Crawl in Bed With Laura, Tom, Havan

Crawling Into Bed With Laura Harner and T.A. Webb
And a Good Book

*Strolls in, flinging garments aside.* Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Tom:  Egyptian cotton. Less sliding around. When it’s just me, it’s all good when I can settle down and read, but if I have company, and Laura brings somebody too…well, somebody always ends up in the floor.
Laura: *giggles* Remember when you had Greg Hogben over? OMG, it was so funny. He came racing into the room wearing nothing but red satin boxers with little white hearts. He hit the silk sheets and just kept on going. I thought we were going to lose him right out the window. He said he went arse over tits for you.
Tom:  Well, you know how these Brits are about their dignity. Thank goodness he was used to being on his back with his legs up.
Havan: mmm...pretty visual *swoons*

Yikes! Tom! Laura! Havan! I wasn't expecting to find ALL of you here! *crawls into bed* *whistles* Here, MJ! Come on up here. So, guys...what are you wearing? 
Tom:  Since I have mixed company, it’s Guiness sleep pants and a t shirt. If it’s just me, it’s MMA sleep pants and a t shirt.  Looks like I’m overdressed.  Hel-LO Lee! Waddayathink, Laura?
Laura:  Uhm…damn, I knew I should have changed. *blushes* I have on my comfy cotton Diamondbacks boxers and t-shirt. And Tom, yeah, you’re over dressed.
Havan:  *whispers to Lee* um...we were supposed to wear both a top and bottoms??? *blushes*

We are? *blank expression* Okay *looks around for flannel sleep pants* I just had bottoms somewhere...Ah, there.  Okay, I’m fit for mixed company now. What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Tom:  *reaches under pillow and produces a bottle of Patron Tequila* Does this and lime count as a snack? Or will the real snack be after we have a few shots? *wags eyebrows*
Laura: *snuggles closer to Havan* I love this part…but seeing as it’s your muse and my bear, maybe we should…slip into something more comfortable? Like another room? Unless you wanna…you know…
Havan: *slides hand around Laura and cuddles against my muse...squirming to the right toward Tom* I know there is a way that I can touch all of you at once without being caught...oh wait...snack? Are you offering Lee? *blinks innocently*

Y'all are trying to get me in trouble, I can tell. It's all good though. I have the Great Dane here to protect my virtue...what's left of it. Tequila most definitely counts as a snack. If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
Tom:  Depends on which side of the bed you look. On Laura’s side, you’ll find a hand-held massager, a few books and, um, looks like a Johnny Hazzard video. Now, on MY side, there’s…Laura? Should I tell the truth?
Laura: I have books? Real books with paper and everything? *scrambles across the bed to look* Huh…didn’t know those were in there. Oh look! I found the piña colada flavored body oil! I wondered where that went after the last time Havan and Lee— *blushes* Never mind.
Havan: *peers over Laura's shoulder* You mean there was some left—even after...??? Well I'll be a swinging monkey's auntie...*giggles*
Laura: What did you ask? Oh, yeah, you should tell the truth Tom. Most of it any way…
Tom:  Another book, my Kindle, a phone charger, lube, condoms, a few old Honcho magazines, and my cuffs.
Laura: *eyes cuffs and scoots back a few inches* Uhm…Tom? You remember, right? Tom?
Tom: Not for you darlin’, not for you.
Laura: *shaky sigh*

You know, we have a date to read, but we should definitely spend some time on the contents of these drawers. I think there's a few things we can add that might come in handy. *pushes Havan back* Quit fondling the drawer contents. That is not your kindle...You aren't...you are.  I hope everything on that kindle is fit for viewing, Tom. Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
Tom:  Definitely kick the covers off. I get really hot at night.  Haha, yes, I am warm-blooded, and all this fur makes for a snuggly bed partner.
Laura: I get really hot at night, too. We’ve been told sleeping between us is like being in the middle of a furnace. *giggles* Duh!

Oh, that's just awesome, because I get cold.  Scoot, move on over...Ahh... Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
Tom:  Sure. But I get to put my hands in your shorts to warm them up. Fair’s fair, right, Laura?
Laura: *nods*
Havan: We've discussed this Lee...*eyes my muse*

Fair? There's a big difference between...Fine. *catches Havan's glare* Nothing cold goes anywhere near...Ahem. So, what are we reading?

