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Crawling Into Bed with Corin Talovich
And a Good Book Avanti Chronicles: Corin’s Chance

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Actually neither! They are made from Daresh fibers, from the local farms in the Derin Clan. They are kind of a cross between flannel and cotton. They are super soft, warm and very cozy to snuggle up in with a good man, or a good book.

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing sleep pants. They are loose, with a drawstring waist, cream and made from Paverino. Paverino is even softer than Daresh. More flannel-like. They are my favorite ones when all I want to do is spend a lazy day or time in bed. It’s quite warm here at the moment, so I’m bare chested. No doubt if Kel catches sight of me like this he’ll scowl at being half naked in bed with another man. Stupid man should know I only have eyes for him… Sorry!

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Several things. Firstly Halicane. It’s a sweet flower that people in the clan often snack on. It has slightly chewy leaves that eventually dissolve leaving a burst of flavor on your tongue. Then we have Axrin fruit. These are really juicy and remind me of Terran strawberries. To go with them we have Purin cream which is quite tart, but the combination is amazing. We also have Lowrin fruit pie. That’s similar to peaches and works well with the Purin cream.
So it’s definitely a night for sweet treats.

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
Uh… Well there will be a couple of bottles of oil that we use for… well you know! I do keep one of our plasma guns in there. Kel hates that. He’s all big and macho and gets annoyed because he thinks that I don’t believe he can protect me. Stupid man. But I like to know that I can protect him too. I’m nowhere near his standard with swords, so this is what I feel more comfortable with.
The drawer also has one of our spare datapads in it. It’s great that even though we are on a world that doesn’t embrace technology the same way as people in the Barin Alliance do, I can still keep my datapad and use it to curl up with a good book. Plus it’s great to use for music.
Lastly there is a tiny med kit, as I’m never far from one. There’s a big one in our chest at the bottom of the bed, but I find with Kel and all the guys from the Avanti, I need one near me at all times. It’s hard work being the doctor for this clan.

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
Roll up like a burrito. I love feeling cocooned in bed and on the nights that Kel is late to bed, I find it easier to sleep that way, as though the blankets take his place.

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
Yeah, I’m used to it! Kel has the coldest feet ever. Every night without fail I get the cold feet on calves treatment. Drives me crazy. Those feet of his are freezing, I swear that man soaks them in ice before coming to bed!

What are we reading? Avanti Chronicles: Book One
Corin’s Chance by Hannah Walker

MM Sci Fi Romance

Posted to some star's awful cruiser, Dr. Corin Talovich hoped to serve his time quietly and get on with his life, but fate stepped in and decided otherwise.
Crashing into an unknown planet was the last thing Corin expected. With only his friend, Lieutenant Commander Tate Riven, by his side, they face the unexplored world and new enemies bravely, leading them to the Derin Clan, where they’re welcomed by the leader’s son.
Kel isn't sure about the strange men, but he isn't about to send them away, especially when the bond between Corin and himself is something he can't ignore.
When another clan wages an attack, Kel is forced to make some hard choices which nearly costs him everything he holds dear. Together, with their allies, Corin and Kel fight, focusing on the future they desire, knowing failure not only dooms their love, but also those around them. Side by side, they work to destroy the evil threatening to keep them apart and becoming the family both men desire.

May your journey be swift and uneventful, may you all get one step closer to your truemates and may good triumph over evil. Remember love conquers all.

