Cover Art for Upcoming Release : Keeping House

I'm showing off my new cover for Keeping House.  Can't help it. I like looking at it.  Victoria Miller made it absolutely beautiful.  Now, we're one step closer to publication, which I think is some time in the first part of May.  Keep watch here for updates and I'll let you know more as soon as I have the information.

Keeping House
Truth or Dare, Book 1

Donovan Holloway, advertising executive, newly made vice president of the company where he’s worked for twenty years, grew up in a free love hippie commune taking care of the parents who should have been taking care of him. He’s worked hard to put himself through school and achieve the American dream- all he’s ever wanted was a normal family life- house in the suburbs, two cars, two kids, a shaggy dog. A family to come home to, to care for, to care for him has been his dream since he was a small boy.

Mischa Blake is the green eyed, liberally pierced, black haired, Mohawk wearing spoiled youngest son of a Hollywood producer and his actress wife. Mischa has made a terrible mistake. In a fit of childish pique he’s accepted a dare from his older brothers. The dare? Live on his own supporting himself completely for a year without accessing his trust fund. No problem. Except Mischa has never worked a day in his life, hasn’t finished college, and has absolutely no skills that he can bring to the table.

So when he sees Donovan’s ad for a housekeeper/gardener, he has nothing to lose by applying, because really...how hard can it be?

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  1. Love the cover honey . . . it's freaking hawt as all halibut! Can't wait to own this one on my kindle!!!! You are truly a terrific person and author! *hugs and kisses*


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