slick hot tongue pressed between his open lips. Warm wet silk engulfed his cock.  Mick's eyes shot open, and his back arched.  He moaned low and husky into Robbie's mouth as he met eyes gleaming with laughter.
The heated tug of Devlin's mouth on his cock, the hungry stroke of Robbie’s tongue against his own set his heart to racing.  Gasping, he pulled his mouth from Robbie’s. “I want to touch you.” His own temerity in making demands shook him.
Robbie leaned back, pulling his fine linen shirt over his head.  Nimble fingers unfastened the fly of his trousers.  Mick dragged his hands down the golden skin of Robbie’s lightly muscled chest.  Sun bleached hairs, relics of the few times Robbie threw propriety to the wind and went shirtless on deck, wandered in a sparse trail down, and he followed them, pausing to allow Robbie to unfasten the last of the buttons.  Together they spread the flaps of fabric aside, and Mick moaned in appreciation of the thick cock that burst forth.  Robbie took his cock in hand and painted Mick’s swollen lips with the damp tip.  Mick licked the moisture quickly away, then flicked the tip with his tongue. 
The murmur sent a glow of satisfaction through Mick. His balls drew up tight to his body, and his cock swelled painfully.  Licking and sucking, he spilled his release into Devlin’s mouth. 
Devlin pulled back and crawled up between Robbie's thighs, licking and sucking two fingers. 
Mick pause. He opened his mouth over Robbie’s throbbing cock, gliding down until his nose brushed the crinkled hair at the base, then settled into a familiar rhythm.
Robbie’s low moans mingled with Devlin’s muttered curses.  
“Ung.  Devlin, yes.” Robbie reached for Mick’s hand, guiding it under his balls to feel Devlin’s thick length sliding insistently into him. 
“Mm.” Eagerly, Mick twisted to watch. Impatient fingers fisted in his hair, and he swiped his tongue a few times across the sensitive skin of Robbie’s balls before he licked and kissed his way up the shaft.  He pressed a lingering kiss to the hand that held the cock, before reaching Robbie’s damp tip and taking his cock back into his mouth.  
Closing his eyes, he accepted Devlin's rhythm, absorbing the sounds of pleasure filling the room. He caressed every inch of flesh he could reach, massaging the jut of a hip bone, stretching to draw his nails down a spine. 
Devlin's groan mingled with Robbie’s feverish cry. Mick clutched Robbie's hips tightly, swallowing the salty cum eagerly, darting his tongue into the tiny opening to catch every drop. 
 Slowly his lovers wrestled him down onto the bed and he lay panting.The two men leaned forward, eyes locked to his lips and he trembled in anticipation.  His mouth opened on a sigh just as two pairs of lips descended determinedly.  They rubbed and pushed, fighting for possession, until first one then the other slipped a tongue inside to taste. 
His moan of appreciation was met with muffled chuckles, and a few minutes passed in long exploratory wet kisses.  When they lay breathless, cuddled together in the heat of the night, he was snuggly between his captain and the first mate, the two men he loved.

Be Yourself

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955