With a nod to one of the four guards at the door's entrance, Carn led them into the room. Following behind him, they walked right up to the massive table sat at the end of the room. Around the table were stood six men, ranging in age from late teens to mid-sixties. They all looked weary and haggard, their bodies drooping where they stood. Maps, paperwork and cups littered the table in front of them. 
One of them turned to Carn who was standing at the front of Corin’s group. “Damn it, Carn, I told you we weren't to be disturbed for anything. I don't care who the latest bloody delegate from the Alliance is. Now is not the time.” A huge frown accompanied the man’s words.
“Laird Kel, these aren't delegates. I think you are going to want to hear this. They came asking for you as Kel, saying it was about a young girl named Eliya.” Carn cautiously spoke, wary of upsetting any of the men around the table.
All around them heads shot up from what they were focused on. Suddenly every pair of eyes in the room was focused on them with a laser-like intensity.
“What do you know about Eliya?” the man named Kel demanded. Corin’s eyes watched as he stalked towards them. His movements, while predatory, were graceful. He was close to seven feet of solid planes and hard muscles. His skin was a golden bronze which seemed to glisten in the lights around him. His hair was a mid-blonde, and flowed to just past his shoulders. Leather bracers covered his forearms while smaller leather circlets were wrapped around each bicep. Leather trousers were moulded to his thighs. Corin’s heart began to beat faster. Never had a first glance at someone affected him as it did now.
Laird Kelin was rugged in appearance. While still young, his face had a slightly weathered visage which was likely due to many hours spent outdoors. His eyes were both brown and green, with the green bleeding into the brown on the outer edges. He had a strong nose, coupled with a square jaw, and a dusting of facial hair that just added to his overall manliness.
Corin felt his cock go from soft to rock hard and aching instantly. Damn, this was a man he would happily have under him, over him, inside him. In fact, he would take him any which way he could. Tate shot Corin a questioning glance and Corin realised he hadn't been able to hide his reaction from his friend. Shooting a glance at Tate and shaking his head, Corin stepped forward.
“I need to know who you are to Eliya before I can say anything,” Corin boldly stated.
A second later, one of the other men stood around the table jumped over it and was hurtling towards Corin with a look of murderous intent on his face. Just as he got to Corin, he threw a punch that never landed. Instead, Tate stepped between Corin and Eliya, who was still asleep in the sling, and this new man. The punch hit him square in the abdomen. The pain was instantaneous, and he staggered back, all the air gone from his lungs. Tate could feel his stitches rip open from the impact. Trying to suck in a deep breath, he called on all his years of training with the Avanti and pushed the pain into the recesses of his mind and forced his body back to standing whilst simultaneously pulling his knife from the sheath at his side.
“Make another move towards him and I’ll kill you. You want him? You have to go through me first, and I promise you, I. Will. Win. You have no idea what you nearly did there.” Tate growled at the man, his stance wide, both aggressive and defensive at the same time.
“Do you know who I am?” the new man demanded as he bared his teeth at Tate.
“No,” Tate replied. “And frankly, I don't care. Now. Back. The. Fuck. Off.”
They watched as the man named Kel placed a restraining arm across the other man’s chest. “Leave it, Tir, let me deal with this. I mean it. We won't find anything out if we beat them. They came to us willingly. Give them a chance to explain.”
They all watched the man called Tir run his hands over his face before he gave a small nod and took two small steps back.
Kel raised an eyebrow at him, sighed and then turned back to Corin. There were several emotions swirling through his gaze, but his voice was calm when he spoke again. “I am Laird Kelin Tharn, son of the Chieftain of this clan, and Eliya is my niece. Laird Tirathon Tharn is her father. She was kidnapped two weeks ago with her nurse when they were walking the grounds. We have heard nothing since. There have been no ransom demands, no sightings, nothing. We have searched and searched and no trace has yet been found. The entire clan is grief stricken. As you can see, my brother is barely holding it together. Now. What. Do. You. Know.” His voice rose slightly as he struggled not to let his impatience show.
Corin looked at Tate, his eyes registering the fact the Tate looked clammy once again. They nodded to one another and Corin reached up to slowly untie the cloak from around him. He gently lifted the sleeping form of Eliya from the sling before looking up at Kel and quietly asking, “Is this her?”
Gasps echoed all around. A choked sob came from Tir's direction before he quickly lifted her from Corin’s arm, tears streaming down his face. Smiles shone around the room as a small voice whispered, “Papi?”
Quickly, a group surrounded the reunited father and daughter, cheers echoing around the room. A wave of happiness ran through the chamber and out the doors as word passed from one guard to another. Shouts of joy could be heard from the hallways as the news spread. A soft whimper from beside Corin saw him snapping his head to look at Tate.

Hannah Walker is a full-time mum to two gorgeous teenage sons, and shares her home with both them, and a very supportive husband.  They have always encouraged her to follow her dreams.
She has always loved books from her childhood years reading alongside her father, inheriting his love of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. She has combined this with her love of MM romance to write her series Avanti Chronicles. She loves writing about a complex world where the men love, and live, hard.
Welcome to the world of MM Sci-Fi.

Where to find Hannah:

Upcoming books:
Avanti Chronicles book two: Tate’s Torment.
Avanti Chronicles books 3-6.
Avanti Chronicles Shorts 1-3.

Two further series are also planned for the same universe as the Avanti Chronicles.

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