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Be careful what you ask for.
"I’m tired of being taken for granted. I think we need to spend time apart."
Student and aspiring chef Zeke Benedetti feels left out and ignored. The last thing he expected his first boyfriend Gabe Woodbury to do was take him up on his petulant ultimatum.
Zeke only expected to shake things up, open a dialogue, get to know Gabe a little better. Instead, Gabe's blasé, “Okay, Zeke, whatever you want,” leaves him feeling unappreciated.
Miserable and alone, on the verge of begging his lover to take him back, Zeke’s pride—and a secret admirer—throw all his plans up in the air.

TGIF! Friday Extended Excerpt: His Admirer

Welcome Back Readers! I'm incredibly excited to announce my newest M/M Contemporary Release!
It's perfect timing for Extended Excerpt Friday!
Here's an introduction to His Admirer, which began life as a prompt story on my blog, courtesy of The Story Orgy, back in 2011!
You can purchase this from Amazon or All Romance

His Admirer

Chapter One

"Battle: Salmon!" Kenji Fukui had just announced the ingredient in the first ever Iron Chef battle, when the familiar yet unexpected rap came on my door. Typically, my traitorous heart pounded and anticipation stirred. It had to be Gabe, with that silly patterned knock.
I jumped off the couch and smiled weakly at my sister. "Um…"
She frowned at me. "Zeke? Is that him? I thought we were gonna hang out tonight?"
Mindy and I were hardly dressed for company. She'd been home all summer, and we'd scarce spent any time together. Tonight was supposed to be for us, we planned to loaf around at home all evening with back to back episodes of our favorite campy television program, watching the judges gush over fish gut ice cream, while eating Ben and Jerry's by the tub.
We'd planned, plotted, and finagled for this night of twin bonding. Why the hell was Gabe banging on our door?
"Yeah. It's him. I…"
She waved a spoonful of Chunky Monkey in my direction. "Go. See what he wants, but if you're not back in before the end of the show, I'm going to eat the Chubby Hubby, too."
Mindy was great like that. "Thanks, Mindy. I swear, I did not double book on this night." The little excited pitter patter of my heart wouldn't let me be too mad at Gabe though. He was a busy guy, and I didn’t see him as often as I'd like. The habit he'd developed lately of dropping by without notice, though, bothered me. On the one hand, I considered as I strolled to the front door, it meant he was comfortable and happy in our relationship, which I had to see as a plus.
On the other, expecting me to be home and available without notice struck me as taking advantage. I didn't care for that at all.
I pulled open the front door and was assaulted by two completely different types of heat.
One was due to the late evening humidity and the high temperatures, but the other was all Gabe.
Tall, broad shouldered, thickly muscled, with his brilliant light blue eyes and, ummm, the scent of hard work clinging to him. The quirky little grin on his lips told me he'd noted my interest.
"Hey," I forced the words past my suddenly dry mouth. A drop of sweat beaded on his brow and I watched it trickle down his temple and into the faint stubble of his jaw.
"Hey, yourself." Gabe leaned forward and my vision blurred as he kissed me. I might have fallen on my ass if he hadn't held me up with his arm around my waist.
When did that happen? I chased his lips for another kiss, savoring the taste of man and mint and the mingled odors of outdoors and wood and sweat that comprised Gabe. No fancy cologne had ever done it for me like the natural smells that clung to Gabe after a day of work.
"Did, um…" My voice faded as he shifted his focus to nibble at my neck, tugging aside the neckline of my Dolce and Gabbana tee. It felt so damn good, the nip and suck of his mouth along my collarbone that I couldn’t even bring myself to protest the potential ruination of my favorite designer wear. Closing my eyes, I let the sensations sweep through me, the rough caress of his stubbled jaw on my skin, the slick glide of his tongue.
"Zeke? I’m opening the Chubby Hubby!" Mindy hollered from the back of the house, breaking the fog of lust that had begun to drown me. I pushed gently against Gabe's chest, shivering a little as the muscles bunched under my touch. He pulled back and smiled down at me, lips glistening, tempting me to toss aside the night I'd planned and dive right back into his mouth and the passionate interlude it promised.
"Did we have plans?" Was that my voice, so deep and husky? If I could sound like that all the time, I'd be a radio DJ, not an aspiring chef.
"No, I finished up an installation at your neighbor around the block's place and thought I'd stop by on the off chance that you'd be here. When I saw the car in the drive, I figured I'd stop."
