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The Park at Sunrise

First they were three, now there are two.  
Can Jason and Morgan make a relationship work without Paul?
For years the three of them had been inseparable, first as friends, then lovers. It's been ten years since they parted for what was supposed to be a year apart to pursue their dreams.   This isn't the reunion they planned then.  It's nine years too late for one thing, and they are one man short for another.
In the years since Paul's death, Morgan hasn't exactly been waiting for Jason to reach out to him.    He's been too busy trying to forget, to move on.  Until Jason sends the right message. Is the painting just an excuse to see his ex again?

Excerpt —
"I see you're dressed for the weather as always, Morgan." Jason's voice was husky, hesitant.
A pair of black knit gloves landing in my lap tipped me over that edge from making a snide remark to throwing an uncalled for hissy fit.
My jaw clenched tightly. Screw breathing deeply. I yanked the cap from my head, pulling long strands of black hair from the band at my neck, and winced at the tiny pain. I flung the cap to the ground in front of us and looked up the black denim clad legs to the black pea coat and beyond. My mouth opened to swear, but no sound came out. The hissy fit drained away to something else entirely. My pulse still raced, but for an entirely different reason.
How fair was that? How fucking fair was it that after ten years apart, my hair showed silvery streaks and my face showed my age, but Jason was still the slender boyish youth of years gone by? Yeah, he'd shaved the dirty blond dreadlocks. Those wire rim glasses were new, but he appeared as youthful and vibrant, untouched by life, alive as he had when we'd all parted years ago to make those sunrise dreams reality. His black jeans had the tell tale smudges of paint, and I'd be willing to bet that underneath those leather driving gloves lurked more paint.
This wasn't the reunion we planned then. It was nine years too late, for one thing. We were one man short for another.
The bench creaked as he perched next to me on the top slat, and instinctively I grabbed his knee to anchor both of us so we wouldn't topple backward. His hand covered mine before I could jerk it away and he refused to relinquish it when I tugged. I gave in with ill grace. Jason’s touch stirred physical responses I’d rather not experience.

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Flash Fiction Friday: He's Dead, Jim

Flash Fiction Friday
November 25

A Reason to be Thankful

He's Dead, Jim

Corey was gone.  The others paced, shocked. "What happened?"
"Tell me." I caught Gabriel by the arm. He stumbled, his hand a cold grasp on my arm seeking balance.
"Drew and I were ... and we wanted him with us. Came down here... and..." A tear slid from the corner of his eye.
"He hated us together, that much?" Drew's voice was shaky, thick.
"Like he'd think fucking was worth dying? Did you even know Corey?"
"What are you saying?"
"I say bullshit. Who cleaned the mess? Is that fucking Latin?"
"I did. It is."
Ice trickled through my veins.

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Crawl in Bed With Allison Cassatta

Crawl in Bed With Allison Cassatta

*crawls across bed* Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Egyptian Cotton… 500 thread count because they have that pretty sheen to them.

Very pretty sheen it is too.  Mmm. What are you wearing?
It’s cold, so unless you’re going to cuddle with me, my fuzzy Grinch bottoms and my University of Tennessee hoodie. Now, we can start a fire and cuddle, then I’ll start to strip for you!

I'd be happy to cuddle with you, but I'm going ot keep my flannel on, if you don't mind.  You go ahead and do what you gotta do, though.  What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Strawberry Twizzlers. Want one? *Smiles innocently* I just want to watch you play with it.

*Grabs Twizzler*  What makes you think I play with my food?  You havent' been lurking on my wall have you? If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
*Blushes* Seriously? You don’t want to do that. Lee, please don’t play with the wrist shackles.

But, Allie... Havan lets me play with her shackles!  Fine.  *eyes drawer contents* Interesting... Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
At the beginning of the night, I’m a cover hog, but the end of the night, I’ll be rolled up around you like a burrito.

Oh we will so not make it through the night like this.  I'm a cover hog myself.  Here, you take this one, I'll keep the other one. Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
Yeah. I like the tingles I get when cold skin touches hot flesh.

What are we reading?

