Do You Feel Lucky? Breathless Press Blog Hop: Lucky Reads March 15 - 17

Good morning everyone! 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented, 

Our blog hop winner is 

Lisa G

Congratulations Lisa, and see you next time everyone! 

Breathless Press Blog Hop: Lucky Reads March 15 - 17 

Greetings everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! 

Whether you're celebrating by wearing green or drinking green, I wish you all the best! 

But I have to ask you...

Because one Lucky person who comments on this blog post will win. 

Okay, not a pot of gold, but for readers, the next best thing. 

A $10 All Romance eBooks gift card. 

So leave me your email ( prizes are awarded electronically via email!) 

and the answer to this question:

Why do frogs like St. Patrick's Day?

Meanwhile, luck plays a role in many romances, I know it did in mine. I was very lucky over seventeen years ago, to pick up the phone in the book store where I worked at the time. 

On the other end of the line was a voice that captured my attention. 

He was an employee at another branch of the store, calling to check on a book for a customer. 

How lucky could I get? 

I fell in love with a voice on the phone, and luck brought us together. 

Love has kept us together. 


Since you're here, why not take a look at my m/m romance, 

Mark's Opening Gambit

Where luck plays a part in bringing two men from opposite sides of the track together. 


The son of a wealthy business man, Mark Addison is an expert at chess and hiding. Mason Grant labors with his hands in a menial position; he's open about who he is and what he wants in ways that terrify Mark. Their paths shouldn't have crossed, but now that they have...

They came from different backgrounds, yet each adheres to his own version of family duty and responsibility. One would make any sacrifice for his family's well being. For Mason Grant that means leaving school at sixteen and working hard while living as a man of integrity to set an example for his brothers. The other would sacrifice anything to keep his family life calm. If that means hiding who he really is from his high society, narrow-minded parents, then that's what Mark Addison will do. He just wants to run his shop, host a few tournaments, play a few games of chess.

When Mason meets fussy, precise chess tournament director Mark, he isn't expecting much more than a few hours of uncomfortable sleep in his car while his brother plays. One disdainful look from Mark changes that.

You can buy Mark's Opening Gambit at most ebook vendors 

Thanks for stopping by, and if you're still feeling lucky, well then, click on over to the other Blogs in the Hop and see what they have to offer.


  1. Because they don't get pinched?

  2. M8231m05@gmail.com..... forgot that part

  3. Because their color is used as a symbol on St. Patrick's Day?

    Your lucky story is so romantic! :)


  4. Because they're already wearing green! (or perhaps it's like Kermit says--it isn't easy being green--except on St Patrick's day!)

  5. LOL- what a great question- i have no clue about the answer...and yes sometimes I feel lucky- love the Clint Picture!

  6. Because they are green? At least Kermit is. :)

  7. What an interesting riddle. I'm not sure of the answer. Perhaps because they are always green?


  8. Hmm, have no idea, guessing it's something around them being green? Your lucky story is so sweet, I always think it's lovely how one random action we make can change our whole lives.

  9. Because they are always wearing green.

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com


  10. They are always wearing green!


  11. "Because they're always wearing green"


  12. Because they can blend in with everyone else in green. Thank you for the giveaway.


  13. Lee, that is a very romantic way to meet! I love it. Oh, and I'm sure the answer has something to do with the fact that frogs are already green, but I'm terrible with jokes, so could be way off. Thanks for the give-away! diannewrites2(at)hotmail.com

  14. Had to Google this one: Because they’re always wearing green. I loved your lucky story. Happy St. Paddy's Day

  15. Let's see if my lucky stars align <3 And the frosh felt lucky on St. Patrick's day because he met his true love :D (and wore green)^^

    1. oh, right: marc.darkshade@gmail.com

  16. they are green and lucky they get kissed alot by silly girls looking for princes! cathybrockmanromance@gmail.com

  17. Why do they like it? I always thought they were green with envy about everything! kastileavenshade@aol.com

  18. They think everyone else wants to be like them. Love your stories, Lee!

  19. Because (in Kermit's voice) "It's not easy...being green"
    Except on St Patrick's Day, where everyone is green :D

    vampyangel at live dot com

  20. Because for one day of the year, it is easy being green!


  21. Because everyone kisses them?

  22. Alright, I got 2 answers.

    1.) St. Patrick got rid of the snakes, saving the poor frogs.
    2.) Because according to Kermit, this is the one day a year where it's easy to be green.



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