I was mesmerized by the drops of water gliding down his nose and cheeks, by the flush on his skin and the sparkle in his eye. That was the only excuse I could think of for what happened next. Blinded by lust. "Come in. Mindy's here, but we can go to my room."
The door swung shut behind him, and he spun me around against the wall for another kiss. I couldn't help arching up into him, grinding my cock against his thigh in search of a little relief from the ache of need that had blossomed with the first sight of him.
"He gone now?" Mindy shouted again.
"Am I interrupting?" Gabe whispered against my lips.
I jerked back to reality with a crash. Gabe stared at me, a little frown between his brows. I rubbed it away with my thumb. "No," I called back. "You got your pants on? We're coming back there."
I grabbed Gabe's hand and half dragged him down the hall to the family room. "We were just cuddled up back here eating ice cream and watching some Iron Chef," I explained.
"Okay." He accepted my assertion, but how would Mindy react?
She gave me a telling frown when I dragged Gabe into the room behind me. "Hey, Min. You don't mind if Gabe joins us, do you?"
The frown vanished to be replaced by a polite smile. "No, come on in." Mindy swung her bare legs off the couch and dropped the Chunky Monkey container on the coffee table. "In fact, since you're here to keep my baby brother company, I think I'll just go on back to my room and make a few phone calls."
"You don't have to do that, Mindy," I protested. "We only have a few weeks left before you go back."
She did that thing I hate where she flips her hair over her shoulder and acts dumb. "Yeah, but I’ve got to call some people up there and make sure everything is set for my apartment in the fall."
Having stripped off his T-shirt, Gabe slipped into the nest of blankets on the sofa and held an arm out to me. Mindy rolled her eyes and flounced down the hall. I let go of my disappointment at Mindy's exit and climbed into his lap. Tugging a blanket over us. Strangely enough, my parents insisted on running the air conditioning at a consistent seventy-two degrees all summer long, so no matter how hot it was outside, I always felt a bit of a chill inside. My pop said it was more economical, and he wasn't one to take into consideration the fact that I was freezing half the time, so I wore flannel pajama pants and a T-shirt for this lounge night.
"What are you watching?" Gabe was staring at the television with an expression of something akin to horror.
I glanced at the screen, where Morimoto was hacking the head off a huge salmon. "Classic Iron Chef. It's fantastic. Have you ever seen it? They make all this really beautiful food using parts of the ingredient that we'd never use in America."
Seeing his lack of enthusiasm, I shrugged and settled myself closer against him. "It's DVR'ed. If you want to watch something else, the remote is on the table behind you. I've seen this a million times anyway."
His sigh of relief jostled me as I rested my cheek against his chest. When Gabe stretched back to reach behind for the remote, I nuzzled his arm pit, soaking up the scents of him, feeling my senses reel with the intensity of his presence. I blew out a breath, and he jerked, grabbing my ass with one hand.
"That tickles!"
"I know." I licked a stripe down from his pit to his nipple and set about amusing myself as he switched the channel to something that sounded like football. The tangy salt of sweat and the underlying flavor of soap and Gabe's skin enticed me to continue.
Strong fingers combed through my hair, holding me in place as I took a lick of a taut brown nipple.
Sighing, Gabe pushed me closer, and I knew what he wanted. I sucked the nub into my mouth, flicked it with my tongue until his fingers clenched and he groaned. "Your sister?"
"She's not going to come back out here. That was her not so subtle way of telling me to get some when she left earlier." I tipped back and dragged my tongue up his Adam's apple, over his chin to settle my mouth against his again.
I licked and nibbled and teased until he took over the kiss, pressuring my mouth apart, crushing our lips together so he could plunge his tongue to the depths of my mouth. I sucked his tongue, rubbed against it with my own. We strained together, until I slowly became aware that I was humping against him furiously. Cock creating a wet spot on my pj's, lungs practically burning from lack of oxygen.
It was my turn to pull back, and he nearly refused to let me.
"Wait." I pushed upright, so I sat astride his lean hips. Thrusting up, he brushed the ridge of his cock, straining at the zip of his jeans, against my crease. "Yeah, I want that," I murmured, pulling my T-shirt up over my head and tossing it to the side. "But I don't have anything in here."
His eyes nearly crossed, and his grip on my hips tightened. "We can go to your room, or you can lift off me so I can get my wallet out."