“From Ashes To Flame”

Two weeks prior, I’d come home from work—the day had been an absolute nightmare—and when I’d walked through our door, Brian had been waiting on bended knee with a single, red rose in his hand. “Marry me, Archer,” he’d said with a contagiously gorgeous grin spread across his handsome face. “I love you, and I want to marry you.”
My hand had scrubbed at the mess of my blond hair and I’d given him a deadpanned look. “Brian, don’t be ridiculous. Same sex marriage isn’t legal here,” I’d said as I’d dropped my leather messenger bag on the kitchen counter. “Come on now, get up. I can’t marry you.”
“We’ll go to Vermont or one of those states.”
“Still won’t be legal,” I’d grumbled as I’d reached in the refrigerator for a bottle of water. “We still won’t have any rights.”
“I don’t care. Let them call it a civil union or domestic partnership. We’ll have a commitment ceremony instead of a wedding. I don’t care. I love you and I want you to be my husband.”
I’d gone to him, cradled his strong chin in my hand and kissed his perfect, pink lips. As I said, the man had always had a way of making me smile. My will had always crumbled when it’d come to him. “I love you too, and it would be an honor to call you my husband.”
He’d jumped to his feet and pulled me into his arms so fast I’d barely had a chance to breathe. His embrace had always been so warm. I’d nestled myself against his chest as he held me close to his body, and that night, we’d made the most amazing love in all of the ten years we’d been together.
He’d kept his arms around me, walked me back to our bedroom and laid me on the bed. Kissing my lips and neck, his fingers had magically removed my shirt. I’d felt a breeze across my bare chest and before too much time had passed, that same breeze had whipped across the tip of my erection. The coolness had made my sac tug with promise while my aroused cock throbbed with excitement.
When I’d finally been able to open my eyes again, when I could finally breathe, I’d looked up at the very naked, very muscular form of the man I’d loved, looking over me.
Candlelight had shimmered against his soft, bronze skin and cast a glow over the silken waves of his perfect hair. Then he’d disappeared. I hadn’t known what the hell to think until I’d felt moist warmth sheathing my erection.
“Oh shit, Brian,” I’d hissed as my fingers had fisted his hair. Licking my dry lips, my eyes had rolled back with my head and I’d arched myself further into his mouth. It hadn’t been too much later his tongue and lips and hands had worked me up and I’d orgasmed. He’d kept his mouth sealed around me, swallowed down every drop.
Wrenching him up by the hair, I’d panted and said, “You. Bed. Now.”


Crawl in Bed With Em Woods

Crawling into Bed With Em Woods
*giggles* and their muses … hehe

Lee - *crawls across bed to rest head on pillows and snuggle*  Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Em- *snuggles down deep, tugs Lee closer* Cotton, for sure. I’m a pushover for softies.
Havan- *watches through the window … grabs James arm*  oh no … are you seeing this?  You were so right – they are up to something without us!  That's so against the rules in the Muse-ship Handbook we wrote for them!
JR- *cringes at the twigs snapping under mine and Havan's boots* Shhh...let's just see what happens. 

Lee- MMMhmmm.... me too.  Warm and soft...hey! Sheets are like hearts... So, what are you wearing?
Em- *lifts covers and peeks under* My Victoria Secret PJ bottoms and a white t-shirt. *looks up at chuckling Lee* What?
Havan- *gasps and whispers*  Your muse is trying to show my muse her goodies!  James – those are your goodies in there!  I've got Lee's goodies out here!  *bites trembling lip*
JR- *whispers back* My muse would never share her goodies. *gasp* Lee's about to flop right outta his pajama bottoms though. *licks lips*  

Lee- Sorry, was I laughing?  I like that you couldn’t remember...I've got my flannel pj's...I might have to ditch the shirt, depending on how hot things are going to get in here.  I mean...how hot your excerpt is, of course. *blushes* What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Em- *gasps* no snacking in bed, Lee! Do you know what kind of crumbs that makes?! Now, if we were snuggled up on the couch, we’d be drinking coffee and snacking on goldfish.  Don’t judge me.
Havan- You keep that shirt on!  humph – I would let him eat anything he wants in my bed!  nanner nanner on the Goddess … ouch! *rubs arm where James slapped it*  I said it with love of course
JR- Let's just assume my muse is concerned about the crunchy things. *thinks about organic garlic dog biscuits* 
Lee- No snacks in bed?  But...sheets are meant to be washed...How about if I clean up the crumbs?  No? welll...okay then.  *looks around* If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

Havan- Oh halibut no – he is NOT going in her drawers!!!  *whines*  James!!!  We have to stop this!  How do you get in?
Em- *blushes* my underwear….and…maybe some lube. *ahem*
JR- *looks over at Havan* What the hell? Did you hear that? Oh, hell no... *sighs heavily with one hand on hip*. This is not gonna happen on my shift.  

