Best Seller Status!

Whoot! Many thanks to all the readers out there! 

His Admirer has reached #37 on the ARE sitewide list. 

Be careful what you ask for.
"I’m tired of being taken for granted. I think we need to spend time apart."
Student and aspiring chef Zeke Benedetti feels left out and ignored. The last thing he expected his first boyfriend Gabe Woodbury to do was take him up on his petulant ultimatum.
Zeke only expected to shake things up, open a dialogue, get to know Gabe a little better. Instead, Gabe's blasé, “Okay, Zeke, whatever you want,” leaves him feeling unappreciated.
Miserable and alone, on the verge of begging his lover to take him back, Zeke’s pride—and a secret admirer—throw all his plans up in the air.

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