Chapter Two

I opted for the fastest means to getting fucked, which as it turned out, required me to move. I crab walked backward and scooched my flannel pants off. It was flattering in the extreme that he couldn't seem to take his eyes off me while he fumbled his jeans down and retrieved a distressed leather wallet from the back pocket.
Leaning back against the arm of the couch in my nest of blankets, I spread my thighs, propping one up over the back of the couch and bracing my other foot on the floor, so he could get a really good view.
I stroked my cock and enjoyed the show as my muscular boyfriend stripped away his boxers and kicked aside the flip flops he wore. His tongue flickered over his lips, his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed. I imagined I could hear the thrum of blood matching mine, the beat of his heart setting a rhythm.
Leaving his jeans, shirt, and underwear in a tangle, Gabe opened the wallet and extracted a condom and a packet of lube. In other circumstances, with another guy, I might have been annoyed by the arrogance, the presumption that he'd get lucky.
With Gabe I was just glad he was prepared and I told him so. "I want you now."
He ripped open the packet and rolled on the condom, then he was suddenly there, big and bold, between my legs, kissing me breathless again until the thundering of my heart and the rush of blood was the only thing I could hear.
He pushed my hand out of the way and his slick fingers trailed down my body, burrowing under my balls and scraping, sensitizing the skin as he worked his way down to the pucker of my ass. I groaned and pushed into his touch, his skin was coarse from all the work he did with his hands, and those callouses and patches of rough skin made for an incredible variety of sensations as he tended to making me ready.
The muscles gave under the consistency of his rubbing, the tissue softening, and on a gasp of breath, his finger slipped inside. I rocked into him, wanting more. "Hurry," I gasped out as he brushed his finger over my gland sending a jolt of electric sensation shivering through me.
"Not, yet," he gritted out between clenched teeth. He withdrew his thrusting finger and added a second one before pushing back in.
"Fuck!" I muffled the shout in the blanket, biting down as I strained into his touch.
He pulled his fingers out and lifted me, hand cupped beneath my buttocks as he guided his sheathed cock to my hole with other. "Yes," he groaned as the ring of muscle stretched and allowed him entry.
He felt huge, filling me so completely as he slid deeper, finally coming to rest. He stopped there, fully embedded while I caught my breath and adjusted to the invasion. No matter how often we did this, it always felt new, overwhelmingly, suffocatingly intense when he was buried so deeply inside me that I could swear I felt his dick nudging against my heart. "Now," I pleaded as the sensation of fullness gave way to a need for more.
He heeded my demand, began moving in and out, at first slowly, then harder and deeper as I rocked up into his movements. Tension tightened my limbs, what started out as smooth practiced rhythm devolved into jerky movements and nearly sobbed breaths as I struggled to draw air into lungs that burned with effort.
His hand closed on my cock, stroked it with the perfect pressure, thumb rubbing over the leaking tip, smearing pre-cum down my length to slicken the touch, digging into the soft head, squeezing me tight in a demanding fist until I froze, muscles clenched as fire ripped through me. The blast of seed hit high on my chest, the second filled my belly button, the third trickled over his stroking hand that never stopped moving until I was flinching away from his touch on oversensitized skin.
"What do I do with this?" he drawled, voice raw and satisfied.
And then I became aware that the world still turned, that he'd stopped moving and withdrawn from my body while I was lost in the fog of pleasure. "In the corner under the desk." I dragged myself together, retrieving one limb from the floor and the other from the sofa back. My muscles protested, settling into place. Some stretches weren't quite covered in a workout.
What had been thrilling and sexy as hot aromatic cum was cooling and turning into sticky itchy goo pulling at my chest hair. Reluctantly I stood and looked around for the red plaid of my flannel pants. I found them draped over the coffee table, one leg in a melting tub of Chunky Monkey. Sighing, I pulled on my pajama pants. "I'm going to clean up. Be right back."
Gabe smiled vaguely at me and grabbed for his own jeans.
I ducked into the guest bathroom and washed up with a clean damp washcloth. I'd take a shower, but somehow, leaving Gabe alone in my living room post coitus felt wrong. I took the cloth and my soiled pajamas into my own room, because there are some things my mother just doesn't need to find in the laundry, and swiftly dressed in cargo shorts and a clean T-shirt.
By the time I arrived in the living room, Gabe had cleaned up the mess, tossed out the melted ice cream, and folded the rest of my clothes. The sight of him, sitting in the La-Z-Boy arm chair we all pitched in to buy my dad for father's day, watching television, pissed me off.
Don't ask me why. I had been looking forward to cuddling blissfully on the sofa with him, but it shouldn’t have been that big a deal. Something inside me snapped, and anger heated my cheeks. I stalked into the room and grabbed the remote from his hand.
I was practically shaking with rage when I stood in front of him. "I'm tired of being taken for granted."
His gaze jerked to me from the television and back. I felt a momentary satisfaction. He looked stunned, but the expression disappeared so quickly I wasn't sure I'd seen it.
"I think we need to spend some time apart."
His gaze didn't waver from the television screen, though his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed. "Okay, Zeke, whatever you want."
I waited for a moment, but when he didn't say anything else, I clicked the television off and flung the remote on the sofa. "Let yourself out, why don't you?"
I knew as I stormed down the hall to my room that whatever had just happened didn't make any sense. I tried to reason with myself, but all I ended up doing was listing a litany of Gabe's offenses and convincing myself that I was better off alone than with a boyfriend who took me for granted.
And that was how fast a beautiful relationship could go to shit.


