Review : Accidentally In Love

Title: Accidentally in Love
Author : Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow

Publisher: Loose ID
Date of publication :
May 2011


When fun-loving, social butterfly Calvin Reece moves in with the cute but shy Tom Holden, he doesn't expect anything to come of it but friendship. In fact, his plan is to give Tom a makeover and find him a boyfriend, because Tom's such a nice guy it's just not right that he's alone. As Cal gets to know Tom better, he learns that under the ill-fitting clothes there's a gorgeous body and a kind, generous heart, and Cal starts to feel something new...

What do they have in common? Only that they've never been in love. But that may all be about to change.


As you can see, this book has been out for a while,  and I know it's caught my eye once or twice. There always seemed to be something just a little more shiny, a little more suited to my reading tastes though, and I never actually read it until today.

What attracted me to it? The cover caught my eye. The models look like they're having fun, and the scene is so domestic. Then blurb-  I love the set up. The flirty fun guy, outgoing and bold, moves in with the shy recluse. Why? Because I am that shy recluse. I identified so much with certain aspects of Tom's character that when a certain event occurs, I was as convinced as he that betrayal had occurred.

What I liked about this story- The characters were imminently likeable. Cal, the award winning photographer is self confident and flirty. He's comfortable with who he is and with going after what he wants. It's fun to see him unsettled by his unexpected feelings for his new roommate, and even more fun to see him doubt himself. Tom, the web designer, has huge confidence issues, and meeting his mother late in the story fully explains where that comes from. Tom is an intriguing mix of matter of fact and hesitant, and blunt, bold sexuality. He's completely charming. The two work well together as a pairing of opposites. Tom makes Cal less cocky, and Cal makes Tom more confident. It's all good. We can feel and understand Tom's doubts about Cal's transformation form party boy to faithful lover, and Cal's frustration with Tom's insecurity. That to me is the sign of a job well done.

What I didn't like – There's a bit of author trickery that I didn't think was quite fair play towards the end.  The characters come off at times as clich├ęs. The party boy, the geek, the abusive parents, the interfering female friend, ...BUT...the author makes it all work so well that its still an enjoyable, witty read.

Recommended for those who enjoy a sweet, sensual read with a guaranteed HEA.

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