Crawl into Bed with Liz

Come along darling…crawl into bed with Liz!  Just shove Laya the standard Poodle/muse out of the way.

    *crawls across the bed*  Wow... Are these sheets cotton or silk? 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton, a lovely sage green color with about 500 pillows. 

So what are you wearing this evening?

     Silk boxers and a cotton cami but will get up in the night and slam the window shut ‘cause I’m cold. 

     *shivers* It is a bit chilly here.  What do you  have to snack on? 
         Snack?  In bed?  Ick.  But before I came upstairs for our little chat, I drank a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA and ate some nutella on toast (makes note:  Go To Gym tomorrow)

4.      Uhhuh.  No food in bed.  Got it.  So, *looks around curiously*  What's in this drawer here? 

Massage oil, feather tickler, and toys of all shapes and sizes.  Wanna see?  I’ve got a new one that needs breaking in…

5.      *blushes*  I'll think about that option.  So- sleep styles.  Do you wrap up like a burrito or kick the covers off during the night? 

I wrap up in blankets and prefer to be spooned from behind, thanks.

6.    Cool.  Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up? 

          Hell no.  I’m gonna be colder than you anyways.

7.      The Tap Room, my “choose your romance” novel from our beloved Breathless Press!

Erin Brady is having a Seriously Interesting Year.
Her Alpha banker husband, Bradley, has left, claiming she pays more attention to her microbrewery than to him and their two sons.  One business partner, Trent, is attempting to re-kindle an old flame between them.  Their amazing success has demanded they hire a new brewer, Jeff, who takes one look at his new boss and is determined to be something more than an employee.  

The daily stresses of running a small business, plus the ongoing turmoil in her personal life are more than she can take.  Escaping to Denver for an industry event, she meets Landon, a brewery rock star turned consultant who has been watching her company--and her--for a while.  

When family trauma requires an early return to Michigan, Erin is faced with even harder realities plus a thoroughly contrite Bradley, wishing for a reunion.  Then, the ultimate sign of success:  a buy out offer is tendered from a much larger brewery, just as the owners of Winter Street Brewing are about to be honored by Inc. Magazine as Top Entrepreneurs.  

Finally, Erin turns to her other partner, Owen, who has watched the woman he loves suffer long enough and is determined to step in and be the one.

Guess what?  YOU get to decide.....
Hang on--it's gonna be a wild ride!


  1. Wow - this sounds great ... love this interview too! :D

  2. LOL I love these interviews :) Great way to start the day! Can't wait to read the book Liz!

  3. WHAT a unique blog interview- I love it Lee and Liz- now, to crawl into bed with someone

    Dawne P


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