LeeLee's View: Cheating in Romance

Cheating in romance books from a reader's perspective. This subject came up, Lee Brazil talked about and had me thinking and at first I thought any cheating is bad but then I thought you can't lump all cheating, let me explain just like a lie, all lies are different. We do it all the time if we don't think someone looks great we lie to not hurt their feelings, the little lies we tell our children etc. We all can't stand up and say all lying is bad because we all do it. Okay back to the cheating in romance books. Right now I read only m/m so I'm talking from that view. I've read a book where one MC is confused and doesn't know if he's gay and at the same time he has a girlfriend and he meets the other MC he's attracted to them and they do something, of course he cheated on his girlfriend but I have to say and this will sound bad but I didn't really feel bad for her, okay in my defense she's usually made out to be a b*tch, hehe I've also read where the MC is once again confused he gets with the other MC but then gets scared believing he's not gay and he does something with a female or even another guy just to make sure, not crazy about this one, but I can understand even though I don't like it. The one that really gets me though is the big misunderstanding/fight, run out and have sex with a guy to show him. This one bugs me the most. Still cheating in romance can be tricky, it can even depend on the person who did it and how they did it. It's just not black and white and I have to say that it wouldn't necessarily stop me from reading a book . I do know for some people that if there is any type of cheating at all they won't read the book and I have to say sometimes it really fits the story and works as funny as that sounds. I have to say Lee Brazil you made me really think about this one. This is only my opinion for romance and not real life, lol


  1. Agreed, Lee Lee. It really does depend on how the author handles the situation. It happens in real life all the time. If done right it will be easier for the reader to accept.

  2. Life is messy. I appreciate when an author handles the difficult parts of relationships.


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