More Reasons to Love Edmond Manning - As Though Beefy Mac Weren't Enough

I have always loved New Year’s resolutions. There is such grace and widespread power in creating yourself anew at the beginning of each year, like freshly-fallen snow drifting down to cover last year’s mistakes, failed hopes, impossible assignments. With great joy, I will create resolutions to explore who I am as a writer in 2014.

I will write more words in 2014 than I did in 2013, knowing that more words means more possibility of breathing life into beautiful sentences. This also means more clunker, awful sentences. I will accept the drafts that are not golden and not instantly impressive. I will love those bastard drafts as a necessary part of creating something miraculous. I will read more books. Not just how-to-write-gooder books but more fiction. I want to see how others tell their beautiful stories and learn what I can sitting at their feet, ears wide open. I will read reviews from people who don’t like my writing and accept their words, even if I disagree. I will let their words be true for them even if they are not true for me.

I will practice humility when someone tells me I am an awesome writer. I will practice self-confidence when someone tells me I suck. I will exercise more. I’m not sure how this makes me a better writer, but let’s just pretend that it does.

I will fail at these resolutions, some of them, I’m sure. I accept that. I resolve to love my aspirations to be a greater writer even if they don’t always come true. In 2015, the snow will fall again, cover my triumphs and failings from 2014 and I will create myself anew, one snowflake at a time.

Edmond is the author of The Lost and Found series, which includes King Perry, King Mai, and in 2014, The Butterfly King. He also released a book of non-fiction in 2013, a collection of fabulous mistakes titled I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That. He is available as a professional party guest for those soirees serving Cheetos.
Edmond Manning


5 Hearts ... one of the best seductions ever written. Adrian has waited ten years for the man he loves to get a clue. Since that obviously isn't happening, Adrian takes matters into his own hands. The lovin' is hot and I can't remember the last time I smiled so much, while reading a book. Highly recommend.

Portia at MM Good Book Reviews

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