Flash Fiction: Senior Bonfire

Hey friends- flashing with my lovely Havan again today... here's our inspiration pic- 

Senior Bonfire

Crackle. Snap. Trey closed his eyes. The flames danced on his eyelids as tears seeped between his lashes. The rhythmic shush of the waves breaking covered the silence after Clive's whispered words.
"Why?" Salt stung his sun-chapped lips and he pretended the moisture was from the sea spray, blown into his face by the chill evening breeze.
A sandy hand cupped his jaw, rubbed an abrasive caress over his lower lip. "It's time, Trey."
"You said you loved me." He shoved the hand away, lips tingling, heart aching.
"It's college. I'm going, you're staying. Expecting you to wait wouldn't be right."
"I'd wait if you asked me to, Clive." Ask me...his hand clenched fiercely in the sand at his hip. A sharp stabbing pain from one of the tiny shells cutting into his palm prevented him from begging.
"I can't, Trey. Can't you see it's not fair? We've been together since junior year. Neither of us knows anything but what we've had together. What if there's more out there, just waiting for us to experience it?"
Ah.  "If it's about sex..." His jaw clenched tight and his throat worked to swallow a sudden painful lump. "I..."
"I didn't say that to blackmail you into having sex. I just want us to be free to enjoy being young and in college."
"You mean you want to be free to have sex with people who aren't me." Okay. Well, that was different. Now, instead of being heart-broken, he could be pissed off.

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  1. I love how our takes are so different, Lee...and I can't wait until next week - that pic you chose is just dying to be flashed too! *hugs*

  2. Oh this one is heartbeaking!! Poor poor trey :(


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