Tantalizing Tuesday #2 - My Unexpected Guest

Welcome readers to another Flash Fiction event!  
Tantalizing Tuesdays has a 200 word limit, and writers select their own photos. 

Here's my inspiration photo....*sighs* 

My Unexpected Guest 

"I'm not some too stupid to live heroine in a bloody horror movie!" He railed, glaring. Crystal tears trickled down his pale cheeks in defiance of his words.
I smiled. A pointed lingering visual journey from his high heeled leather boots, the delightfully tight denim jeans, the glitter of a ring at his bared navel, the too short, too tight shirt, brought me back to his beautiful face. His cheeks were bright red with emotion, and I let the mockery fade from my glance. He pleased me.
"Of course you aren't, my love. I would never have caught you if it weren't for my vast experience in these woods."
The hapless youth seated at my feet didn't seem any less alarmed.  The intensity of his gaze on my mouth charmed me. Oh yes..."The teeth." I sighed.
"What are you?" His breathy whisper sent shivers of awareness straight to my soul. His being spoke to me, and he didn't even know.
"I am time stopped, death gone astray." He stared, uncomprehending. "I am pain...and ecstasy." Leaning forward, I flicked his plump, soft lip with my tongue. "I am yours, for the length of your existence in this world...and then... you are mine."

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Teaser EXCERPT: 

Images of the last few hours flicked rapidly through his mind. He'd enjoyed himself. Every bit of the evening, from playing chess with Johnny to watching Mason orgasm in the front seat of the car, had been incredible. "Mason, I just can't. I can't tell you how bad it would be for me if my parents found out about this."

As he pulled the Jetta into the parking space next to Mark's BMW, Mason spoke again. "I swear, they won't find out. Honestly, Mark, I think this could really be something special between us. Give me a second chance?"

It was the temptation of that husky voice calling his name during orgasm, the sensual mastery of the kiss Mason pressed upon him, that caused him to agree. His capitulation was most emphatically not due to any emotional need to be with Mason.
"No more sex in public places?"

"No more public sex," Mason assented readily.

Mark regretted Mason's agreement as much as he regretted making the demand.


  1. Oh, that last paragraph, that last line. Wickedly sexy. Please, take me, take me....pick me next!!! Loved it:) xo

  2. Oh yes! Excellent teaser. Brilliantly executed 200 painting the picture of desire and dominance. Well done!

  3. Oh my loins this picture is hot! Combine that with this sexy assets tidbit you wrote and...*swoons*...um Lee...you know what I'm gonna ask next...*big brown begging eyes* this would sooooooooo make a great full length story...*smirks*

  4. What an intriguing flash Lee :) How have you been? I haven't seen you flashing around lately *laughs*

    So... do we get to learn more about Mr. Time and Death, eventually?

  5. Mmm - he is... loved the end in particular. Very hot piece and the picture is to die for.

  6. Yikes. I have a feeling his existence isn't going to be very long. But to be with 'death gone astray' for eternity might not be so bad... :)

  7. Great writing thoroughly enjoyed it

  8. Death by sex, how terrible. I wouldn't mind Time and Death stopping by my place. I could really use some time, and want to make it to the little death. LOL. Loved your post, Lee.

  9. Lee, I always have to read your posts twice. You have a way of getting into my head that makes me stop, look around and ask myself - what the heck just happened? You leave me panting for more and that is a nice talent to have. Well done.

  10. Oh Lee! this is so intense. I love it!!
    The master strikes again!!!

  11. Lee, you've done a fantastic job here crafting your scene! I was totally enveloped from the first word! Loved the last paragraph as well!

  12. I love the flow and power behind this! Fantastic TT.

  13. Fabulous Teaser! You have awesome skills and I'm so glad you share them with us!


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