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I'm at the very beginning of a new project (so no snippets from that one yet!), whilst working through the technical aspects of a few others. I"m not slowing down, mind you- I just have a lot going on. So here's the summary:


Chance in Hell (Chances Are #5) (September)

The Jealous Guy in Story Orgy's And the Prompt Is: Bad Boyfriends (exact release date TBA)

Centurion  A Pulp Friction Heated Exchange title (September 15th)

If I'm a little scattered, that would be why!

Anyway- here's a glimpse of the next one...

The Jealous Guy 
copyright @Lee Brazil 

The whole world had discovered his favorite little vegetarian café, and while normally Sydney Huber would be pleased for the owner, a lean string bean of a man named Alisdair, today he was irritated beyond measure. It was the final straw on a day that had gone from bad to worse.
"Oh. Yes. Would you like to sit at the counter since it's just you?" Her smile grew, white teeth gleaming, painted lips stretched wide. Her head tilted inquisitively to the side.
"No. I would like to sit in Max's section, as usual." He glanced around the room, as if saying his name would conjure the man.
"I'm afraid Max's section is full. We're very busy today. I'm sorry." She held the menu to her chest and jerked her pointed little chin toward the counter. "There are several single seats at the counter." Several bar chairs were empty there, as she had said, but a good dozen people were packed in at the space, sitting practically elbow to elbow. The older woman who usually worked the counter had been replaced by another young girl, this one dark haired and pale skinned. If he sat there, he wouldn't even be able to catch a glimpse of Max in the background, the entire restaurant would be at his back.
"No, Barbie. I'll wait for a table in Max's section to open up." Fuck. Hopefully that would be soon as he didn't have time for an extended lunch today, not with his superior breathing down his neck for the teller audits.
"My name is not Barbie." A petulant tone replaced the bubbly good will in the blonde's voice. The smile disappeared and the blue eyes narrowed slightly. The thin blond pointed to her name tag. "I’m Kate."
He sneered blackly at her. "I'm not paid to remember your name, but you're paid for customer service. What kind of hostess doesn't remember the preferences of a customer who eats in their restaurant daily?"
A familiar tanned hand reached across Sydney and plucked the plastic coated menu from Kate. "One who just started yesterday?" A frisson of awareness prickled its way across Sydney's skin, weaving a trail of heat and butterflies from the point of contact to his stomach and groin. His mind leapt for the distraction, his body yearned for more contact.

A blush heated his cheeks as he realized Max had overheard him being snotty to the hostess, who was beaming worshipfully at his favorite waiter, hell, his favorite person, again. "Thank you so much Max. I tried to tell him your section was full."

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  1. your a busy Bee but that good for me!! LOl The story looks good I cant wait to read it!


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