WIP Wednesday- Stealing a glimpse of Loving Bailey

Here's another little peek at my September release, 
Loving Bailey! Still in the edit process, at the moment, 
so please forgive any errors you might find! 

The almost exuberant bubble of future happiness was nearly impossible to contain. Bailey couldn't resist sneaking kisses and caresses as Ashton piloted his car through the afternoon traffic to Bailey's house...his dad's house, since in just a few days his house would officially be Ashton's house. His boyfriend was mellow and amused, and refrained from scolding him for his inappropriate touches until his hand grazed Ashton's erect cock, trapped behind a straining zipper, causing him to inhale sharply and step a little too hard on the break at the intersection.
Even the mild frown that garnered couldn't dim his happiness.
In less than a week, they would be together in every way.
Smilingly unrepentantly, he withdrew his hand, stroking down the smooth denim covered thigh until his had rested on Ashton's knee. Ashton grunted in approval and the car swung around the corner smoothly. They were just a few blocks from the house when the first tiny doubt sank in. Would his Dad approve?
He opened his mouth to say something, but then decided he was being silly. His dad had Eden, and the gap between Eden's twenty-seven and his Dad's forty-seven, was way more than the gap between his own twenty-one and Ashton's thirty –six. There was no point in bringing up something that Ashton had used in the early days of their relationship to keep them apart.
Instead he smiled confidently at Ashton as the car was tooled carefully into a parking space at the curb several houses down from his dad's place. "This is going to be great."
The indulgent smile on Ashton's lips didn't quite match the banked lust in his eyes. "I’m looking forward to meeting your family."
Bailey leaned close over the console and kissed his chin, savoring the faint bristle that left his lips tingling. "They'll all be here. Dad, my brother, Eden. Everyone."
"I've been looking forward to meeting Eden again." A grim note in Ashton's voice  brought Bailey's gaze flashing to his face. "Oh, no need to look so concerned. I won't hurt him. I've been waiting years now to tell him what I thought about his callousness in breaking your heart." He tipped Bailey's head in his direction with a fingertip, brushed his lips lightly across his mouth. "Or I could thank him, since that incident brought us together."
Bailey withdrew slightly, a troubled frown on his brown. "He didn't ever do anything to lead me on, you know. It was just my crush. My own stupid fascination with who I thought he was. I'd really rather you didn't tell him off, since I ended up with him as a friend and you as..." 

This story is the sequel to Loving Eden, and follows the characters Bailey Harris and Ashton Duval. While it can be read as a stand alone, it does refer to some incidents from the first book. 

Loving Eden is available at Amazon, All Romance, and Breathless Press 

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