Top Five: Taboo Treats

Okay, I promised someone a while back that I'd compile a list of my favorite twincest books, and this is by no means a complete list, but as of this moment, these are my top five favorites. I enjoy reading and writing twincest, but I am aware that it is not a subject for everyone. 

1.  Security by Mike Shade 

2. Whisper by Laura Harner 

3. Baked Sean by Michael 

4. Broken by Sage Whistler

5. Twin Temptation by Carol Lynne 

There really are a lot of quite romantic and emotional stories on this topic of forbidden love, and I'm certain that I'll revisit this subject later. I purchased all of these books at Amazon or ARE, and believe they are still available from those venues. 

On the same note, my own twincest books, Telling the Truth, Trapping Drake, and Setting the Trap, are all on sale the remainder of August for 40% off at my publisher's site, Breathless Press! 

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