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"Well, that's all I'm offering. Take it or leave it." Malcolm drew his hand down the length of his cock, which had pulsed to aching life during that elevator trip. Jacob wore light spicy citrus cologne that seemed to linger in Malcolm's nostrils long after any encounter between them had ended, and being in the elevator with the sexy younger man had a predictable effect on his dick.
"Look, I'm very busy. I have a few minutes for you now, but..." He let his arousal-roughened voice trail off, waiting to see if Jacob took the bait. Jacob's purple eyes locked on his hand gliding up and down, pressing against his throbbing cock behind the zipper of the black dress pants he wore. That gaze was an added caress that fired his blood even hotter, and he swore softly. "Fuck. You want it. I can see it in your eyes, feel it in you every time you come near me."
Jacob licked his lips, but remained silent. Malcolm flipped open the button of his pants and began lowering the zipper carefully. The metallic clink of the zipper filled the spaces between their harsh breaths. He spoke harshly. "I have a meeting with a client in ten minutes. I need to take care of this. You can watch, or you can help; take your pick."


Story Orgy Presents: Holiday Flashes #3 Les Winter, pt. 2

Good morning! 

Ready for the conclusion to Les Winter, the final Holiday flash of 2013? 

And, well....After the post there's a kind of important announcement. 

As usual, we're letting Hank say it, because he says it best... 

You remember the prompts for this post were from Christopher who suggested: 

Santa & an elf, North Pole, Slave Collar

He'd attended the very first Christmas party that Tobias had arranged, the very first ever Winter and Sons Christmas party. Thirty years ago today, in this very room, after the last of the employees had left with their white Christmas bonus envelope in hand, Les had caught himself a Christmas elf under the mistletoe, and kissed Tobias.
And in that moment, with that kiss, Tobias became a little less mythical, and Les became a little less human. They exchanged more than passion, as parts of their souls became intertwined. So many years later, Tobias couldn't explain how their clothes had disappeared, he couldn’t quite remember the order in which caresses had been exchanged, but he'd never forget the feeling of having Les inside him for the first time.
At last the cleaning crew trotted out, white envelopes clutched in their gloved hands, faces beaming with joy. Les strolled over to the tree and knelt to turn off the twinkling lights.
"Come out. I know you're here." Les's voice rang with mirth.
Laughing, Tobias leapt from the tree, shedding his disguise and embracing his lover. "How did you know?"
Les smiled down at him, older yes, than when he'd seen him last, but happier, too. "I didn't just see you. I felt you; I've always felt you, here." He took Tobias's hand in his and pressed it over his beating heart.
Tobias savored that throbbing beat, closed his eyes and soaked in the presence of his beloved. Les's heart was full of life, intelligence, joy, love. Tobias filled his heart with all the things a man needed to thrive, and even in his exile Les had built the spark into a conflagration that would consume them both. His eyes were still closed when the rhythm of the heartbeat sped, when his lips were captured by Les's mouth in a firm kiss.
He kept them closed when he parted his lips, when Les swept his tongue inside, when heat melted away the vestiges of uncertainty and replaced them with passion. Tobias opened his heart and mind and melted into Les's embrace, reveling in the touch and scent of the man he loved.
When Les pulled away to press his lips to the smooth skin of Tobias's jaw, Tobias moaned softly. "I missed you, my love."
"Missed you, so much." Les licked along his jaw, up to the fine delicate shell of his ear, a searing path of sensation setting Tobias atremble as his cock stirred to life. Les bit the fragile ear lobe, breathed hotly across the delicate hairs, then sucked. Tobias shuddered, and arched, bringing their groins together.
"Oh, yes. Toby, I need you now."
He was all for that. The answer to his question was almost certain, so he could delay. "I need, too. Les." Their hands were rough, clumsy, and the shedding of garments was no graceful thing, but Tobias felt only pleasure at every careless touch from Les's hands, at every accidental contact that stripped them both of their clothes.
And when he was at last stretched out naked, breathing heavily, across the long break room table, he could finally take a moment to study Les's thin body. He'd aged, ti was true, but his form was still very similar to the young man that Tobias had last seen him as. Fine muscles, taut abdomen, sparse white chest hair, arrowing down in a tiny sparkling trail to a fine cock, long and thick above plump, tight balls.
Pale and lovely with a faint rosy hue, Les's cock glistened with droplets of pre-cum and Tobias whimpered, spreading his thighs and beckoning his love forward. "Come to me, Les."
And then he was there, in the place that had ached for him in the long years apart, rubbing the tiny opening with spit slick fingers before pushing slowly in. Catching a tight breath, Tobias forced himself to relax, to remember the hot pleasure of this act that would follow the sting of pain.
Les stilled, staring down at him in wonder and Tobias nodded. He focused his attention and bore down, facilitating the inward slide of his lover's prick. When Les tugged him close, and wrapped his thighs around his waist, Tobias felt him full and deep and shuddered anew.
They remained, thus wrapped about each other, gazing into one another's eyes for long moments, and Tobias didn't need the magic of his people to feel the things that flowed between them were more than bodily passion and desire.
When Les's hand closed over Tobias's prick, stroked him from root to tip and back, spreading the slick fluid that seeped from his tip, he groaned. Each gentle thrust sent him flying higher, each stroke of Les's fist pushed him further, until he couldn't hold back the explosion of sensation any longer.
His body tensed, clenching around Les's prick, as he froze in place, heat pooling then rushing outward as orgasm overcame him. Les shuddered, jerked, and his insides were bathed in warmth that soothed the faint burn of possession.
Les recovered himself, raised him up and held him in a tight embrace as their breathing slowed to normal again.
It was time. Time to ask the question again, the one he'd been yanked away from Les before he could get his answer to thirty years before. "Will you come to the North Pole with me Les, and be mine for all eternity?"
Nodding solemnly, Les replied, "I will. But you should know," A troubled frown crossed his lover's face. "Humans don't live for all eternity, Tobias. I see you here today, looking as young and fit as when we last met, thirty years ago, and you have to know that I'm fifty-two years old, Tobias. I'm not young any more. We can have thirty years or so together. It's a long time, and I'll treasure every moment, but it's not going to be eternity."
Tobias chuckled. "Did you think I've wasted my years away? I've spent my time well, petitioning on your behalf. Santa is agreed, that if you come to the North Pole with me, of your own free will, he will extend to you the rights and privileges that are mine by birth. If you accept a collar, you will be granted life everlasting, as long as you remain in service to his cause."
Les tilted his head to the side, studied Tobias with those bright blue eyes. "You didn't mention that before. I'm not sure I understand you."
"You would be mine, my mate and together we would work for Santa."
"Listening to the children in shopping malls?"
"You would likely start there, yes. I'll have a different assignment, but the point is that we will be together, and for most of the year, there is very little to do but love one another."
"It's enough, isn't it? Loving one another?"
"It's everything."
 The End...

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