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WIP Wednesday- Stealing a glimpse of Loving Bailey

Here's another little peek at my September release, 
Loving Bailey! Still in the edit process, at the moment, 
so please forgive any errors you might find! 

The almost exuberant bubble of future happiness was nearly impossible to contain. Bailey couldn't resist sneaking kisses and caresses as Ashton piloted his car through the afternoon traffic to Bailey's house...his dad's house, since in just a few days his house would officially be Ashton's house. His boyfriend was mellow and amused, and refrained from scolding him for his inappropriate touches until his hand grazed Ashton's erect cock, trapped behind a straining zipper, causing him to inhale sharply and step a little too hard on the break at the intersection.
Even the mild frown that garnered couldn't dim his happiness.
In less than a week, they would be together in every way.
Smilingly unrepentantly, he withdrew his hand, stroking down the smooth denim covered thigh until his had rested on Ashton's knee. Ashton grunted in approval and the car swung around the corner smoothly. They were just a few blocks from the house when the first tiny doubt sank in. Would his Dad approve?
He opened his mouth to say something, but then decided he was being silly. His dad had Eden, and the gap between Eden's twenty-seven and his Dad's forty-seven, was way more than the gap between his own twenty-one and Ashton's thirty –six. There was no point in bringing up something that Ashton had used in the early days of their relationship to keep them apart.
Instead he smiled confidently at Ashton as the car was tooled carefully into a parking space at the curb several houses down from his dad's place. "This is going to be great."
The indulgent smile on Ashton's lips didn't quite match the banked lust in his eyes. "I’m looking forward to meeting your family."
Bailey leaned close over the console and kissed his chin, savoring the faint bristle that left his lips tingling. "They'll all be here. Dad, my brother, Eden. Everyone."
"I've been looking forward to meeting Eden again." A grim note in Ashton's voice  brought Bailey's gaze flashing to his face. "Oh, no need to look so concerned. I won't hurt him. I've been waiting years now to tell him what I thought about his callousness in breaking your heart." He tipped Bailey's head in his direction with a fingertip, brushed his lips lightly across his mouth. "Or I could thank him, since that incident brought us together."
Bailey withdrew slightly, a troubled frown on his brown. "He didn't ever do anything to lead me on, you know. It was just my crush. My own stupid fascination with who I thought he was. I'd really rather you didn't tell him off, since I ended up with him as a friend and you as..." 

This story is the sequel to Loving Eden, and follows the characters Bailey Harris and Ashton Duval. While it can be read as a stand alone, it does refer to some incidents from the first book. 

Loving Eden is available at Amazon, All Romance, and Breathless Press 

Be Yourself

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955