Loving Jacob: Excerpt

Releasing Nov 4


Malcolm gritted his teeth and reminded himself that an office fling with a man who had to be at least ten years his junior was out of the question. He and Penny had long since relinquished any pretense of monogamy in their marriage and reached an amicable agreement to conduct their affairs discreetly out of respect for their son and their friendship. Fucking purple-eyed twinks in the elevator at work? Not discreet.
He kept his gaze focused on the gleaming silver metal of the doors as the elevator made its excruciatingly slow way up to the third floor. His glance flicked to the reflection beside his. The younger man stood casually, shoulders propped against the wall, licking pink lips. His purple gaze in the hazy reflection was focused…fuck…on Malcolm's obvious erection beneath his dark dress pants. Discretion. Discretion. He snarled at his libido. There will be no casual hookups with people from the office, he warned his eager cock. He shifted to the side slightly, hoping to hide the evidence of his arousal from the other man. Damn it. That kid had the sexiest eyes he'd ever seen. He wanted like hell to see them glaze over as he fucked the tight ass hinted at by the khaki pants he wore. He didn't go much for the intimacy of face-to-face encounters, but for the sight of those eyes and that mouth in the throes of orgasm, he'd make an exception. His tendency toward quick casual encounters disguised his preference for male partners and kept word of his homosexuality from getting back to his parents, his partners in the firm, and out to the public.
A law office, like any other place of business, was a microcosm of the world at large. Malcolm knew from being on the receiving end of gossip from his secretary Marge that every action and interaction between employees was fodder for the gossip mill. Being the subject of water cooler gossip lacked appeal and offended his sense of dignity, as did the knowledge that he apparently couldn't control his urges around the tech guy.
He threw in the towel and gave up the fight against his attraction to the young man from the technology department. Malcolm caught that sultry purple gaze on his cock for what must have been the hundredth time. The slight young man brushed against him in an intentional teasing slide while he tried to exit the elevator on the second floor.
Impulsively, Malcolm grabbed Jacob's hand and pulled him back inside the otherwise-empty space. He kept that small, soft hand locked in his own as he allowed the heavy metal doors to slam shut and the elevator to rise to his own floor. There he slapped his palm against the button that prevented the doors from opening. He'd had all the titillation he could stand. Malcolm swept the young man into his embrace. He tilted Jacob's head upward with one hand and dropped his mouth passionately, almost brutally, to kiss the other man. His other hand tangled in the black curls that had taunted his senses over the past weeks. He forced the soft pink lips apart, then swept his tongue inside. Instantly he was absorbed in the heated, slick haven of Jacob's mouth. The honeyed sweetness drew him further in and his tongue eagerly sought the textures and flavors that had been hidden there. Fuck. He could drown in the wet heat he found behind those soft lips. It was addictive. Jacob didn't even try to escape the kiss; in fact, he seemed to be doing his best to encourage it. He brushed his tongue against Malcolm's, sweeping it gently along the roof of his mouth, seeking and finding the sweetest spots. Both men were panting heavily when they separated.


Punctuation for All

What are your commas up to when you aren't around?

Flash Fiction Friday: It's Like That

It's Like That

He's gorgeous and such an asshole. Out of bed, I hate him. Why does he have to do this to me? I'd prefer any other man, but I can't resist this one.
I light my cigarette and blow a cloud. He huffs; I ignore it.  I fucking smoke.  He wears that wig. We're both flawed.
"I won't be here next week." I see his pout in the mirror, perfectly made up lips contorted in a disgusted moue.
            "You don't mean that." He looks over with a mocking smirk. His hand creeps under the sheet, inches down.  He knows I’m lying

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Crawl into Bed with Cassandra Dayne and a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
1000 thread cotton

What are you wearing?
Red silk nightie from Victoria’s secret

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Apples and sharp cheddar cheese

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
Lots of toys that come in discrete brown packages

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night? Kick the covers off

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
And everything else…

What are we reading? 

Cassandre Dayne

When two rough-hewn men hunger for a new life – who’s going to be in charge?


Cole Stevens was an angry man. Being fired from the job he loved, he was only able to find work bartending at the Flamingo Rustler. And the experience left him hungry and in need of taking down a man, sexually that is. When Ryker Marks saved a sassy waitress from a badass group of bikers, Cole was intrigued. The sexy six foot seven man had a rough-hewn demeanor and a body that killed. In the dimness of Lucifer’s Lair, the man cave nestled inside the bar, Cole knew he had to have a taste of Ryker and a sinful plan was born.

