Top Five: Books I hope to read this week....

Top Five
Deviating from what you've seen before on Mondays. I had intended to share a few of my favorite Journey songs for writing, but instead I’m sitting here staring at my kindle and the books I've just downloaded to read this week. So here's my reading list for the week:

A few of those I've been dithering over for a while, but Carol Lynne is an auto buy for me, as is Hank Edwards. The Fabian Black I've actually thought about buying more than once in the last two years. Yeah. Two years. I'll probably end up smacking myself and wondering why I didn't get it sooner.

My new bribery system is working wonders. I write 2500 words and then I get to buy and read a book. So far for the month of May its been great. I've read some fabulous books and written over 35000 words. 

The Park at Sunrise 
by Lee Brazil
Contemporary M/M
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First they were three, now there are two. Can Jason and Morgan make a relationship work without Paul?

What are readers saying about The Park at Sunrise? 

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful!May 17, 2013 (Amazon reviewer)
This is such a beautiful story. Gut wrenching sorrow. My heart clenched at what these young men lost. How long it took them to grieve . . . 9 years. They are such richly written characters, it is as if they are alive and I know them. I felt their hurt.


  1. I lik the birbery system too. Hank is on my gotta buy books too so I think i better go get roughed up rad the first two and they are awesome! Your Lee are on my auto buys also!


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