He paused and took a swig of beer. Travis sipped the contents of his mug, apparently deep in concentration “The second murder, actually two murders, occurred two weeks ago, also at Number Three, but in a completely different part of the cemetery. Those are the ones I just heard about that I believe link my two cases. Teenaged boy and girl, post coital according to forensic reports, again staked to the ground and left to bleed out. Blood everywhere, so not a vampire attack.”
“Not a traditional one anyway,” Travis interrupted. “Just because he left the blood doesn’t mean it wasn’t a vamp.”
“Point taken, and I can’t really have it both ways if I think the cases are related. And I do.” Danny nodded. He took a bite of his sandwich, thought for moment, then continued. “The third took place last night or rather, early yesterday morning. This murder occurred at St Louis Cemetery Number One—the one near the Quarter. Vincent Jourdain, thirty-three year old man when he was turned three years ago. Again, staked and left for the sun to burn. Preliminary evidence shows he may have been…tortured some first. Which indicates an older, stronger opponent, likely a vampire or a were.”
Danny stopped for a moment, thinking before sharing the rest. “What’s not in the files is that in all three attacks, the fangs were pulled.
The boy and girl obviously had dental implants, but they were pulled out too. And in last night’s attack, a personal message was left. I’m not at liberty to discuss it as of yet, but we need help here. Someone who can think like a cop, but who knows the other side of the equation, too.”
Travis sat back and laughed softly. “You mean a paranormal. And I haven’t been a detective,” he stressed the word, “for over two years. NOPD threw me away like yesterday’s coffee grounds. Why the fuck should I care, much less help?”
Danny narrowed his eyes and studied the man in front of him. He didn’t know what the problem was, but all he had heard about Travis was good. Up until the attack that killed him, that is. But Danny knew Travis could be a valuable asset to the force as a consultant. Pity he couldn’t get his head out of his ass long enough to look around.
“Because you and I both know the backlash here will be huge if people think they aren’t safe from a vampire attack. And trust me, there will be reporters all over this story like flies on shit very soon. Vincent was a known mob enforcer before he was made undead. Probably after, too, and his friends aren’t gonna be happy to know he’s gone. Plus, two of the victims are vamps. Imagine the fear that will be running through your community”—he glared—”when they don’t feel safe either.”
Danny reached out to gather all the contents of the files and shoved the papers and photos back into the folders. He stood, grabbed the remains of his dinner, and threw it, unwrapped, into the bag he brought in and strode to the door. “There are more murders to come. I know it and you know it. Now, when you want to stop the pity party and man-the-fuck up, call me.”
Before he could get the door open, Travis had him shoved up against it, his body pressed tightly against Danny’s. His mouth close to Danny’s ear, Travis spoke so low he almost couldn’t hear him. “Keep your fucking mouth shut and watch what you say, boy. That shit might work with the trash you used to work with, but I could have you spread out under me”—Danny gasped as Travis ground his hard crotch against his ass—”and drain you dry before you know what happened. I’m not a detective anymore, cop. Nor a man. Don’t forget it again.”
Travis backed away and Danny pulled the door open and raced down the stairs, his breath coming in great gulps of air, his pulse hammering. The fact his cock was rock hard didn’t escape him. He needed to regain his focus.
As he fumbled the key into the lock on the SUV’s door, his head began to clear. How had Danny let himself get so distracted? He’d been chasing paranormal crime for the past year and a half, studied supernaturals from the time their existence had been confirmed. He’d never understood the unholy fascination some people had for the undead, for the weres. Up until today, he’d been completely immune. But something about this man—vampire—really got to him.
And that had to stop.
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  1. Very crowded bed there, don't you think?!? LMAO!

  2. LOLOLOL you know Tom you are the first person I've seen who gets satin/silk ain't all that!!!! you need stability to build friction! nice interview!
    i am currently reading Deep Blues Goodbye and i am loving it!!! Laura & Tom have done a great job... & their turn of phase tickles me.
    big hugs & looking forward to seeing you both at the GLR!!!! (is lee going there too!!! love your truth or dare series!!!)
    hugs, Z.

  3. It is always my pleasure to nose my way into my muse's business...hehe...he always has the most fun! *cuddles down under blankets*

  4. What a funny interview!! You guys(and Gals) are a hoot! I got so into the excerpt that when he said he spoke softly could barely hear i caught myslef leanin ginto the screen like i was trying to hear LOL so good!


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