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L.B. and Pulp Friction present: Book 5 in the A Rake In London Series

 Servant at Play 


The morning after Gavin, Baron Stephenson, returns from his evening at the theater, troubled and unusually reticent, his valet and lover, Marcus, decides to let sleeping lords lie abed while he pursues other sport.
Nicodemus Martins, the enticing but apparently oblivious secretary is arriving to deal with his master's business affairs, and despite the man's consistent refusal to recognize his flirtations, Marcus is determined to press his suit and brook no resistance to his seduction.

WARNING: This tale of regency m/m seduction contains dubious consent, a prissy secretary, and a hint of trouble to come.

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The Aristocrat and His Servant 

m/m Regency erotica

The Aristocrat & His Servant is a 5,500-word erotic story of lovers indulging in light-hearted banter and little afternoon frolic. This is Book One in a Series recounting the sensual adventures of Baron Stephenson and his lover, Marcus Jennings.

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