Take A LOOK at the Backlist: Loving Jacob

Look! A Writing Challenge!
 This is revised from a challenge that was circulating in 2012. 
The Rules are:
 Find the word LOOK in one of your back list books, and then post the three paragraphs surrounding it. Post your favorite three, the ones that are most intriguing and then tag three other authors who might like to share their back-list

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"Well, that's all I'm offering. Take it or leave it." Malcolm drew his hand down the length of his cock, which had pulsed to aching life during that elevator trip. Jacob wore light spicy citrus cologne that seemed to linger in Malcolm's nostrils long after any encounter between them had ended, and being in the elevator with the sexy younger man had a predictable effect on his dick.
"Look, I'm very busy. I have a few minutes for you now, but..." He let his arousal-roughened voice trail off, waiting to see if Jacob took the bait. Jacob's purple eyes locked on his hand gliding up and down, pressing against his throbbing cock behind the zipper of the black dress pants he wore. That gaze was an added caress that fired his blood even hotter, and he swore softly. "Fuck. You want it. I can see it in your eyes, feel it in you every time you come near me."
Jacob licked his lips, but remained silent. Malcolm flipped open the button of his pants and began lowering the zipper carefully. The metallic clink of the zipper filled the spaces between their harsh breaths. He spoke harshly. "I have a meeting with a client in ten minutes. I need to take care of this. You can watch, or you can help; take your pick."

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