Crawling into Bed With Nevil (Diane Hartsock)

*crawls into bed* So, Nevil, you're standing in for Dianne tonight.  That's pretty cool.  Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?

They're silk, tonight. A sensual delight in themselves, I think.

I'm more a fan of cotton myself, but yeah.. the glide of the silk on skin is... interesting.  What are you wearing?

I usually sleep unencumbered, but since this is our first time, I'll keep the black bikini briefs on.

 *chuckles*  First time? You're sure you'll be invited back?  Just kidding.  Confidence is sexy, you know. What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?

I thought a variety of chocolate and cheese with Bollinger Champagne. Let's make an occasion of it!

*Quirks brow* Are we celebrating? You had me at chocolate. If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

Oh, let's not spoil the surprise, darling! But seriously, Shelton would have my balls if I let you play with anything in there.

*eyes drawer*  Now you know I'm super curious! Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?

Shelton rolls in the blankets and I curl up against him. I'm sorry, I mentioned him again. What a bore. I'm sure you don't want to talk about my lover when we're getting so cozy with this book.

 Awww.  It's actually kind of sweet.  He's not going to get all possessive and want to kick my butt, is he? Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

Any time you'd like! I have a thing for feet. And socks…

What are we reading?

Shelton's Promise http://diannehartsock.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/sheltonspromisesample.jpg

Shelton's Promise
Breathless Press: http://www.breathlesspress.org/Book/345


Shelton felt an unaccustomed thrill of power that this gorgeous, virile man wanted him only. Shelton put a finger under Nevil's chin and raised his face for a tender kiss. Nevil sighed into Shelton's mouth, warm hands sliding up Shelton's back to urge him closer. Shelton gave in to Nevil willingly, molding his body against Nevil's enticing heat. Desire flared through Shelton when he felt Nevil's erection against his hip bone.
He imagined them naked, Nevil's glorious penis twined with his in an erotic, sensual dance and the friction of their balls making Shelton weak with pleasure.
"Let me love you," Shelton whispered, wild with the thought, but Nevil grabbed his wrists, not letting Shelton touch him.
"Not yet," Nevil murmured in Shelton's ear, trailing passionate kisses along his chin and licking the pulse in Shelton's neck.
"But Nevil…" Shelton pleaded, wanting that hot, silky shaft that was rubbing against his hip inside his mouth.
"No," Nevil said then laughed and deftly undid the button and zipper of Shelton's pants.
"Nevil!" Shelton looked quickly at the door. "If I can't—"
"Shut up." Nevil kissed him, then with a strength that always surprised Shelton, lifted him onto the dryer. He whisked Shelton's pants and boxers below his knees.
"I don't think—" Shelton protested half-heartedly then lost coherent thought as he felt Nevil's mouth engulf his penis. Shelton had no chance. Usually they drew out their lovemaking as long as possible, taking and giving pleasure with abandon and inventiveness. But this was too sudden. Shelton's head swam with alcohol and pleasure as Nevil sucked on him. Their intimacy was interrupted when someone banged on the door.
Nevil pushed Shelton's back on the dryer, continuing to suck him, kneading Shelton's balls, and then sliding a finger up inside him. God! Shelton came in a few short, frenzied thrusts, feeling the muscles of Nevil's throat constrict around him as Nevil swallowed his cum with a hum of wicked glee.
Bliss crept over Shelton as he stared at the flat ceiling over his head while Nevil continued to nibble on him.
"You're too good to me," Shelton murmured, noticing that the banging had stopped on the door. Good. It had been annoying. Nevil licked his way up Shelton's body to his lips, and he gave Nevil the slow, deep kisses that Nevil enjoyed so much.
Shelton moved his lips to Nevil's ear. "Come inside me," he urged, aching for the fulfillment of Nevil pushing inside him. Nevil groaned, enfolding him in his arms and helping him sit up on the dryer.
"Not yet," Nevil whispered, though Shelton could see the arousal straining against the fly of Nevil's pants. "Good God, Shelton, I love the way those men stare at you! I know they're curious, dying to know how you keep my interest."
Nevil's eyes gleamed as his gaze traveled Shelton's body to his softened penis, and Nevil slid his hands around to caress Shelton's bare ass. "I don't dare tell them how your lovemaking intoxicates me. How the feel and taste and smell of you drive me wild. It excites me every day, knowing we'll spend the night together."
Shelton stared into Nevil's eyes, seeing the love there that Nevil hardly ever spoke of. Shelton's throat tightened, and he put his arms around Nevil's neck. "I love you," he said and gave Nevil a tender kiss.

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  1. Thanks for having me, Lee! *winks* You can snack in my bed anytime. -Nevil

  2. What a fun interview but i am jealous! Lee got to crawl in bed and I had to stand outside my lair and watch.. lOl Just joking !! I cant wait tor read Shelton!


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