Truth or Dare Paper Back Give Away

Truth or Dare Give Away 

To recap: You match six pieces of dialogue to the person who said it. 

Email me the correct answers at lee(dot)brazil@ymail.com. 

Havan and I will conduct a random draw from among those who correctly match ALL six bits of dialogue to the correct character.

The winner will receive a signed paperback copy of Truth or Dare. 

(International players accepted, must leave contact email to win, must respond to notification of winning within seven days of April 29 or prize will be forfeit.)

That's it!   Ready for the first round of questions? 

1. "Now I want to do something just for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, spoiling our nieces and nephews and and sending them home high on sugar to torment their parents."

2. "Because you two don't know me well enough. You didn't trust me. That hurt. You should have known that I would never indulge in a on-night stand. It's just not me. So, I think we should date for a while, let our relationship progress from there as we get to know one another better."

Shh...now, you can leave me a comment if you want, 
to let me know you're playing, but..don't give the answers! 

Check back on 

April 15 and April 22 for more dialogue

April 29 for the winner! 


  1. ooh gosh these are hard!! but this is fun!

  2. I know I know! *bouncing up and down waving arms in air*

  3. I just realized the contest was taking place...is it too late?

  4. Not at all. You can find the other dialogue here on the blog by clicking dialogue contest in the tags. Email your answers when you find them!

  5. Hope it's not too late. I'll be emailing you soon.


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