Crawl in Bed With TN Tarrant

  • Crawling into Bed with TN Tarrant And a Good Book

    Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?

    Cotton. I know, real exciting, right?

    What are you wearing?

    *blushes* uh...well...um...I'm in bed....*motions awkwardly* I sleep in the buff

    What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?

    *giggles* Chocolate covered blueberries. *whispers* I have to hide them from Remmy though....

    If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

    Well, books, of course. Um let's see, just the normal things, silk ties, pink feather boas, fur cover handcuffs, various and assorted oddities, toys. *shrugs* Just normal stuff.

    Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?

    It depends on how hot I feel....

    Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

    If I can put my cold heiny on your nice warm, firm...tummy, yeah that's it, tummy. *nods innocently*

    What are we reading? 

    My first book, "The Absent-minded Astrophysicist" from Silver Publishing! *dances around* My sweet boys and their wonderful Empress, lol. 

    Here's an excerpt:

    A month later they were sitting in the park, enjoying the nice warm day, with Empress staked out on a leash so she could enjoy the grass. Jared had never seen a cat accept being on a leash, but Empress truly didn't seem to mind. He was sitting with his back against a tree, with Liam between his legs lying back against Jareth, and watching Empress stalk some unfortunate critter through the grass.
  •       Jareth chuckled as he rubbed Liam's stomach, enjoying the feel of the man in his arms. He smiled to himself as he felt Liam tense then relax. Even through the shirt Jareth could feel some of Liam's scars, but he said nothing, trying to make it clear they didn't put him off. "That is the only cat I've ever seen that wants to go for walksies. How did you train her to the leash?"
  •      Liam snorted. "I try to remember to exercise a little, at least. Keith made a joke that I should walk her often then I wouldn't have to clean a litter box. I didn't realize at the time it was a joke, so I got a pretty little harness and a leash and I just started walking her. I kept the litter box though; we don't like to have to go out in the rain or snow." Liam shrugged as he hugged Jareth's arms tighter to him. He loved sitting like this, Jareth made him feel like he was surrounded in the warmest, cuddliest blanket ever. Jareth didn't seem to mind that Liam liked to touch him, almost constantly. Indeed, Jareth seemed to share that tendency to touch. He smiled as he recalled the blush on Jareth's face when he admitted to being a tactile junkie. He'd certainly seen the proof of it the first time Jareth invited him to dinner at his new apartment. Everything, the furniture, the bedding, even in the guest room, was all chosen for how they felt to Jareth. He liked soft fabrics and smooth woods. He also discovered that while Jareth often worked with his hands, which should have left them a bit rough-skinned, and even callused, he used a special exfoliator for his hands, to keep them smooth and soft. That was an even deeper blush that Liam had been immensely charmed by, when Jareth had found Liam in the bathroom, examining the hand scrub. As he threaded his fingers through Jareth's, he admitted he liked how those smooth, soft skinned fingers felt in his.
  •     They both laughed quietly as Empress froze, only the tip of her tail flicking, then pounced. After a moment's futile fighting on the critter's part, Empress triumphantly brought it to them, jumping onto Liam and dropping a half-dead beetle in his lap. Liam screeched softly and batted at it—sort of. Empress, looking ferociously pleased with herself, pounced on the terrifying creature, and saved her human, picking up the beetle and leaping from Liam's lap. Jareth chuckled as Liam watched his beauty of a cat, grinning. Then Empress came bounding back, climbing up Liam's body, head-butting him, and giving his cheek a rough lick, before curling up on Liam's chest, as if his and Jareth's entwined arms made a nest just for her.
  •     They talked lazily for a bit. The ground was still half frozen but Liam found the blanket Jareth had them sitting on insulated them from the ground's chill very well, making it easy for them to stay out. Despite the warmth of the sun, it was only barely turning to spring here, and still cold most of the time. Empress woke from her nap and jumped down to explore some more, and Liam gasped as Jareth's hands began to wander, exploring through Liam's shirt intently.
  •     "Do you want me to stop?" Jareth's deep voice whispered in his ear, a little roughly. Liam shook his head. He dropped his head back, surprised at how good it felt when Jareth's finger brushed over his nipples lightly. He bit his lip to keep the noises in his throat to himself. It would never do to behave too much the wanton. "You feel so good in my arms, sweetheart." A tender kiss landed on his temple. "So good to hold you like this, Liam."
  •      For a few blissful minutes, Liam enjoyed the soft, teasing touches, until the voices of others intruded. Liam stiffened in Jareth's arms, blushing furiously. He even tried to crawl out of Jareth's lap. "Oh, no, sweetheart," Jareth refused softly, gently but firmly keeping Liam close, although he stopped the caressing. Jareth soothed him, encouraging Liam to relax again. "It's okay, baby. It's my fault, I got a little carried away, forgot where we were."
  •       As mortified as he was at nearly being caught behaving like a slut in public by the group of young teenagers that were now approaching the tree where they sat, part of Liam was glad Jareth forgot. It was an even better indication of how Jareth might really feel about him than the erection pressed against the small of his back as they leaned together against the tree. Slowly Liam relaxed again, but other than holding him just as close before, Jareth didn't try to resume fondling him again. Liam missed the intimacy, but was glad at the same time. He wasn't sure how much of that he could handle.
  •       They sat cuddling and watching Empress play for another hour before they reluctantly left the park. Empress walked all the way back to Liam's house, happily exploring as they went, and Jareth held Liam's hand, something Liam discovered he really liked. More than handholding in public wasn't really to Liam's taste, but it didn't seem to be Jareth's either, another level they clicked on. The "idiasshole" as Jareth had taken to calling the ex-boyfriend of Liam's, hadn't allowed any public indication that they were involved during their brief affair. Jareth seemed to have no problem with it anywhere but at work, and that was just a matter of behaving professionally.

    For the rest of "the Absent-minded Astrophysicist," here is the link, I hope you enjoy my book
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