Top Five : Movies That Make Me Laugh

I used to watch a lot of movies, in fact, in a part of my misspent youth I worked in a video store. That was in the days before Blockbuster and Red Box, and predated Netflix by about thirty years. To give you an idea, we carried both beta tapes, and this newfangled thing called a VHS tape.

The video store was the center of some people's lives, and when a new tape came out, we had lines longer than the cinema. (Because people thought it was a big gyp to pay $5 to get into the cinema. Boy, would those folks get the shock of a lifetime now! )

Anyway, I was a big fan of comedy, action, and western movies. Here's a list of Five movies that STILL make my stomach ache with laughter.

1. Johnny Dangerously -
2. Stripes - Bill Murray
3. The Great Outdoors -
4. Moving
5. The Pink Panther



  1. LOL on Moving! It was never aired on TV so I found it on Amazon. Forgot how funny it was.

    1. I know, Right? I've remembered that scene for decades!


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