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The Captain's Cabin

While the captain and first mate negotiate a shipment, Mick cleans the captain's cabin then strips down to wait, avoiding the threat of watching instead of participating in their sexual play.
Mick opened the portholes to let some air into the hot and muggy captain's cabin. The rest of the crew was ashore in the mangy harbor town drinking and fucking, so it was safe enough no matter how rowdy things got when Robbie and the Captain returned. The fresh sea air tempted him to linger, but he had a deadline to meet.
His lovers had rowed ashore with the crew to negotiate a shipment of rum for their next port call at Charleston in the colonies. He'd wanted to go too, to find his land legs, but Devlin had taken one look at the state of his cabin and assured Mick that if he wanted to sit he'd attend to his chores. The threat of a whipping hadn't caused Mick's frenzied cleaning though. No. It was Robbie's thoughtfully tacked on suggestion that perhaps Mick would be better punished by being made to watch the evening's activities from the captain's straight-back chair instead of occupying his accustomed position between the two men.
He'd rushed to get the place ship-shape before they returned. The whitewashed cabin was neat as a pin, whatever the fuck that meant. It was something he'd picked up from Robbie. His lordship, the first mate. Mick shivered. Robbie was...if he'd had to choose between the Captain with his broad shoulders and piercing blue eyes, and Robbie's slender elegance, he'd have been hard pressed to decide. His captain could be rough, abrupt and harsh, but Robbie's punishments were always the more devastating.

Spin the Bottle
Corey takes his seat in the circle, ready for his chance to spin the bottle, but Tarek's shocking revelation brings his dreams crashing down.
Laughter and squeals greeted Corey as he descended the narrow stairwell into Amir's basement. He followed the sounds down the dark hallway into the game room. A large punch bowl on a side table held everyone's keys. Corey clenched his fist around the key to his own Mustang. Not this time. He shoved the keys in his pocket. Hopefully when it came time to split up, they'd be too drunk to notice him leaving alone.
Several people lounged in the dark corners, mostly established couples who had no interest in Amir's games. Others sat in a circle on the carpeted floor.
His gaze was drawn instantly to the handsome Amir, seated cross legged in the circle, his hand poised over the empty beer bottle.
"Spin, spin, spin." The guests chanted, giggling and eyeing each other speculatively.
This would be his night. Their night. He stepped forward to fill an empty space in the circle. A hard hand closed on his forearm. "Why the fuck do you let him do this to you every week?"
Corey shook off the grip. His skin burned where Tarek, Amir's older brother, had touched him. His glance was drawn again to Amir, who watched them intently. "Do what?"
"He's never going to give you what you want."
"Come play, Corey. This might be your lucky night." Amir laughed, pointing to the spot Corey had been heading for.

His Lordship's Journal
In a time where society dictates that to be together is to court death,  an aristocrat cannot resist finding every excuse to be near his estate manager.

You sit across the room at the small mahogany desk, stooped over a heavy ledger chewing the tip of a pen in concentration. Your brow furrows just a bit, adding up the columns to double check.  It's a waste of your time, because I just reviewed the quarterly accounts, and I know exactly where the error in figuring occurred. The chandler has overcharged for the beeswax candles used at last night's ball. It's a mere few pounds difference, and not worth fussing over, but it keeps you inside.
You appear a little out of place in the study my long suffering mother decorated for me. She doesn't understand why you can't just use the estate manager's office like your father did. I'm not entirely sure you understand my reasoning either. My father, the late Earl, met with his estate manager once a week for an accounting. I can't go that long without seeing you.
I know you'd rather be out there, riding the lands, checking the fields and talking with my people. You're very much a hands-on manager, but I want you here, where I can peek under my lashes at you and remember.
Your face looks almost exactly like that when you concentrate on pleasure...perhaps a little more flushed, more intense. The calculations have your eyes narrowed in frustration. You think I'm being too demanding.
In other settings you love that demand...

Tarek's Rule
Would it be foolish or unkind for Tarek to take advantage of Corey's disappointment with Amir's duplicity to press his own suit?
Tarek leaned in close to Corey. Admittedly, he thought the young man might run back to Amir.  He curled a hand around Corey's tense neck, massaging gently before guiding his chin up to kiss his lips lightly.  Pulling back from their first kiss in the basement had tested his willpower. He'd wanted so much more.
Corey gasped. "How did you know he was cheating?"
Tarek traced the tip of his tongue over Corey's full lower lip, trying to steal another taste of temptation. "I taught him how...the floor's uneven. It's all physics."
"I thought someday he'd realize..."
"He loves you, Corey. But not like I do." He glided his tongue along the narrow top lip, nibbling gently with his teeth at the plump bottom one.
"I think—"
Encouraged, Tarek tugged Corey closer until he could feel the man's cock stirring. He ground against Corey, loving the tiny whimper that elicited. "You think too much. Just feel." He was pushing Corey hard, he knew that, taking advantage, but damn it, he'd waited years.
"Fuck that." Corey's light growl made Tarek chuckle again. "Kiss me like you mean it."
"Like this?" He brought their mouths together again, no teasing this time, just taking.  His tongue plunged deep, seeking and finding places that made Corey groan and whimper.  His hands dropped down, tracing their way back up under Corey's T-shirt, finding bare skin.

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