Character Interview: Sit Down With Mischa

Hey, readers!  We're here today with Mischa Blake from the recently released Keeping House.  If you haven't read it already you can find it here or here

     You know, Mischa, a lot of people expected you to fail at this dare.  I don't just mean your brothers either.  I've gotten quite a bit of feed back about how people would have liked to see you at rock bottom.  People wanted to see you fail, to see Donovan save you .Do you think you hit rock bottom before you knocked on Donovan's door?
       No.  I won't accept defeat.  As far as I’m concerned, that dare wouldn't have been lost unless I'd been forced to ask Terry for money.  And as for failure, I don't accept that.  I may have been naive and underestimated the world, but I'm not stupid.  I've been called resourceful and clever. 

If your friends hadn't stepped in and helped you out, what would you have done?
       Thank God for true friends, hmm?  I'd have called Essie at the manse.  The housekeeper, you know?  I was always her favorite.  She'd have helped me out. 

*Chuckles*  Well then, a few more questions, and we'll turn the floor over to Havan- who has some questions of her own!  You ended up giving up recreational smoking out of respect for Donovan's wishes that you not use drugs in his home.  The story makes it seem like that was an easy thing to do, and easy choice to make.  Was it?
       The choice was easy enough to make, but it was harder to follow through on than the story makes it seem.  Even now, I find myself longing to light one up when things get stressful.  But now I have even more reason not to smoke.  I don't want our son thinking its okay.

And, you made rather a fuss over the "plans" you had for that inheritance of yours.  I assume that your brothers handed it over to you as promised.  What did you end up doing with it?
     They did.  And I didn't end up doing what I'd planned, which was to open up a club in Hollywood.  Instead, I funded an after school program at my son's school to provide tutoring and assistance to special needs children.  And I put some aside in a trust fund for him until he reaches the age of thirty-five.  I pay for my classes and living expenses out of my salary from Donovan for now, and when I graduate and get a teaching position, I'll be okay.  I don't need millions, so I'll be on the look out for good causes to donate to. I tried to give some to Dex, Trick and Bella, but they shut me down.  Turns out they have all they need, too.

Okay, if you're ready for this, I'll turn you over to Havan now.
   Bring her on.  I'm ready for anything!

Now Mischa . . . if I had a dime for every one who said that . . . um yeah . . .     

Alrighty then, first impression time . . . You knock on the door for your interview and Donovan opens it . . . Sexy... frazzled... sexy... I was anxious about the job, but I couldn't focus, because he was so fucking hot

Hmmmmm . . . yeah I can understand your dilemma . . . which coincidentally brings us to my next question.  Honestly - what was the very first thought that popped into that adorable head of yours when Donovan blurted out he was gay then went on to call himself a flamer? How could I be this lucky? Seriously.  That was it. 

Honey, that's really enough though isn't it . . . *giggles* . . . So now you know his preference then Donovan kisses you madly at the table and leaves you hanging . . . but the trouble is he left himself hanging also . . . so out of curiosity, and with the knowledge of what Donovan did to quench his thirst for you . . . tell us - how thin are the walls in his house? *knowing smirk*
I had no idea about that.  He told me later, but... I think the walls must be pretty thick.  And I’m sure he had no idea what I did either

*stops and stares . . . wipes sweat from brow and clears throat* . . . Sorry, but damn those visuals you just gave me are . . . well . . . damn.

Okay where were we?  *rifles through papers with shaky hands* . . . a yes here we are, if you could change one thing about Donovan what would it be? I'd have to say I'd change his sloppiness.  He could definitely use some picking up after himself skills.

Okay that brings me to this next question, have you been able to teach Donovan what a laundry hamper is? And did you ever get your laundry chute? lol

No, and no.  However, Donovan is bribe-able and will help get the stuff down to the laundry room

Bribe-able huh?  That makes me wonder . . . TMI time - What's Donovan's favorite place for you to nibble and what reactions can you force out of him?

 Lol- sorry, honey, but I don't want to sleep on the couch for the next few days, so I'll have to pass on that one. 

Oh pooh!  Okay I'll respect that . . . but how about just a little sumthing sumthing for your adoring fans . . .  Alternate universe time - Donovan comes to you and admits he wants a piercing . . . exactly where would you put that hole in his body?
Tongue.  No doubt about it.  A pierced tongue is incredible.

*watches as Mischa smiles at me while clacking his tongue stud against his teeth* . . . now you are just being naughty!  Please continue!  *smiles and fans face just a bit*

Oh but I must say, congratulations on becoming a father! Do you and Donovan plan to add any more little rugrats to your family?  Not till after I graduate.  Then yeah- a few more kids would be awesome.  I don’t think, though that I want to go the route Terry and the twins took. 

You have to go the route that feels best for you!  I respect both your decisions and Terry and the twins! 

Between us two, exactly what hair products did you use that can keep your spikes alive and kicking in the rain? Now this is a serious question because damn I need to get some of that! I don't really know- a stylist did them for me and gave me some glue to use.  I don't recall the name. I dont' favor that hair style any more.

And speaking of hair . . . how long does it take you to do yours in the morning?

*runs hand over bald head* not long... a few minutes with a razor and I"m good these days.

I did notice your new do. . . *smirks* . . . by the way, shaved is ultra-sexy you know . . . Which makes me think . . . I would love to have heard Brandon's response to your new look! 

And while I am talking about your brothers, well they are shits, but they are shits that love you . . . and thanks to a simple dare they inadvertently helped you find your own love. So keeping with the feel of your story . . . if you could dare Donovan to do anything what would your dare for him be?

I'd dare Donovan to quit the damn job, live off my trust fund and be the artist he is inside.  He's the most talented man, and I won't say he wastes that talent working in advertising, but he sure doesn’t use it fully.  Sorry, but this is the big argument in our household.  After his childhood he's afraid of being without a job. 

*pats Mischa on the knee*  Give him time honey, he's a strong individual and you both are just starting your lives together.  But promise me that when you explore that area and more that maybe, just maybe, you will tell us all about it in a sequel perhaps?

Okay now time for my infamous Round Robin . . . you ready big boy?  *giggles*

Favorite sleeping position with Donovan? Sleeping? Or…

Swear word of choice? I’m spelling this out so I don’t’ have to pay into the cuss jar… F, U, C, K

Favorite tv show? *blushes*  Monster Bug Wars

Favorite body part? Mine, or his?

Shower solo or duo? Am I going somewhere afterwards?

Favorite Blake brother? Well, shit… Terry’s my closest brother, even though I think I have more in common with Dan.  Dan is… deeper than he seems, though.

Paddle or bare hand or none? Leather belt, thanks for asking…

Dream vacation spot? Hilton Head, South Carolina- I think Matt would like the beaches, the soft white sand and Donovan and I would enjoy watching the sunrise over the water

Barefoot or shoes?  boots


  1. Thanks again, Lee, for inviting me to the party . . . and thanks Mischa for entertaining my curious mind . . . leather belt huh? I think I own a couple, one is even studded . . . *smirks knowingly*

  2. Mischa, you are just too damn adorable for your own good.

    Love you too, Havan & Lee!

  3. Did someone say leather belt? *drooling* I have nothing other to say... which for me is hard... because I like to hear myself talk... and... sorry... did I say *drooling*?

  4. *swoons* I want Mischa to come keep my house!!!

  5. Mischa is so very sexy. Thanks for sharing this.


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