Flash Fiction: If I Said I Loved You

We've tried a few flash groups, each one with different rules, and different word lengths, but in the end the structures never quite worked for us long-term, so Havan and I are flashing on our own terms on Wednesdays. The rules are simple, 250 words. No more, no less. We hope you enjoy our efforts, if you like something please leave a comment and let us know! 

Flash Fiction Wednesday
If I Said I Loved You
"I'm going unless you can give me a damn good reason to stay."
Sylvan sat in the breakfast buttering his toast with manic attention. Without looking at me, he laid down his knife and reached for the jar of peach and whiskey preserves. "I said I love you. What more do you want?"
If the dryer hadn't stopped when I opened the door to rifle through the fresh laundry, I wouldn't have heard him.
"You love me?" I threw faded jeans in the bag. "You love everything. This morning you've told me you love the toast, the jam, the song on the radio and our neighbor."
He shifted and his blue eyes narrowed as his gaze followed me. "I don't get it."
"Where do I rank? You can't love everything and expect it to mean a damn thing to me when you say it to me."
His lips tightened eloquently. "It's not the same. Loving toast and loving you are different."
"I think you love having someone make the fucking toast. I think you love having the radio set to your favorite station, having the jam you like appear by magic, and you love that Ethel thinks you're fucking adorable."
"Wait a minute!"
"I made the toast, bought the jelly, opened the door and lent Ethel coffee." I zipped the bag on my frustrations. "I'm going."
"I'll be alone."
"That's the point." Alone, and doing things for himself.
"I'll miss you."
"You'll miss the things I do for you."



  1. oh oh! Nice. I can so relate to the "you don't love me, you just love that I love you" thing. Great post, especialy when you think about which pic inspired it. I just love it!!

  2. Oooooh...sad flash...Sylvan doesn't really see the problem either it seems...*sighs* Great writing and flash! *hugs*

  3. I feel a little sorry for Sylvan. His man can leave and find someone who'll love and appreciate him. I think Sylvan can only love himself, and that's very sad.

  4. Wow you cna writee about anyting!! even toast!lol But how true this is!


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