Lee- Maybe?  Em- you've been writing erotica for ages- you know there has to be lube in every night stand drawer! Between the couch cushions, under the pillows? *shakes head*  Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
Em- Omigosh…burrito. I freeze!
Havan- My muse is NOT going to be the one keeping you warm!  *pushes James toward window*  go warm her up …
JR- Havan, be careful. Please? *Points* Look! Your muse has that grin on his face. Mm-hhmm. I've seen that look before. He's happier than a tick in a bucket of blood. *slithers through the window and onto the floor*

Lee- Me too.  Dang.  We need some of those toasty warm people I'm always reading about.  *pouts* I forgot my wool socks.  Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
Em- *narrows eyes at Lee*
Havan- Not his feet!  *starts crawling through window chanting*  ME ME ME *falls to floor by bed ... scrambles to stand* … you put yourself on me to warm up!  *stops and looks at my muse and the Goddess staring at James and me* … um … that didn't exactly come out right, maybe?
JR- *narrows eyes at Em*
Em- *grins at my muse, scoots over and holds out hand* My muse! C'mere, darlin'...

Lee- *raises brows* Havan? Were you lurking in the shrubbery? *smiles and pats the bed*  Havan, doll, Muse o'mine,  Em and I are reading together tonight.  Crawl on up here with us and give this story a listen.
Havan- *climbs on bed … maneuvers my muse away from James's muse and crawls on his lap and wraps his arms around me*  ooooh … the Goddess is gonna tell us a story?  Well why didn't you say so?  I know you just lost our invitations to your get together in the snail mail or something, right? *mumbles about putting in those security cameras Jade is always talking about*
JR- *Slips into bed and snuggles up to my muse, flashes a glance at Havan and snickers with a wink* 

Lee- *chuckles*  Well, now I'm sure we'll all be plenty warm.  And, Havan- I'm sure there's things that go on in this room that Em would not want on Jade's cameras.  *hastily adds* Not with me! On to the subject at hand before I get myself in more hot water here.  Sure we can't have some tequila at least in here Em?
Em- *shakes head* Nada. Sorry.
Lee- No? Well, in that case... What are we reading?
Em- Aside from Hank Edwards’ Fluffers Inc and Stephanie Hecht’s The Lost Shifters…how staid is this going to sound? I have Anton Chekhov’s Short Stories at the top of my TBR pile right now… *grin* I love him. But how can I waste this opportunity to talk about Jack’s Way?
JR- *puts hand on chest and releases a happy sigh* I love Jack's Way.  

Lee- *bounces on the bed*  Jack's way?  OOOH! I want the spin off story about the guy in the bar...oh, sorry... pray go on.
Havan- *nods emphatically*  Yeah!  What Lee said!!!!
Em- Oh he'll get his turn soon enough. *laughing* But today is about these two.
Jade- *pulling on Hank's hand* come on Hank hurry up!! I told you, I've seen it on the camera I put at Em's place! they're having a party without us!!
Hank - Wait! I need to get my Spongebob sleep pants! Oh, and this bag of lotions. Don't look at me like that: It's getting colder, dry skin happens!
Em- Ben and Jack are two of my favorites. You can get it in the anthology Saddle Up ‘N Ride, or by itself… in audio for anyone who would like to listen to a good book when you’re all snuggled up tight with Lee Brazil…oh, wait. That’s just...*looks around*...us. *grin*
JR- *nuzzles into my muse's neck and whispers* I like Joan. Love me some Joan. But, I cannot deny. I'd saddle up and ride Ben and Jack any day of the week *grin*.  
Lee- *mutters*
Havan- *pats my muse's hand and leans into him … sighing in contentment and listening to our Goddess's perfect voice* 
Em- *grins as Hank and Jade slip in the door to join us* Now we're all set. Let's begin...


pulled his shirt over his head, tossed it into the hamper by the bathroom door in his room, then stepped out of his jeans and boots. He stared expectantly at Ben, eyed his clothes.
Ben smiled as he rounded Jack, skimming his fingers in his wake. “Amazing.”
Jack hissed when Ben brushed across his cock, moaned when Ben trailed his fingers along the crack of his ass. God, he wanted him in both places at once.
“Want me, Jack?”
“Need me?”
Jack hesitated.
Ben’s hand vanished. “Jack.”
“Mmm.” His stomach pitched at the thought of giving up that piece of himself.
“Do. You. Need. Me?”
Jack clenched his teeth, his breath hissed out between them. “Yes.”
Ben steered Jack to the desk opposite the bed. “Brace yourself.”
Jack leant forward, placing both hands on the cool surface, feeling the scratches and grooves in the old wooden desk his grandfather had built. “Ben.”
His lover’s chuckle came from closer to the floor and the puff of air as he blew on Jack’s ass caught him off guard, almost sending him to his knees. Just barely, he held himself up, arching for a real touch from the man crouched behind him.

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