Ryker was in town as a respite for his ailing soul. After his fiancé pushed him aside for a stranger, he left his company in the hands of his employees and took a long drive on his Harley. After meeting Cole and realizing he was tired of hiding behind lies, he took a chance with the stunning slice of chocolate and a power struggle for complete domination ensued.

But in a series of betrayals, both men had to face their demons or one of them would be destroyed. As both Ryker and Cole travelled long and treacherous paths, neither knew the truth about the other. Could their relationship survive the deceit or would an unknown accomplice take them both down?




Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Pubit, Bookstrand and Coffee Time Romance 


Crawling into Bed With DC Juris and a Good Book

Crawling Into Bed With DC Juris and a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton? 

They're cotton, actually, but only because I haven't gotten around to going online to buy silk ones. I do prefer silk.

What are you wearing?

::grins:: Boxer briefs and a tank top.

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight? 

Ew! No snacking in my bed. Snacking leads to crumbs.

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

The top one has a notebook, some ChapStick and other random crap I throw in. The second one has mittens and socks. The bottom on is empty. ::shrugs:: All the good stuff is over in the BDSM cabinet!

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?

Both. Depends on how cold it is. I prefer the room to be down right freezing all year round, so on those nights, I'm a burrito. But if I can't get the right temperature, I'll definitely kick them off.

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

Hell no! LOL :-P

What are we reading? We're reading "Relearning the Ropes." It's my newest little BDSM tale.


When his good friend Julius dies unexpectedly, Marcus finds himself saddled with a new submissive–Charlie. But Charlie comes with a history, and more pain and need than Marcus has ever encountered. Marcus knows he loves Charlie, and Charlie loves him, but Marcus must set aside his old theories about BDSM and relearn the ropes if he wants to be the Dom—and the lover—they both need.


Charlie pushed his breakfast around on his plate, tapping his fork against the edge of the white china and frowning.

"Is there a problem with your eggs?" Marcus asked. He’d followed Julius’s recipe exactly, right down to the Roma tomatoes and fresh parsley. Since Julius’s death, Marcus had tried hard to keep life normal for Charlie—to show him that nothing had changed. God knew Charlie had been abandoned—physically and emotionally—too much in his life. The fact that Marcus and Julius were polar opposites when it came to how they treated their subs had been jarring enough.

Marcus had painstakingly cataloged the contents of Julius’s food cupboard and stocked his own with the same items, going across town for some things. He had even gone so far as to bring some of Julius’s art pieces to his house so Charlie would have something familiar to look at, though he had to admit, he hated the brightly colored, chaotic abstract pieces. Although more than a few other Doms had warned Marcus that keeping things status quo was the wrong tactic.

"No." Charlie shook his head quickly. "They’re perfect. Thank you for cooking them."

Marcus nodded. Cooking. Another thing he’d had to learn. They’d realized quickly that, unlike Marcus, Charlie’s temperamental stomach simply couldn’t handle eating out for every meal. If Marcus didn’t want Charlie to starve, one of them needed to cook, and Charlie was far too timid and scatterbrained in the kitchen.

"May I speak to you man-to-man, not sub to Dom for a minute, please?" Charlie asked.

Man-to-man. A phrase Charlie had picked up from Julius. "You may."

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New Cover Art: The Librarian

Here's the beautiful new cover Staci Perkins designed for my January Release, The Librarian

Valentine Michaels has just taken a vow of celibacy. Adrian Grey intends to take full advantage of that vow to recreate his relationship with Val.

Val is at a crossroads in his life. A college dropout, he’s gone as far as he can in his career as a cosmetologist, owning his own style salon. He no longer finds satisfaction in it though he's put years into proving to his bigoted parents that a college degree and the veneer of straightness aren't the only roads to success. They'd turned their backs on him, and he proved he didn't need them to make it.
His love life is no better than his working life. His relationships always start with a bang and fizzle into boredom, or worse, anger.
Adrian has his own agenda for helping Val: he’s been in love with Val since they were freshmen. The intervening years of listening to Val’s gossip about his lovers and relationships have taught Adrian just what it was he did wrong all those years ago, and he thinks this time around he now knows exactly how to get, and keep, his man.

Be Yourself

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955