Flash Fiction: Lord of the Keep

Flash Fiction: 

Short fiction snippets inspired by a photo...maximum word count, 250. 

Lord of the Keep
They sat discussing winter stores when the door thudded open and a serf raced to the hearth. "Riders approach. Gillie says tis the master's flag."
Elric's heart tripped to a faster beat. He clenched his trembling hands tight and breathed deeply. Dorin's return excited him, but he must insure that all went smoothly. "Go and tell them to prepare a meal fit for the master," he ordered.
Elric saw panic flare in Kathryn's expression before calm descended.
"My Lord returns. Helga, order a bath prepared." Her gaze flicked from her maid servant to him, and he caught her silent plea. "Will you meet him?"
"It is your place, My Lady." He refused to greet the lord of the manor in his wife's stead. His resentment over her role as lady of the keep hadn't lasted a year as it became clear she made no claim on his lover's heart.
Dorin needed an heir for his lands and Kathryn was the means to that heir. Had Elric been capable of producing the heir, Kathryn would not be needed.
He could not resent Kathryn who sincerely accepted Elric as steward of her husband's keep and heart, but he knew when Dorin heard Kathryn had failed to quicken with child, he would grace her bed during this visit. For that, he could hate her.
Because he craved Dorin's cock as much as his conversation, his touch as much as his attention, and while Kathryn failed to breed, Elric would continue to sleep alone. 

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  1. As I said on Havan's post, there will be more to this story, right?

  2. UUMMM I need the ebook of this story soon!! LOL


  3. Oh I think that Cinders and Nancy said it all...hehe


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