WIP Wednesday: Gerard's Gamble

This week I'm working on the final book in the Regency series, Behind Closed Doors that I'm writing with Raven McAllan. This story focus's on Gerard Gretton, Lord Brigstock, and his search for love in his later years. In the first book of the series, we saw him departing England's fair shores for the continent in search of a long lost love.

In Gerard's Gamble, he returns.


(Remember- these are unedited, raw excerpts and may be significantly changed in the final version.)

"Good evening, My lord." The bench rocked a bit as Gerard straddled it.
"The deed is done." The sat in silence for a few moments, Martin steadfastly gazing at a horizon that was too close, his heart tripping every few beats as he struggled to hide how the other man's nearness affected him. He could feel Gerard's unsettled emotions, sense his agitation.
"How did they take the news?"
"With characteristic aplomb and a distinct lack of furor. I wonder if they'll miss me at all or if they're just secretly breathing sighs of relief to have me off their backs and out of their way?"
His head snapped around and Martin glared at Gerard. "Of course they'll miss you! Those children positively dote upon you!"
"Those children are full grown adults who haven't listened to a word I've said since they were breeched. Even Cecy smiles and nods and goes about her merry way as though I were in my dotage." A self-deprecating gesture accompanied the words. "They've got everything I can give them, financial security, a respectably place in society, education and moral fortitude. I’m not needed."
             I need you. He wanted to shout it out so loud the stable boys would hear it. 

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