Ugly Stocking Blog Hopping...Dec 22-23

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This is the Fugly Stocking Blog Hop...

That's right.

You heard me.

Leave me a comment telling me about the most hideous Christmas present you ever received...

And if your name is drawn, you'll receive yet another hideous gift...

Some stylish and seasonal holiday stockings...

And a copy of my two newest holiday stories...
The Interview
When Ben learns his lover's business travel means he'll be gone for the holidays,
he begins to rethink their relationship.
Ben's family steps up to keep him busy,
 but does he dare ask Cris to put him before the job?


"Hello." I should have checked to see who it was before I answered. It was Cris, and I had to pretend to be cheerful and brimming with Christmas spirit when I was anything but.
"Hey Ben, I just called to remind you to get the tree after work today. You said last night that you hadn't gotten it yet, and I know it's one of your favorite things to do."
With you. I held the guilt inducing words back. With Cris, shopping for the perfect tree was my favorite holiday tradition. We made an event out of the whole thing. A thermos of hot cocoa with marshmallows in hand, we would wander through the tree lots looking for the perfect vehicle to display the antique and handmade ornaments that I inherited from my grandmother. We measured the distance between branches, studied every Scotch pine and every blue spruce, knowing all the while that we'd settle for a fragrant Douglas or red fir with its sturdy, widely spaced branches to show off the ornaments better.
I wasn't so much looking forward to finding a tree alone. Or decorating it alone. Hanging crocheted snowflakes, tinsel, and Grandma's vintage glass bird ornaments wouldn't have the same appeal without Cris's firm grip guiding my hand to the perfect spot on the tree. He tried very hard, my Cris, not to let his obsessive demand for symmetry and order mar the holidays, but the twitching always got to be too much. I confess, I deliberately placed an ornament or two in an awkward spot just to feel his hand on mine, the heat of his body close behind me.
"Yeah. I'll go when I get done here. Can you call me around four?" It would be a little bit better if I could talk to him about the choices, maybe send a photo of the final product.
"Ummm. I'll try, but I can't promise anything."
So I probably wouldn't even get that solace. "Okay. Call if you can. I have to go. Work awaits."
I hid in the stacks all day, shelving cart after cart of books, losing myself in the scent of leather and old paper. It beat working the counter where the aroma of pine from the decorative evergreen boughs—genuine, despite fire codes—and the peppermint of the candy dish just screamed Christmas. It beat smiling cheerfully and wishing sleep deprived teenagers a happy holiday—because it is a state funded school and Merry Christmas is just too politically incorrect.
In the end, I didn't bother with the measuring tape or the cocoa, just pointed my 67 Mustang straight for the nearest tree lot. Go in, pick a tree, go home and set it up so the branches could drop. I could do this, I didn't need Cris holding my hand to choose a tree.
Donovan's Deal, Truth or Dare #6
Making a family is harder than keeping house.
Donovan's patience is wearing thin, but Mischa needs time to make things right.
Will Christmas bring heartache or compromise?

Mischa Blake needs the relaxation of the Blake brothers' weekly poker games now more than ever as he feels the pressure of his responsibilities as a parent, partner, and student multiplying. When one of his siblings proposes reviving their game of Truth or Dare, Mischa revolts. Instead, they all agree to share a truth, and Mischa has to decide how much of his domestic situation to share with his family.

The frantic pace of life is overwhelming, and Mischa has begun to let things slide. With the holidays just around the corner, he figures his current situation is a temporary thing. When he misses one of his son's soccer game that Donovan left work early to attend, time runs out.

Upset by the hurt in their son's eyes, Donovan decides that something must be done. He's worried that he's pushed Mischa into doing things at the wrong time, pushed his dreams on his young lover, just pushed too hard for too much in general.

In a desperate attempt to get Mischa to think about what he wants instead of what Donovan wants, Donovan issues an ultimatum. He sends Mischa away with orders to think about his priorities.

Okay...you don't really get that particular pair of ugly socks, because I have had enough of the post office this holiday season. I'm just going to send you an Amazon gift card for a pair of ugly socks...I hope you don't mind?
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  1. I got I kid you not a Carolyn ingles dress with matching bonnet

  2. I received a scarf that looked like someone had thrown up on it, it also smelled like it to! Sydurio@aol.com

  3. My grandma used to send all of us grandkids a Christmas parcel that contained a cornucopia of ugly, unidentifiable knitted monstrosities and a bewildering, wonderful collection of weird gewgaws and bizarro bric a brac. It was my wonderful annual portion of personal bizarre, and I miss it, and her still.

  4. I received a sweater with my monogram CLJ across the chest amd it was pink...i was a tomboy at 15 yrs of age. For heavens sake i hunted Turkey and deer.


  5. I received a vomit yellow lingerie with black accent from an ex (1 size too big). Ewww. cringe-worthy.

    iamcoldflesh at yahoo dot com

  6. I received an enormous, thick, black, acrylic fisherman's sweater. I looked like Thorin Oakenshield in it.

    Merry Holidays!
    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  7. The Most hideous present I got... was sadly a shirt my sister got me. I mean, I'm kinda big but NOT THAT HUGE this shirt made me think twice about how I perceive my weight. she said she got it XXL because she didn't know what size I was but still..I'm only a L or XL, it was an ugly HUGE Barf bag. Ok, the size wasn't even the factor, I think she just got it off the clearance rack and gave it to me, it was brown and dark red and some other colors, like Jeez.. what the heck. was this a trick present?!!! well, in any case, at least she gave me the gift receipt so I returned it and got something better. :p


  8. An English to Spanish translator from my Nan. She lives in Spain so that's probably why. But, she's English :/


  9. I was given a sweater with two kittens on the front in a God awful pink Color. My mom started laughing so hard she had tears running down her face.

    Merry Christmas

  10. One year for Christmas my mother bought me not one but three very strange looking vests. Wasn't sure why then but now I wish I had them since I am on a vest kick LOL and two were blue and Blue isn't one of my favorite colors
    Merry Christmas!! sugar_n_spice63830@yahoo.com

  11. Hmmm... can't really think of anything ugly that I have received.

  12. Thanks Lee :D well chuffed with winning!

    Do I really have to buy the ugly socks?!?!


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