Top Five: Tom Petty Songs for Inspiration

Only Five? 

That ain't right! 

I could easily name ten! 

Okay getting serious....

  1. Wildflowers
  2. Refugee 
  3. Even the Losers
  4. Last Dance with Mary Jane
  5. Running Down a Dream 

I have a dozen stories in my head from this one alone. 

Hey! Who's your favorite singer to write by?

I got a free e-book for anyone who posts theirs :) And to be fair, I'll just be giving you this week to post- so by Friday night, okay? Can't have these things go on too long or I forget all about them. 

FYI- to get a free ebook, you'll have to brave the *sibilant whisper* spammers and leave me your email. Also, give me your preference for either Under the Pier, Hot Flashes, or Freaky Flashes in your comment. 

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  1. I like Hot Flashes. I have not published anything other than articles for specialized magazines, but I write to a varitey of artists-Lorena McKinna, Scott (can't recall his last name but he uses a dulcimmer (sp)), various soundtrack-LOTR trilogy, Led Zepplin and others.
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  2. thanks for the chance to win, Patricia L

  3. Okay, Lee. I keep trying to comment under Wordpress, I think it hates me! So let's try Google.

    I'm a reader not a writer, although I have written a few book reviews. It must be very quiet when I try to write, my muse whispers.
    When I clean the house though, I've got Barry Manilow playing :)

    Hot Flashes Lee,
    Stay warm today, its snowing again

  4. I write by all sorts... Cold play is one of my faves though.. I like Hot flashes I have the other two LOL. sugar_n_spice63830@yahoo.com

  5. I cannot write listening to music because then I would end up typing what I was hearing. I need total quiet or maybe the sound of a water fall or babbling brook in the background would be nice. Hmm, maybe a bit of Vivaldi, yeah classical music would work, no words. Sorry got lost in my head. Need a map to get out sometimes. My favorite Tom Petty is Free Falling.
    I wish to join the contest Mr. Lee.


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