Happy Anniversary to Breathless Press!

Once Again It's Birthday Month 

And this year, it's a doozy! 

Check out these great prizes being offered! 

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Tour for Breathless Press in honor of their fourth anniversary. The tour will run August 5 - 30, 2013 and will have 17 authors available for interviews (assigned to dates as indicated below).

Breathless Press will be giving away the following prizes to randomly drawn commenters during the tour:

Grand Prize: 1 Kindle Fire
Second Prize: $25.00 Gift Card for Breathless Press
Third Prize: $10.00 Gift Card for Breathless Press
Fourth Prize: 10 x $5.00 Gift Cards for Breathless Press (individual gift cards, 1 per person)

Look for Guest Appearances by your favorite Breathless Press Authors! 

(I've taken the liberty of highlighting a few that migth be of interest to m/m readers) 

August 5: Téa Cooper (Sweet Romance):
August 6: DD Symms (Romance):
August 6: Raven McAllan (Hot historical romance):
August 7: Leona Bushman (Paranormal, Erotic romance):
August 8: Rebekah Lewis (Paranormal, Erotic romance):
August 8: Zara Stoneley (Erotic romance):
August 9: Carrie Pulkinen (Paranormal romance):
August 12: Lee Brazil (M/M Romance):
August 13: Sally Max (Paranormal):
August 14: DC Juris (M/M Romance):
August 15: Dianne Hartsock (M/M Romance):
August 16: Gayl Taylor (Erotic):
August 19: Havan Fellows (M/M):
August 20: Raven McAllan (Hot historical romance):
August 21: Zara Stoneley (Erotic romance):
August 22: Ann B Harrison (Romance):
August 23: Casey Sheridan (Erotic):
August 26: Melody Kiss (Erotic):
August 27: Shelli Rosewarne (Romance):
August 28: DD Symms (Romance):
August 29: Victoria Miller (Cover Artist):
August 29: Ann B Harrison (Romance):
August 30: Carrie Pulkinen (Paranormal romance):
August 30: Dianne Hartsock (M/M Romance):

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