Giving Up Release Contest: Winner revealed, 8-3

Want to win a copy of Giving Up?  

It's simple.  

Brandon Blake faces a challenge in this story- 

he's got to make some major changes in his lifestyle or he's going to lose his family.  

Leave us a comment telling about a challenge you faced, or face.  And that's it- you're entered to win.  


If your life has been smooth sailing, without impediments, 

leave us a comment about your favorite kind of challenge in the stories you read.


Just say hi.  

Whatever you choose, we're sipping tequila and squirting the limes in honor of Giving Up's August 5th release.  

Winner will be selected from all entrants at all locations via a random draw and announced on August 3rd.  
We will make all efforts to contact the winner - make it easy on us by leaving a contact link ie, Face Book Page, email, etc.  If we are unable to locate the winner within 7 days( That would be August 10th) - we will re-draw.


  1. Way back when, I was stranded in Huntsville, Texas with my two small children. No money. Didn't know anyone in the state. My family had disowned me as a teenager. This turned out to be a major turning point in my life. Somehow I managed to pick myself up and turn it into going to college, getting a degree, and ending up in a brand new career as a computer scientist. Even now I look back and have no idea how that happened LOL

    itmfiddler at gmail dot com

  2. Just saying Hi and that I love this series and can't wait for Giving Up!


  3. Hey from me too! I had to see what else you've done since I really loved "Be a Bad Boy"! Thanks.


  4. I've had many big challenges in my life. Raising two bright, energetic boys as a slightly older mom while working fulltime was one. Learning to write fiction after years of non-fiction writing and figuring out how to get my stories down on paper in a way a publisher would want to publish them. It took a year of intense hard work, writing seven or more hours a day and editing the hell out of my stuff, but I did it. Will have four books published this year.

  5. When my oldest daughter was in a freak accident and was put into a drug induced coma for days- I spent four days in the NICU in a trauma center with her- this made me re-evaluate my life and love
    Dawne P

    dawne dot prochilo at yahoo dot com

  6. My husband used to be a millwright and worked away from home a lot. One time, he and another guy got a job that lasted awhile, so they rented an apartment instead of motel rooms. They came home on Friday evenings and went back on Sunday. Toward the end of the job, hubby stopped coming home on the weekend, then when the job was over, he decided he was going to stay over there with a woman he had met. I begged and pleaded for him to come home, but he refused. I could only take it for so long. We had 2 kids ages 6 and 7 and I just wasn't going to give up without a fight. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought bus tickest for me and the kids and went to where he was. I stayed in the apartment with him and that woman and her kids for a week. Everybody told me I was crazy for doing what I did, but I couldn't give up the best thing that ever happened to me. I had to lay on that couch for a week, listening to them at night. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Ath the end of the week, he brought me back home and we talked the whole time. The following week, he was back in my bed for good. I showed both his family and mine that I was right and they weren't, We have been together for 20 years after that and he has never strayed again. I love him, he is my heart, no matter what. This was the biggest and most important challenge of my life.

  7. I'm still young enough that I have no doubt my most challenging moments are still to come. With three children under 10 and my husband in the military, it's not a matter of If but WHEN. Having said that, right now one of the hardest things I'm having to deal with is my parents growing older. Particularly, my dad growing older and having already decided that he's in the early stages of Alzheimer's. He has two brothers older than himself by a few years that have indeed been diagnosed so he blames his memory loss, irritability, panic attacks, etc on the fact that he too has the disease... or at least he's sure he will have it within a year or two. He's working his way into it. The bad part is, he may actually have the disease or maybe he is showing early signs. It's hard to deal with because he just seems to have given up or given in to the "inevitable". He could be living life while he still can instead of dwelling on "someday". It hurts his relationship with his grandkids and he's driving my mom further away. Wow, you know I've thought about this but I don't think I've ever written it down. Very cathartic! Thanks, Lee!!

    pate05 at bellsouth.net

  8. One of the biggest challenges in my life was when my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. She was only six, and it hurt to see her lying in the hospital, pale and weak. I'd never felt so helpless.
    Forteen years later she's a strong, intelligent, beautiful person who I admire.


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