Now Available! Keeping House

*sneaks into the room . . . looks around . . . checks kitchen – empty . . . peeks in office – no one there either . . . eyes hall to bedroom then shakes head no – better not, though it is tempting. . . pets MJ’s head and gives the purty puppy a treat or three* 

shhhhh . . . don’t tell your daddy I’m here . . . *sits at Lee’s computer and fires that baby up*

Okay . . . I’m coming to you sexy as all get out friends and fans of Lee Brazil’s because I am just way too excited!!!!!!

Keeping House comes out today! I’m sooooooo all up in that – it’s crazy like . . . plus I wanted to announce the winner of the contest.

Now I know this is Lee’s contest and he should announce the winner . . . but . . . um . . . well . . . T.T. Miller you rock you winner you!!!!! *happy happy dance with MJ jumping around and barking*

*door opening* EEEK!!!! I’m sooooooo busted . . . *jumps out of chair . . . trips and falls to knees* okay, granted any other time this might be good but . . . *footsteps heading to kitchen* . . . damn that man walks fast . . . *jumps to feet and hightails it to back door* . . . now remember MJ . . . I was never here!!!!

Hmmm... chair's still warm. Somebody has been sitting in my chair. If you know how the story goes, there should be lovely lady sleeping in my bed... I"ll have to check that out after this:

Everybody has those butterfly feelings in your stomach on release day, right?  I mean, I'm ecstatic, and I love this story, but I"m nervous about it, too.  For one thing, this is really different from anything I've done before. Well, except the Story Orgy stories.  They're sweet and romantic, too.  Anyway, Its release day, and Keeping House is finally available!

You can find it at http://www.breathlesspress.com/erotic/keeping-house.html



  1. WOOHOO!.... Psst *whispers and giggles* I love you guys! hehe =P =D ;)

  2. Keeping House is officially MINE! *grins* =) *happy dance*...Congratulations Lee!

  3. Nobody saw anything . . . you can't prove anything and MJ isn't talking . . . *whistling dixie*

  4. Hm. I can't seem to leave a comment on your blog. :( I came back to grab the link for your book again and twas gone.

    Anyway, congrats on the new release Lee. So vera exciting. :)

    And congrats to T. on winning. :)

    *whispers* And Sweetness... you are too adorable.

    Congrats again Lee!


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