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Night of the Aliens
Copyright October 2012 © Lee Brazil

Henry Beaumont had faced the worm in his tequila bottle too many times the last few weeks. But damn it, what else could he do?
Garrison was off his fucking rocker. He HAD to say something.  It wasn't in his nature to just sit back and let people, even people he loved, pull crap like this. "It's just fuckin' wrong!" He jabbed his tequila bottle into the night sky. "Can't deceive people like that."
Fucking Garrison though...would he listen to reason? "Fuck no."
A twig snapped in the underbrush. Henry ignored it. All kind of creatures out in this country side. How many calls came into the station every night about mysterious intruders and spooky noises? "Fucking raccoons and possums....that's your intruder."
Now this...he glared at the green glow rising across the woods. From Garrison's place. It was his night off; he'd turned off his phone. The other deputies could handle Garrison. Serve the smart ass right if they arrested him.
"Green fog is not against the law." He mimicked Garrison's smug attitude. "I'm not going to do anything. The mass hysteria will be all on them." Henry gulped more tequila.
"Shoulda beat some sense into that bastard." The green phosphorescent fog continued to rise over the tree line, an eerie Halloween joke by the man everyone already considered creepy because he was gay and scary smart.
How long would it take after this before the town added alien to that list of truths about Garrison?

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  1. Great pic...hehe...and love the flasher with it! :) I could see you researching more on this town and Garrison...he seems like an interesting person...


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